What Is DLive – Most Important Things to Know (2024)

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These days the most popular platforms among all streamers and gamers are Twitch and Youtube, but there are plenty of alternatives to this type of streaming.

There are plenty of different, smaller platforms that will help you build a great community, but DLive really is a bit different, and it can help content creators completely transform live streaming.

As the platform grows, more and more users will be moving to this one, so you should know some basic things and community guidelines that will allow you to start a channel on the DLive platform too.

What Is DLive?


DLive was started in 2017 in the United States, and even though it has had pretty slow growth, it has managed to become one of the top earners in this field, and it empowers creators all the time.

It is actually a blockchain technology that is able to rewards streamers and viewers for spending time on it.

All of the streamers have access to as much as 80% of the revenues they earn through subscriptions and donations on DLive, which is a lot more money than you can get on another live streaming platform like Twitch.

On the other hand, viewers can earn something through this platform, too, and they will be rewarded with a Lemon for participating in streams and chats.

The Lemon is actually a currency you can use on DLive servers without any problems, and you will be able to pay for things or send donations to games that are streamed easily with it.

DLive has a revolutionary rewards system that gives benefits both to streamers and viewers, which really makes it one of the best streaming platforms out there, and I believe its popularity will exponentially grow in the future.

The whole game can be streamed without any obstacles, and they have a very rigorous control system that allows you to stop any sort of hate speech or scams easily, so it is a pretty safe platform too.

Their support team is also amazing, and you will be able to interact with them 24/7 through the official site.

The audience also has access to the chat where they can share ideas during the live stream, and it is a feature that can really help you to remain active and relevant in the streaming world.

Since it is made to reward users, every viewer will benefit from live streaming, and the platform will be able to grow because both viewers and streamers need interaction in order to be able to earn money.

These streams are really an amazing way to start off your career, and it is a lot better to start playing games on platforms like this rather than on Youtube or similar websites.

Even though it is still not that viral and popular, it has hundreds of active channels, and every account is very active, so you will definitely be able to create a good community that will be willing to pay for a subscription and start the mission with you.

Who Can Stream on DLive?

Anyone can join DLive and start streaming, but the biggest problem with that is developing a loyal audience and attracting people to your channel.

Not everyone can build a business on streaming platforms, especially not those who don’t have people watching their streams and games on other social media platforms too.

The content you create needs to be unique and valued by viewers; otherwise, you will not be able to make anyone watch you on DLive.

ASHBS is definitely the most content creator who has joined the world of DLive, and he has over 620 000 subscriptions on Youtube, so he didn’t have to do much to make the audience switch to DLive to watch him.

He is one of the most popular content creators in the gaming niche, and he is streaming all sorts of games and sharing valuable pieces of advice on the app all the time.

People who have a loyal audience and impact like him can easily make many users switch to a less popular app like DLive, and he is really someone who can make the site grow and become more and more popular from day to day.

If you are someone who is just starting out in the streaming world, you may not have too much luck in the beginning, but if you become known for valuable contributions, you will definitely be able to attract many viewers to your account.

Dlive vs Twitch

Whether DLive is better than Twitch or not is something that depends on one criterion to another.

When it comes to the community, we can’t deceive ourselves because Twitch has millions of active users, and it is definitely the most popular platform for streaming.

The community on DLive is a lot smaller, and even though it can provide your viewers with a much more unique experience, it will definitely take you a lot of time to gather hundreds of people who will be watching you on a daily basis.

However, it can be a great opportunity for all the people who are complete beginners in the streaming, and it can really help you grow the community from scratch, so if you are not looking for something crazy big like Twitch, you may be satisfied with DLive too.

Since it also operates on blockchain technology, it helps all content creators and viewers get rewarded for their dedication to the platform, it is a lot more attractive to users, and it will certainly provide everyone with some sort of financial reimbursement.

This is something you will not be able to experience on Twitch, but since everything is related to crypto and Bitcoin, it may not be the best option for people who are just looking for a quick fix because they certainly won’t get access to their money that fast.

DLive support team is also amazing, and they keep the network functioning perfectly at all times, and they will be able to answer your questions and solve any kind of problem you may have in a matter of minutes.

Another thing that I believe can really make DLive the most popular streaming platform in the future is their revenue share and the fact that they take only 20% of your earning.

10% of that money will go back into the app and be used to reward users and streamers, so their business model and platform ownership are very modern and can really be the reason why it becomes a huge platform.


Even though DLive is still very new and doesn’t have way too many users, it is certainly a platform that will grow in the future and will probably become one of the go-to platforms for streaming.

Its amazing assets and revolutionary rewards system set it apart from all other streaming websites, and everyone should try out their luck on it.

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