Funny Instagram Captions – 75+ Funniest Captions for Instagram

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There are many lines you can type as Instagram captions, but it can be hard to consistently make them funny and engaging.

The easiest way to combat this is by feeding your brain some fresh ideas and inspiration. This way, you can generate new ideas and change up your content.

That is why I compiled a list of funny Instagram captions, which should make it easy for you to be creative again.

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Funny Instagram Captions

Funny Instagram Captions

  1. I have more issues than New York Times.
  2. Did this happen if I did not post a picture?
  3. If you ever wondered who put the pro in procrastination, it is me.
  4. Every great selfie has a friend behind the camera who has approved it.
  5. This hairstyle is named “I tried.”
  6. Is this selfie making my ego look big?
  7. My new single just dropped. I am single.
  8. No need to worry about what other people think. They are not thinking often anyway.
  9. Oreos share a lot with people. The good stuff is inside.
  10. Be as picky about who you are dating as you are about picking selfies.
  11. The caption failed to load.
  12. The only reason I drop my head down is to admire my boots.
  13. I have many problems, but getting a good angle is not one of them
  14. Looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case.
  15. I would have a better caption than this if I was funny.
  16. There are only 5 tough days after a weekend.
  17. It could have been a good day if it was not for all responsibilities.
  18. Just a girl doing marathons on Netflix.
  19. I come without instructions, but even if I did, you would not be able to handle me.
  20. I Wish I could live like a caterpillar. Eat, sleep and wake up beautiful
  21. A candy bar is similar to me, half sweet and half nuts.
  22. No need to like me. I am not a post.
  23. I am not sure if there is an excuse for laziness, that is why I am still looking.
  24. Beer is always the answer. Wait, I forgot, what did you ask me?
  25. Algorithm gods, I am praying to you.
  26. Need something?
  27. Two things you should not underestimate, are good hair and great lightning.
  28. Not here to make trouble. I just wanna drink.
  29. Life is far from perfect, but your outfit should not be.
  30. Always give them something to talk about.
  31. This is my evil twin.
  32. Am I cleaning up nice, or what?
  33. Best friends, savage, and definitely not average.
  34. Hell or heaven, there is no difference for me. I have friends in both places.
  35. He knows where I buried the bodies.
  36. Do we need filters, or do we need group therapy?
  37. Friends eat cake, and the family eats a burrito.
  38. She is the beast to my beauty.
  39. Honesty is key to relationships, learn to fake it, and you are good.
  40. Do not ask anything. I am in energy-saving mode.
  41. Send a DM. Here we are now.
  42. Somewhat cute, but somewhat cringe too.
  43. You get me some beer, and I might get you some wine.
  44. When you first farted in front of me, I knew you were the right one.
  45. I do not know if we are a cute couple, or the annoying one, maybe a little bit of both.
  46. We are two people who get each other’s quirks. It is amazing.
  47. I might be a handful, but that is why you have two hands.
  48. You are the person I would be best friends with.
  49. He should not come if he is not bringing snacks with him.
  50. I got a call from reality, so I hung up.
  51. I am wearing Nike, but I can not do it. Definitely an awkward moment.
  52. Friday, feeling ready to waste all my time.
  53. Somebody’s birthday. I can not wait to get wasted.
  54. Just one more movie, 10 hours later…
  55. Reality called. It is Monday again.
  56. I am not pretty, but I am not particularly intelligent, either.
  57. Friendship is just hating the same stuff.
  58. We are “mentally hilarious,” not crazy.
  59. Bad ideas but good friends.
  60. Resting ape face.
  61. I got the award for the laziest person in the world, and I am looking for someone to pick it up for me.
  62. If you are wondering if everything is on the floor, the answer is gravity,
  63. I might do bad things, but I do them really well,
  64. Better to be a warrior than to be a worrier.
  65. I wish this salad was a cupcake.
  66. Mosquitoes find me attractive, so I do not care if people do.
  67. Smile while you still have teeth. Life is not long.
  68. I wish I could have a 6-month vacation, like twice a year.
  69. People who need deodorant the most are the ones who use it the least. The same goes for common sense.
  70. How confident am I? Kanye West level.
  71. Hashtags look like waffles. That is why I like them.
  72. I will often follow a diet, but I stop because they do not follow me back.
  73. Was it worth it? Yeah, did it for memories.
  74. You might be wondering if I run. Yes, I run out of time and money.
  75. Should we tell people that the brain is an app so they start using it?
  76. Stop following your hard if you always forget to take the brain with you.
  77. Classy, never trashy, a little sassy.
  78. Best friends love you even when you forget to love yourself.
  79. She ain’t perfect, but she is from my hometown.


Instagram captions are a great way to add another dimension to your content.

Adding a funny capture can give more meaning to your post and make it a more engaging experience for your followers.

I hope you liked the list I compiled for you today!


Do Instagram captions have a character limit?

Yes, Instagram does have a character limit which is 2200. If you want to add more context to your post, you can always type out the remaining characters in the post’s comments.

Should funny Instagram captions be short?

There are no rules when it comes to the greatest length of funny captions. Sometimes it is more appropriate to have it short and sweet, but sometimes a good punchline requires a little longer delivery.

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