How To Remove Followers On Twitch: The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bots In 2024

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When you create your Twitch channel, you will want to grow a community that will be insightful and active.

Like on all social media platforms, you may gain annoying followers that can impact everyone’s experience on your Twitch channel, so you will want to know how to remove followers on Twitch. Here is how:

1. Go to CommanderRoot follower removal tool;
2. Login with your Twitch account and you will see your follower list;
3. Find the user you want to be removed and click the “Remove Follow” next to their name;

If you want to remove certain followers on Twitch in the most straightforward way, make sure you follow our short guide that will help you delete followers quickly.

Removing followers on Twitch is quite easy, and all you will have to do is take a few simple steps which will deny that Twitch account access to your channel forever.

Whether you are dealing with many follow bots or people who have been leaving rude comments on your account, you will want to change things and remove some people from your Twitch streams.

This is the easiest way to remove any follower on Twitch:

1. Open CommanderRoot Follower Remover Tool

This is a unique Twitch tool that allows you to remove Twitch followers you no longer want on your Twitch streams.

Every moderator and Twitch channel owner will perform this action both through the official twitch website and the official Twitch mobile app.

2. Login Via Twitch

When you open the Commander Root Tool, you will see the option to Login via Twitch, and you will need to enter your data and open your Twitch channel again through it.

You will also need to authorize the action because they are making sure no one has decided to watch the Twitch channel and try to steal information about you.

When you have performed this action successfully, you will see the complete list of your Twitch followers, and you will even be able to search through it.

In case you have seen a specific person on your stream chat that has been disturbing everyone and creating a mess in the chat panel, always remember their username, because once you log in to this website, you will be able to immediately remove the follower and block the user with just one click.

3. Remove Followers You Want

When you spot the person you want to remove, just click on the red box next to their name and ad; you will immediately see the “Remove follow” option.

Once you confirm it, you can also choose to block users at the same time, which will lead to them getting instantly blocked without the ability to access your account again.

After you complete this action, you will have a full list of people you have blocked and deleted from your following list, so in case you want to bring them back, you will be able to do it quickly.

twitch followers list
How To Remove Followers On Twitch

There will always be a time and date when you have blocked them, so in case you have no idea why you deleted them from your follower’s list, you may remember it when you see the date when you have done this action.

Sometimes you can block someone accidentally, and if you want to have them watch you play games again, all you have to do is unblock them.

However, if too much time has passed, this action may not be available to you, so make sure you always think twice before you decide to block someone from your Twitch channel.

It can also be quite hard to control everything, and you can use this to remove Twitch followers when you don’t have thousands of users, and you can control the whole live streaming video and chart comments.

For that reason, it is pretty hard to watch Twitch comments all the time and stream simultaneously, so I wouldn’t recommend this to someone with a large number of followers because it can completely ruin the joy of your Twitch account and streaming process.

I recommend you to stream chat first while growing your Twitch account because that is the easiest way to eliminate all bots from this basic streaming media site.

In the end, in case you are dealing with way too many bots that it is harming your whole experience and performance on these social media platforms, then you should start a brand new account and try to grow it all over.

Twitch Open CommanderRoot Follower Remover Tool
Twitch Follower Remover Tool

Also, if there were some bot accounts, this app will recognize them immediately and provide you with a shortcut that will allow you to block all of them at once.

You can also track all the latest followings, and you can get a small pop-up notification that will inform you every time there is a new follower to your account.

Can You Stop Someone From Following You On Twitch?

Some people know in advance who are the people they don’t want to follow, so they want to remove them from future streaming before it even starts.

Since Commander Root Follower Tracker is one of the official Twitch applications, it will provide you with this option too, so in case you are aware of a new account and you don’t want them in the follower’s list, you can name them and prevent them from seeing your Twitch channel.

You can also choose to block them the moment you spot them, and this way, they also won’t be able to get on your follower’s list or watch you play online games on your channel.

The whole blocking process is almost the same as the process we have described above, so you definitely won’t struggle too much with it.

This app allows you to keep your follower list free of any bots or scammers, and it will provide everyone on your channel with more useful and enjoyable users chats, which is the key when you are streaming live.

They can, of course, always create a new account, but you will now have the advantage because you will be the one who is allowing users on the platform, and you will have absolute control over all the people who are looking at your streams and commenting in the chat.

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