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PRChase Meaning

The PRChase emote is the head of the PR director of Twitch, and it is mainly used when streamers are talking about some technical things about channels or records.

If a stream is full of other Twitch creators, then they are probably using this emote to discuss things related to the community and Twitch partners.

You will also see streamers adding it during the stream, usually when they are referring to something specific to the platform.

The PRChase emote is known for having many meanings, and sometimes streamers can get lost in all of it.

It is extremely popular, and Twitch users are often confused when they see it, so we decided to solve this mystery for you.

When To Use PRChase Emote?

The PRChase emote can be used when you are simply discussing things that could be added to the channel or the problems that are significantly harming your experience on Twitch, or you can sarcastically add it when you are tired of hearing about technical aspects of Twitch.

You can also use the PRChase emote for other purposes like a simple smile emote or to show that you are listening to what’s happening on the stream.

It doesn’t bring too much to the unique Twitch emote expression, but it is a cool emote you can use.

The Story Behind PRChase Emote

The purchase emote represents the head of PR on Twitch, a man called Chase, and to this day, no one is quite sure when did this emote appear and why it was added to global Twitch emotes.

However, Chase moved on from Twitch, and now he works in StreamElements as head of communications.

It was added by the Twitch staff, and it became popular among users so that you will see people in the community still using it.

How Can I Get The PRChase Emote?

The PRChase emote is available on regular Twitch, and as long as you have a Twitch account, you can access it and send it to other people.

However, it doesn’t seem to be available on Twitch extensions, which shows it was added by people who work there.

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