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If your Instagram feed is getting monotonous and full of family and friend pictures, you might want to spice it up with something else.

I am here to help you with that and provide you with the best sex meme Instagram accounts.

Besides covering the most popular and interesting sex meme accounts, I will also go over the most popular sex meme hashtags you can use to grow your account.

10 Best Sex Memes Instagram Accounts

1. @Jazzgazm

jazzgazm instagram page

Jazzgazm is one of the largest Instagram sex meme pages. It has been around since 2018 and has been publishing quality sex-related memes all the way up to now. The content they share can be relatable for both male and female audiences.

sweet pervert
checking my temperature be like

2. @sexpositive.memes

sexpositive.memes instagram page

Sexpositive.memes is another big page in the sex meme niche, and they have almost 40K followers. The main premise of this page is sex-positive memes. These memes have an open, tolerant and progressive view toward sex.

The page also has a store where they sell sex-related merch, such as stickers, shirts, and hoodies.

stuffed as a scarecrow
no sugar daddy
well deserved rest

3. @kiss_myaxe3

kiss_myaxe3 instagram page

Kiss_myaxe3 is one of my favorite pages that compiles all the funnies and most relatable sex memes from the Internet. They are a relatively new page, as they only started posting some two years ago. This is one of the pages I see growing the most in the upcoming time.

head enjoyment
she likes it rough
yes ma'am!

4. @theragingsexaholic

image 10

Theragingsexaholic is an account that, besides memes, also shares tweets from Twitter X, but you can also find some very visually descriptive images that are usually screenshots from porn videos.

It is an interesting page that definitely seems to be testing Instagram’s sexual content limits.

Screenshot 14
Screenshot 15
Screenshot 16

5. @sexually.wholesom3

image 11

Sexually.wholesom3 has been reposting quality Instagram memes ever since they made the page, and if you’re looking for some giggles, you are sure to find them here.

Screenshot 19
Screenshot 18
Screenshot 17

6. @littlepurpleplant

image 12

Littlepurpleplant is an account with quite a few provocative and graphic posts, going strong in the sex meme waters. They might not be up to everyone’s taste, but they sure are something, especially for real connoisseurs.

Screenshot 22
Screenshot 21
Screenshot 20

7. @fillysilly_memes

image 13

Fillysilly_memes is a page that started publishing content 3 years ago, and it has been going strong ever since. It is a pretty large page with over 9,000 followers, and they post content multiple times a day.

my boyfriend
true skill

8. @WhoringTwenties

image 14

WhoringTwenties is an account that claims to have a degree in memeology, and judging by its content, that statement seems to be true. In less than two years, they have grown an account to 10k+ followers in a relatively small niche.

Unlike many pages which have jumped on the reels bandwagon to gain more following, this page has stayed true to itself, and the huge majority of its content is still picture memes.

bye girls
magical moment
wanna watch

9. @cultofyams

image 15

Cultyofyams is a small but OG page because it has been around since 2013. Since its inception, they have had many periods where it would not post, but this is not one of them.

It seems that they have decided to grow their page, and they publish quality content regularly. At this rate, it will not be long until they catch up with the competition that has a higher following.

second chance
now she knows
perfect mix

10. @thelustbunny

image 16

Thelustbunny is a small page with a following of only 500 people. This page, however, is made with the intention of promoting a successful online sex toy brand.

The account has a nice aesthetic, and the memes are top quality. It would be hard to imagine them not knowing their audience after growing a successful brand.

If you are there only for the memes, it is still good to follow this page, as it posts regularly, and you will never be disappointed by their memes.

guess what's coming
shooting blanks
beautiful view

Popular Sex Meme Hashtags

In case you want to grow your sex meme account or you just want more engagement on your sex meme posts, here are the top 10 hashtags you can use:

  • #sexmemes
  • #memeporn
  • #stupidmeme
  • #qualitycontent
  • #momsbehavingbadly
  • #freakmemes
  • #cummemes
  • #funnyinsta
  • #sexualmeme
  • #dirtyjoke


The sex memes niche on Instagram is relatively small, but it still has a few quality accounts you can follow.

If you want to see sex-positive stuff, you can always follow accounts like @sexpositive.memes. If you like supporting smaller creators, on the other hand, you can always follow accounts like @yourfavoritebrat.

Finally, if you want to find new content yourself, or gr0w y0ur page, there are several hashtags you can use. The most efficient ones in this niche would be #sexmemes and #memeporn.


Can I post a sex meme on Instagram?

Yes, you can post sex-related memes on Instagram, but you need to know what is accepted and what is not accepted. It is impossible to explain, but you can learn it by analyzing what others post.

How do you create a meme for Instagram?

Creating a meme for Instagram is simple. You can find a funny image and caption it using any image editing application.

For example, you can use an online editor like Canva, or you can do it with apps that come with your OS, like Windows’s Paint.

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