How Much Does A PS5 Weigh: PlayStation 5 Full Review

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Since the release of the PS5 in 2020, there has been a lot of buzz about the gaming system.

The video game console has various features that make its gaming experience superb, hence the rush by many gamers to get one.

However, being aware of the PlayStation’s dimensions before making a purchase can help make the necessary space available near your TV set or monitor.

Many people asked how much does a PS5 weigh. This article will help accurately describe the PS5’s weight, size, and dimensions.

What Is The Weight Of PS5?

The PS5 weighs 9.9lbs, which is 4.5kg by metric standards.

It is rather impressive that the console only weighs thus little given how much hardware is packed in it.

Nonetheless, it is vital to keep in mind that there is a PS5 digital edition that operates without having to insert a disc drive into the console. Hence, it is more compact and weighs 8.6 lbs, approximately 3.9 kg.

The PlayStation is designed to be a taller, sleeker game console and weighs 1.5lbs less than its rival, the Xbox series, which is brick-shaped and weighs less than 10 pounds.

Also, the PS5 weighs 2.5lbs more than its predecessor, making it slightly heavier than the PS4.

How Much Does A PS5 Weigh

Dimensions of PS5

The PlayStation 5 is unarguably the largest and leading video game in comparison to other consoles in the market today.

It measures 10.23 inches or 260mm in depth, 4.09 inches or 104mm in width, and 15.35 inches or 390mm in height. The modified digital version of the PlayStation has identical proportions, but the absence of a disc drive caused a narrower 3.6-inch or 92mm width, which is 0.49 inches or 12.4mm less than the standard edition of the PlayStation.

Weight with the box

The additional equipment in the PS5 box makes it weigh almost double with the box than it does without it. As a result, there is an extra 7lbs, bringing the total weight with the package to roughly 15lbs.

Along with the brand-new DualSense Controller, the PS5 box includes accessories including a console stand, power cords, a USB cable, some user manuals, and an HDMI cable.

Thankfully, the box itself adds very little weight to the package because Sony manufactured it from recyclable materials.

What Is The Heaviest Component?

The cooling fan, which makes up most of the PS5’s hardware and may account for a sizable chunk of the console’s weight, is the heaviest part of the video game.

The cooling fan is around 45mm thick, but it is well worth it because it allows you to play video games for extended periods without experiencing overheating problems.

Additionally, the PS5’s disk drive for the standard edition also contributes to the device’s weight. As mentioned earlier, the disk drive makes the PS5 weigh about 0.6 kg more than the digital version.

Can I Place PS5 On Its Side?

When the PS5 was first announced, it was displayed vertically. This gave an impression that the game console could only be placed upright.

However, reviews eventually revealed that the PS5 could be made to lie on its side by utilizing the console stand that is included in the box.

Adjusting the stand which originally makes the PS5 stand vertically can also make it lie horizontally.

However, make sure to provide adequate room behind the PS5 if you position it horizontally so that air can circulate. If not, you can experience overheating problems.

playstation console weight


In conclusion, the PS5 is undoubtedly a pretty big console based on the information provided above.

However, whether you’re going for the digital or regular version of the ps5, you’ll still need to clear up a bit of space to accommodate your console.

Also, whichever way you decide to place your PlayStation, either vertically or horizontally, make sure to leave some room behind the console to have proper ventilation and prevent overheating problems.


How much does a ps5 weigh shipping?

A PS5 to be shipped weighs about 15 pounds because, in addition to the weight of the game console, it needs to contain a strong shipping box and packing supplies like bubble wrap to keep your item safe.

Additionally, shipping charges vary depending on a number of variables like the delivery company to be used.

Can you bring a PS5 on a plane?

You are allowed to bring your PS5 game console on a flight, either as hand luggage or in your checked bags, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

However, it is advised to keep your PS5 in your carry-on bag when traveling with it. Also, make sure it is well-cushioned and simple to remove for security checks.

Does the ps5 have a lithium battery?

The PS5 wireless controller does have a built-in lithium-ion battery, as mentioned in the user manual.

Therefore, before using the wireless controller, be sure to read and carefully follow all handling and charging directions for the battery. Use extreme caution when handling the battery to prevent burns and fire from occurring.

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