Why Is My Twitch Chat Gone – Top 3 Reasons and Best Fixes

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All loyal Twitch users have probably experienced their chat disappearing throughout the live stream of their favorite channel, and things like this happen much more often than we would want.

Here are the most common answers to the question “why is my Twitch chat gone”:

1. Longer chat load after refreshing the page;
2. Chat window is separated and collapsed;
3. Extensions or AdBlock influence;

However, this is usually caused by some current problems that can easily be solved through basic Twitch settings and menus, and you should be able to get your Twitch chat back to its normal state in minutes.

Let’s learn more about each of these potential issues and how to solve them.

Why Is My Twitch Chat Gone?

There are several reasons why your Twitch has disappeared at the moment, but these are some of the most frequent reasons for your chat disappearing out of nowhere.

The page has been refreshed

In case your chat window has opened properly, but you don’t see any messages, then probably the page has been refreshed, and everything is loading at the moment.

You can always test it, and if your new message has been sent without problems, then you should keep it like that and avoid hitting “Refresh” before you are sure you want to leave the chat.

Different issues like this tend to happen also when you are switching between different browsers and Twitch streams a few times during a short period of time.

Your window has collapsed

The Twitch website has a feature that allows you to collapse a window making it non-visible on your screen for as long as you want it to be that way.

Many streamers feel like they can’t concentrate because of the chat, but sometimes people click on this by mistake and completely ruin their own experience.

If the whole chat window has disappeared from your homepage, then you have definitely exited the chat window.

However, this can be solved easily by clicking the Expand button in your upper right corner, but you still won’t be able to see messages that have been sent while you were out of the chat.

Extensions or Adblock are affecting it

Extensions or Adblock are affecting it

Adblock extension is very common, even among people who are not streamers, and this one can cause several problems with your chat.

If you want to make sure you will be able to use your Twitch chat without browser extensions affecting it in any way, you should disable your Adblock and all other extensions.

These are some of the things that will not allow you to run your stream properly, and you for sure won’t be able to get in touch with people in your community and send or read new messages.

Lucky for you, there are several solutions provided for all of these problems, and if you know how to use this network to your advantage and fix all of these problems, you will be able to handle various issues.

How Do I Fix Adblock Bugs?

If you believe that Adblocker or some of the other installed extensions, such as Adblock Plus are messing with your Twitch chat, then you should definitely disable it and see whether things can go back to normal.

Here is what you need to do in order to disable browser extensions and open your Twitch chat properly again:

  • Open Adblock settings – it should be in your bookmarks or in the top right part of your browser
  • Disable Adblock – you can disable it for Twitch or only for the streamer you are currently watching

If you believe your problems are not connected with Ad Blockers but rather with some other website extensions you have, you should solve the problem through your Google Chrome browser this way:

  • Open the “Manage Extensions” option
  • Click on the Adblock option or any other extension you may have installed at the moment
  • Swipe the switch until it turns gray

How Do I Fix Twitch Bugs Through Proxy Settings?

If you are using some of the proxy options to stream, this can create quite a few problems, too, especially with your favorite games like LoL or Fortnite.

This is the easiest way to check your proxy settings and extensions in your browser and eliminate the things that are potentially harming your Twitch experience.

  • Press Windows key and +
  • Open Windows settings
  • Choose “Network and Internet”
  • Select “Proxy”
  • Disable all Proxy settings
  • Save these settings

After you have done this, you should open Twitch in a new window or browser and see whether the page is able to load well.

If you didn’t manage to fix the problem this way, then you will certainly have to explore websites a little bit more in order to see what may be causing all of these problems.

In case you have a remote host, that could create some hardships too, so control everything twice before you decide to reach out to some sort of a professional.

How To Fix Cache Errors?

Often times, you will need to clear browser cache in order to get access to your Twitch chat because all the websites you visit are leaving traces and information that can harm your streaming experience.

If you are facing problems even when you are using a different browser and other things have been popping up on your desktop for a while, too, then you should definitely take time to get rid of all potential cache errors.

  • Open Google Chrome settings – you can open your Google Chrome settings by typing in “chrome://settings” or clicking on the small 3 dots in your top right corner and choosing “Settings.”
  • Open the “Privacy and Security” option
  • Choose “Clear browsing data.”
  • Also, choose” Cookies and another side data” – make sure none of the other boxes are selected at the same moment and that your time range is set at”All times” so you can get rid of all broken information and cookies too.
  • Click “Clear dat”
  • Restart your device – after you have restarted your PC, you should be able to open Chrome properly, and your Twitch chat should normally be working.

In case your browser cache has been deleted, but your Twitch chat still doesn’t seem to be working well, and the user reports that they are also experiencing the same thing while watching your stream, then there are certainly some other problems.

Cache files cause most obstacles like this, and the clear browsing data option is always the easiest thing to do if you want to check whether the problem is in cache or not.

It is also a very simple action that all beginners can do, and it can make quite a difference with your Twitch chat, even if it doesn’t solve all the problems immediately.

Your browser cache tends to hold on to way too many things, and cleaning up your browser’s network settings regularly is the key to a perfect Twitch experience.

In the end, things like this can also be caused by third-party extensions whose cache can’t be deleted until you get rid of them for good.


How often do these Twitch bugs happen?

How often a bug on your Twitch chat will happen usually depends on how active you are on Twitch and what do you use your PC for. If you are someone who messes a lot with proxy settings and accepts cookies everywhere, bugs like this can happen quite frequently.

Connection blocks connectivity, and this happens to people who don’t take too much care of the websites they are entering, so your chat option may have a lot of problems. The best thing you can do is browse everything in incognito mode and get rid of potential cache and viruses.

Is there a way to prevent my chat window from disappearing?

The easiest way to prevent your chat window from disappearing here and there is in controlling the Settings option and making sure none of the extensions or adblockers are harming your experience.

You should also make sure you are not active in too many windows at the same time because every new tab you open may create problems with the previous one, so don’t push your PC way too much. It also depends a lot on your network, so make sure you don’t need to do a router restart all the time in order to have a stable internet connection.

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