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A good headset is a crucial addition to the life of every gamer, but if you are streaming a virtual reality game, then you will need to invest in some better headsets.

Choosing the best VR headset for streaming can really be a struggle, especially if you don’t have too much experience with this sort of gaming. My recommendation is Meta Quest 2 because of its quality, reliability, and affordable price.

In this article, I will introduce you to the best VR headsets that you can quickly get on Amazon.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best VR Headsets for Streaming

Oculus Quest 2
Meta Quest 2
  • Premium display
  • 3D cinematic sound
Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift
  • Android OS
  • Ergonomic design
  • Steam tracking
  • High resolution

1. Meta Quest 2

Best overall

Meta Quest 2

Stefan’s Take:

The reason why I think Meta Quest 2 is the best VR headset you can get is its powerful hardware and premium display that adds to the immersive gaming experience.

Another great feature was the easy setup: after installing the dedicated app, I was ready to start the game and dive in.

You can use it wireless, but even with the cable, you will feel limitless when moving around and exploring.

Display 10
Sound 10
Field of View 9
Value 10

If you are looking for a VR headset that is next-level hardware, then Oculus devices are something you need to check out.

Their Quest 2 headset is the best VR headset on the market, and it is sold out all the time, so you better be fast if you want to get a pair for yourself.

Key Features

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best virtual reality headsets that is equipped with the latest hardware that will help you get the most out of every moment.

It has a speedy processor and display of the highest resolution that will allow you to navigate through galaxies and engage in external sensors without any obstacles.

With this device, you will have the much-needed comfort and clarity that will allow you to play VR games all the time.

The setup of Oculus Quest 2 is quite simple and mobile, so you will be able to bring it with you wherever you want.

They even have a unique Oculus Quest 2 app that you can install on your mobile device or tablet to help you navigate the experience easy and play games even when you are not at home and using your console gaming.

However, you will need a Facebook account to get verified, so make sure you create one before you install this wireless headset.

It can get connected to a random device like a mobile phone or iPad, but it also works well on Sony Playstation and powerful gaming or dedicated streaming PC.

The Oculus link cable is exceptionally long, so you will be able to move it around the house and still stay 100% connected to your console, so this is something you shouldn’t be worrying about.

This is not only an excellent headset for PC gamers who enjoy virtual reality games but also for people who like watching online concerts, operas, and shows and want to feel like they are in the first row.

The built-in speakers will provide you with first-class quality sound that you won’t find in any other headsets, and the Oculus rift is also unique, so you definitely won’t regret getting this device.

One of the best things this original headset offers is the option to rewind some actions in your play and live through them again, experiencing the same excitement.

With its premium display, there is no way you will miss out on anything, and I believe that no other future brands will be able to surpass Oculus quest 2 in this thing.

Every single scene was stunning, and I was amazed at how realistic VR experiences with this one were.

Also, it can transfer all of your movements right into virtual reality, and with Oculus headsets, there is no way you will not be able to react at the exact moment.

Its external sensors were probably the best ones I have come across, and this is a VR headset I am completely crazy for.

Since they have a cable, they are easily connected to any gaming PC you may be using, so it is a valuable investment that will make your experience worthwhile.


This is a decently priced VR headset, and since it is so amazing, I believe it is one of the best VR headsets you simply need to invest in.

If you want a larger one with 256 GB of memory, you will need to spend 100 dollars more, but I believe that is still a reasonable price, mainly because most other VR headsets are crazily priced and not nearly as good as this one.

However, the biggest problem with this device is the fact that it is sold out all the time, especially during the Christmas season when everyone is looking for a gift.

  • Amazing quality
  • Best VR headset
  • Easily connected
  • Reasonable price
  • Sold out all the time

2. Oculus Rift

The most comfortable VR headset

Oculus Rift

Stefan’s Take:

I have tested Oculus Rift for gaming and watching movies. And in both cases, my experience was more than pleasant.

The display is sharp, and the colors are extremely vivid, while the setup is quite easy. But what stood out the most for me was the comfort. The headset sits firmly on my head, even when moving around a lot, but without causing any displeasure.

Display 10
Sound 9
Field of View 10
Value 9

As I had already mentioned when I was talking about Oculus Quest 2, Oculus is one of the brands that can provide you with the best virtual reality headset you can think of.

Let’s see what Oculus Rift has to offer and how it compares to Quest 2.

Key Features

As you have already concluded by now, I am utterly crazy about Oculus devices, and this is also one of their VR headsets you absolutely need to try.

If you are someone who is crazy about virtual reality games or just want the best experience possible, then Oculus Rift is the right choice for you.

Even though it doesn’t differ too much from oculus quest 2 in terms of specifications, it is a VR headset that has a more ergonomic design and makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable.

It has a special halo headband that is designed in order to provide you with the best quality of video and sound at the same time.

With its touch controllers, it will also be able to transfer all of your movements absolutely perfectly in the virtual realm, and it will work great whether you are using it on a Sony Playstation VR or a PC gamer.

The head-mounted display has really shown to be excellent in my experience, and it doesn’t tilt left and right when you are moving, which is a great plus.

