How Long to Charge PS5 Controller – Best Options and Guide

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A PS5 controller is a wireless DualSense controller included in any ps5 console purchase.

It is one of the most special software and innovative controllers released over the past decade and contain many new features, unlike other gaming console controllers, to take your gaming to new heights.

These features include haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and a headset jack. So, how long to charge PS5 controller? Let’s find out!

Charging PS5 Controller

There is nothing worse than your controller indicating a low battery warning or dying in the middle of a game. You can get distracted while looking around for its charger to get it connected and ultimately, lose.

There are two ways of charging a PS5 controller. They are:

1. Using a USB-C port

This is the easiest way to charge PS5 DualSense controllers. The USB cable port device is always provided by the manufacturer in the package box.

You can simply plug the controller into your ps5 console by using the standard USB-C cable. You can either use the USB-C port on the PS5 or the USB-A port at a charging stand.

2. Using the controller dock

A charging station allows for the charging of two controllers. An example is The Sony charging dock comes with a fast-charging AC charging station that charges your controller faster.

The PS5 controller dock has a charging station that connects via USB. You will need to plug it into the wall. The docking station ensures the controllers are well organized.

How Long to Charge a PS5 Controller?

How Long to Charge PS5 Controller

The DualSense controller takes about three hours to charge a low battery or depleted battery.

However, looking to the bright side, if you are using a controller dock, i.e. Sony charging dock, and you have two controllers, you can connect both to a charger at once, for the same hours it takes to charge with a charging cable or use the charging dock to charge one while you are using the other.

Checking the Battery Level

While the battery of a PS5 controller is expected to last for around 6 hours, frequently playing games and continuous use of the controller’s features such as the haptic feedback can drain your battery.

However, these are the steps to take when you want to check your PS5 controller battery status.

The controller battery level does not show in percentage but in bars. If you have only one bar left, then your controller is due for another charging time.

Why Is a Controller Dock a Better Option?

Using a controller dock to charge a PlayStation controller is the best because of the following;

1. Fast charging

The DualSense PS5 charging dock is designed to charge more than one controller simultaneously at a charging station or charging stand using a charging cable.

It charges them with the same speed at which a USB-C cable will charge only one controller.

2. Indicators

The PS5 controller dock has LED light indicators that clearly show the charging process. The red LED indicates charging, blue LED indicates a full charge. The battery indicators let you know how much charge you have left so you can start charging.

3. Design

The PS5 controller dock is designed to charge two controllers simultaneously within a few hours. It is designed to mount onto various wall types and charges a controller within three hours, especially the click-in design.

Increasing the Battery Life of a PS5 Controller

Increasing the Battery Life of a PS5 Controller

Here are a few tips to help your PS5 controller battery life last as long as possible:

1. Don’t wait till the controller dies

Experts say that draining a lithium-ion battery to zero decreases its life span.

You should always keep an eye on the battery indicator and make it a habit of plugging in the controller to charge only when it has 25% or less battery life left so it doesn’t disrupt your gaming session and you can start playing your game on your device when the battery is fully charged.

2. Switch off haptic feedback

The haptic motors inside the triggers and the controllers body are the biggest drains on a controller’s battery life.

You can lower or turn off the haptic feedback motors in the accessories menu.

3. Don’t use the controller while it’s charging

There might not be any visible harm done when you use your controller while charging but in the long run, your battery’s longevity is affected. You can charge it when it’s on rest mode.

4. Turn off the controller when you’re not using it

It’s better to set your PS5 controller to turn off automatically when you’re done with it. Leaving your controller running wily drain your battery life.

5. Don’t overcharge it

Overcharging is not advisable for modern devices and overcharging the PS5 controller is no exception. Leaving your controller plugged in at all times is bad for its battery longevity.


In summary, your PS5 is designed to give you the best gaming experience with a lot of features such as haptic triggers which have dynamic vibrations that stimulate every feeling from the environment to the recoil of different weapons, and adaptive triggers which let you feel connected to your on-screen actions, and built-in microphone and headset jack.

You can get the ultimate experience of using your PS5 if you are quick to notice its indicators. This will give you the best user experience and extend your PS5 controllers’ battery life.

You can get more than a few hours of playing if you are keen on enjoying its features while playing or get up to ten hours of playing if you turn off its features to extend its battery life.


Can you overcharge the PS5 controller?

Not monitoring the battery indicator of your PS5 DualSense controller when charging will make you lose track of the controller charging process, and this will gradually reduce the battery health of your controller.

Also connecting your controller to other power sources, or other unofficial charging stations will also charge the controller.

Can I leave my PS5 controller on charge overnight?

Leaving your DualSense controller or other modern devices plugged in overnight is an unnecessary habit. Your PS5 controller does not need to be plugged in all night for it to be fully charged.

How long does a PS5 controller charge last?

A fully charge PS5 controller uses up to three hours to charge when you charge it using a USB-C to USB-A cable.

However, when you charge your controller with a DualSense controller charging dock, you get to charge two controllers at the same time for three hours or less due to the in-built fast charging feature of the charging dock.

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