Also, the whole headset is highly stable even when jumping around, and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t move even when I was trying out my poor karate moves in the game.

The display resolution also stays impressive no matter how much you may be moving, which doesn’t happen too often with augmented reality headsets; at least, it didn’t happen to me.

This one also has special VR software you can connect to your phone and control through the app, which is a great advantage, especially if you are experiencing virtual reality along with someone else.

The VR space it creates is realistic, and I believe that you will ultimately get lost in the world of VR content within the first few minutes.

It has also served me great as a personal cinema screen, and it is the best VR headset I have used, and I enjoy watching movies this way, especially animated ones, because sometimes I feel like I am the main character.

Since they are so comfortable, you definitely won’t struggle with any headaches, and you can spend hours VR gaming and playing games of different sorts without feeling bad or dizzy.

Oculus Rift guarantees you an extremely high resolution and a VR experience that will look realistic, so this is really a device you don’t want to miss out on if you are a fan of VR gaming.


The Oculus Rift device is a bit pricier than the Quest one, and just like the previous Oculus device, it is sold out all the time, so you should better turn on your notifications if you want to get your hands on it.

It is a bit pricier, but this is one of the latest VR headsets that has a lot of new features and is equipped with a whole new design that will make your experience much more comfortable.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Touch control
  • Comfortable
  • High resolution
  • Always out of stock
  • A bit pricier


Best for competitive gamers


Stefan’s Take:

I was amazed by just how immersive the experience felt with HTC VIVE. The full circle coverage, accurate tracking, high-resolution screen, and directional audio are features that professional gamers will enjoy the most.

Also, it was cool to get access to so many titles without any additional cost.

However, it didn’t suit me that well, so I felt like I could get the most out of it.

Field of View

HTC Vive was one of the first brands to launch VR headsets, and they have gathered a pretty loyal audience throughout the years.

Their devices are a bit more professional and expensive, but it seems like they still have plenty of buyers because they keep being sold out all the time!

Key Features

HTC Vive devices are known to be pricier than devices of other VR retailers, but that is definitely for a reason.

When using Vive pro, you will enjoy the latest VR technologies reserved only for HTC Vive devices which are probably the best VR headsets on the market.

Even though Oculus ones are great, if you are looking for something professional and look like the type of technology you only see in movies, then this is the one.

They have also created the first VR headsets to ever appear on the market, and they have been developing their ideas and technologies consistently through time.

Whether you are sitting in one place or moving around for hours, you can use it, and it will still work great.

However, it is not 100% stable, so you should make sure it sticks well to you; otherwise, some headset pieces may fall out during the game, which everyone wants to avoid.

I have found it not to be stable as the Oculus ones, but it definitely has better quality and a much better resolution.

It does have a 360-degree coverage that works absolutely amazing even if you connect PC VR to it, which is something that doesn’t happen too often with these headsets.

This is also a VR headset that had shown me the best results when I was playing with multiple people at once, so if you are looking for augmented reality headsets you can use in a group, this is the one.

It also comes with supporting base stations, so neither you nor your co-players will have to worry about stability during the game.

The HTC Vive Pro headset has an increased pixel density that provides you with sharper graphics and a better viewing experience which is something that I believe all of you are interested in.

This VR headset has been serving me well, and the kind of image I was able to get with it can’t be outdone by any other devices I have tried out.

The audio is also immersive, but I believe some other VR headsets have it much better because, on these, it tends to struggle when you are moving around.

It is excellent, but from time to time, it can start bugging, and I don’t like when headsets don’t have good audio quality all the time because it really has a huge impact on the experience.

That can really get frustrating, especially if you are engaging in this activity in groups, so that is the thing I hope they will improve in the future.

However, HTC Vive is a unique company that provides you with access to more than 600 VR titles which is absolutely amazing because you would need to pay additional money in order to get them.


The HTC Vive devices, in general, are much more expensive than most other brands that produce VR headsets, but they have the latest technology, and they have been on the market for a long time, so they are able to keep their prices high.

However, in my opinion, this is way too much for a VR headset, mainly because it tends to have some problems with audio when you are moving around.

When purchasing a device this expensive, you would probably think that at least its audio is fantastic, but it is the only thing that doesn’t perform well on this VR headset.

For that reason, I would recommend you think twice before purchasing it because you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a device that is not the best VR headset on the market.

  • Over 600 free titles
  • Amazing resolution
  • High pixel density
  • Very expensive
  • Audio problems

4. Valve Index VR Full Kit

Best audio

Valve Index VR Full Kit

Stefan’s Take:

What I liked the most audio this VR headset was the audio. In my opinion, it additionally improves the gaming experience. I could easily tell where my competitors were, and that gave me a huge advantage.

It also completely transforms your experience when watching movies.

Of course, the headset has other benefits, like a top-notch display, vivid colors, and great tracking. Therefore, I would say that the higher price is justified.

Display 9
Sound 10
Field of View 9
Value 8

Valve Index is probably one of the best you can get for a VR headset, but they can rarely be found both online and in real life, and their devices are highly professional.

If you are looking for an experience you could never even dream of, this is the kind of device that can provide you with it.

Key Features

Valve Index has some of the best VR headsets on the market, and their devices are utterly professional and can’t even be handled well by a complete amateur.

When you purchase the Valve Index VR headset, you will get the complete kit with all the needed features and filters to provide you with a full experience.

This one also comes with base stations that can make the whole process more accessible, but it is not as portable as mobile VR headsets, so you will need more care and skill to handle the Valve Index device.

They also offer you to connect with other players in your surroundings so that group play will work without any problems, but you need to make sure people around you have compatible VR headsets; otherwise, this doesn’t help too much.

Console gamers can also use it, and it can stay connected to the PC, and you will still get a great VR experience, so this can really suit any sort of VR system you may have in the plan.

The audio is also impeccable, so you know that you are investing in the best VR headset you are getting for the Valve Index devices.

You will also gain access to the particular Valve Index app that allows you to control everything, which is always a good thing.


Even though Valve Index is known for being the best VR headset, these specific headsets will cost you a few thousand dollars which is extremely expensive, even for professionals.

People who are into VR experience and games definitely won’t bother to spend this much money on a device when they can get the same sort of experience in a virtual game room for 2 to 3 dollars.

It is insanely expensive, and except for professionals in the field, I have no idea who may be getting it.

The device is very good, just like all other Valve Index ones, but it is simply not worth the money, and you should better invest in something like Oculus Quest 2 or other cheaper options we have mentioned.

  • Base stations
  • Perfect picture and audio quality
  • Insanely expensive

5. Primax Vision 5K Plus

Great for gaming

Primax Vision 5K Plus

Stefan’s Take:

The feature that stood out right off the bat was comfort: I didn’t notice any tilting, no matter how much I moved around. When I launched my game, I was even more satisfied with the tracking accuracy: no delays and hiccups.

However, the graphics were a bit disappointing, and the audio was messed up. I didn’t feel as if I was in this new world which did impact the overall experience.

Display 9
Sound 9
Field of View 9
Value 8

If you are looking for a good VR headset and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it but still have a great experience with VR games, Primax Vision has devices for you.

Key Features

Primax has great VR headset devices that are priced decently and that can help you enjoy VR games without any obstacles.

The experience you get with this one is extremely realistic, and you will feel like you are in that world too.

It comes with a standard comfort kit that makes this VR headset one of the comfiest you will ever try out, and if you are looking to buy your first VR headset for yourself, this is the right one for you.

There is a 200-degree superwide FOV that will help you keep track of everything happening around you, which is extremely important in a VR system.

You will be able to walk with this headset on and rotate it all the time, and VR systems won’t be messed up.

Many people call them the best-augmented reality headsets, but they have caused me a lot of problems with audio, and I wasn’t really able to get smooth graphics as per usual.

It really isn’t among my top VR headsets, and when you try to do the big-screen VR with these, it doesn’t really look well.

They also have a screen door effect that isn’t always a bad thing, but it is definitely something that irritates me, and I try to avoid it on all VR headset kits I buy.

It also requires external sensors, which is also a lot of money, so I believe that you should stick with some alternatives.

In general, this kit is not wrong, but since it is a bit more expensive, I would still recommend getting the Oculus ones because they tend to perform a lot better for less money.


Depending on the retailer, you will have to spend several hundred dollars on this VR headset which really is a lot of money.

It provides great VR experiences, but there are far better options for much less money, and we have even mentioned some of them in our article.

  • Comfortable VR headset
  • PlayStation VR
  • Wide FOV
  • Some problems with pixel density and audio
  • Too expensive


There you have it – my top five VR headsets for streaming and gaming. Here is a summary of my top three choices:

  1. Meta Quest 2 as the best overall,
  2. Oculus Rift as the most comfortable,
  3. HTC VIVE as the best for gaming.

I hope that this article helped you find the right VR headset and that you’re pleased with the new piece of gaming gear. Happy streaming, and talk to you soon!


What VR headset do Twitch streamers use?

The most popular VR headset among streamers is definitely Oculus rift, and basically, every other person on streaming platforms like Twitch and Discord is using this one. It is very practical and affordable, and it really is one of the best VR headsets, so everyone is opting for it.

Can you live stream VR?

Yes, you can stream VR games, but you will need to ensure you have the best VR equipment possible and that your mobile VR headset or Playstation VR headset are connected well.

Some of the best VR headsets can even connect through Bluetooth to any device, and you can even use a particular Playstation VR system and stream directly from it.

Is Oculus the best VR?

Since everyone is using Oculus and staying loyal to their devices, then they are probably one of the best options on the market, especially if you compare the quality of the devices and their price.

If professional streamers can use it and are big fans of Oculus Quest 2, it should work perfectly fine for you.

Are the best VR headsets good for movies too?

Yes, you can use VR headsets for watching movies too, and you can even connect the PC VR programs and enjoy the film even with VR headsets and game consoles that are not really price powered and can be bought for 300 or 400 dollars.

You don’t need the best VR headset in order to enjoy virtual reality, so you don’t have to stress too much about it.

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