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Full name: Karl JacobsEducation: Fort Dorchester High School
Date of birth: July 19, 1998Height: 6′ 3″ / 190cm
Place of birth: North Carolina, USAWeight: 154lb / 70 kg
Current residence: Los Angeles, USAEstimated net worth: $3 million

Karl Jacobs is one of the most popular online personas who was able to create a fantastic career on Twitch and grew from nobody to one of the most popular people on the internet within a few months.

If you want to find out how big Karljacobs net worth is, what he does for a living, and what he is like in private life, you are in the right place.

What Is Karljacobs Net Worth?

Karl Jacobs net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars, and he is earning money through his Youtube channel, Twitch channel, and work with Mr. Beast.

These are his primary income sources and how Karl Jacobs makes a living.

Karl Jacobs Twitch channel

Karl Jacobs Twitch channel

Karl Jacobs joined Twitch in 2019, gaining recognition by working for MrBeast and his channel.

When he was called to jump into Mr. Beasts’ stream in the last second along with the Twitch streamer Dream, it was his chance to get his audience and start his career.

The Dream then called him to become a part of the Minecraft server Dream SMP and start telling his own “Tales from the SMP,” which has provided him with millions of fans.

He started getting a million followers and earning around 15 000 dollars monthly, and when he is streaming on Twitch, people will jump immediately onto the stream.

Then, he created his own Karl Jacobs Twitch account, which he has been using ever since, and his Twitch streaming is now able to earn him around 35 000 dollars per month and at least 15 000 dollars in donations and bits on the channel.

Karl Jacobs Youtube channel

Karl Jacobs Youtube channel

In 2020, Karl also decided to create his own Youtube channel, where he has 3.7 million followers at the moment.

He uploads videos to this channel regularly, and this American gamer can earn around 8000 dollars daily from this platform, even when he hasn’t uploaded videos for a month.

Karl posts actual videos of himself playing Minecraft, showing the latest techniques and skills, and even stills from the Minecraft championship he is participating in.

It is estimated he earns around 60 000 dollars monthly from his Youtube channel, and his internet career has been steady mainly because of his dedication to this platform.

Karl also has a lot of sponsorships and brand deals, and you will see him promoting different brands while playing games and sharing Minecraft hacks, so this American Youtuber probably makes additional 20 000 dollars per video through his Youtube channel.

His Youtube advertising revenue is also massive became his viewers are mainly from the USA and the UK, and he often gets promoted on a MrBeast video.

Brand deals

Just like other most popular Twitch streamers, Karl is also affiliated with plenty of brands and has sponsorships from some of the biggest companies in the industry.

Lately, Karl has been working with Adidas, and you will see them wearing their products on every Instagram photo on his account.

He is also working with G Fuel energy drink, NXT, Red Bull, and Uber Eats, and you will see these companies promoted on his steam all the time.

It is estimated Karl Jacobs’s career profits around 40 000 dollars per month through brand deals.


Karl Jacobs, just like every popular online persona, has his merch collection, but since this collection is made in collaboration with Mr. Beast, he doesn’t get all of the money to his bank account.

However, it is estimated he earns around 2000 dollars a month this way.

When Did Karl Jacobs Start Streaming?

Karl Jacobs started his career working for Mr. Beast as an editor on his Youtube channel.

Since his channels were wildly popular and Karl started appearing in some of the videos, he started getting fans of his own.

Although working on Mr. Beasts Youtube channels was a satisfying experience, Karl knew he wanted more, and he was determined to start a Twitch career for himself.

He worked as the lead cameraman in MrBeasts videos, and he got all the knowledge you may need to become a content creator on your own.

When he went on a short pause, he got a call from one of the people working with Mr. Beast, who offered him to start appearing in his videos and playing games.

karl jacobs career

Since he already had a lot of experience in this industry, he had streaming and editing experience and was ready to create an amusing stream that would attract millions of people.

In the meantime, he joined the Dream SMP Minecraft server and started turning his personal passion into a way of living across all major social media platforms.

The Mr. Beast crew has helped him grow, and the Dream team was able to provide him with a lot more views on the platform, which has led to Karl becoming one of the most popular people on Twitch.

Although he started as a simple guy behind the cameras on a huge Youtube channel, he was able to build a career for himself and make his net worth get to millions of dollars quickly.

What Is Karl Jacobs Like In Private Life?

Karl Jacobs is a guy from North Carolina who was able to make it in the gaming and streaming industry once he started working for Mr. Beast.

He has a sister named Corry and a brother Sean who are younger than him, and he has a close connection with his family.

However, he doesn’t like sharing too much from his private life, and you will rarely see his family members on his streams.

A few years ago, he was studying at Portland community college and was working in sales at Starlite gaming, and no one could imagine how Karl Jacobs career would take off in the future.

Once he met Mr. Beast, he dropped college just a month before graduation and started to dedicate his time and energy to his only love – gaming.

When he used to edit a MrBeast video, he was only starting in the industry, and Dream’s Minecraft manhunt videos were the reason why he became so popular.

His fame began when he started dedicating more time to Twitch, and he has been growing ever since; he is not the type of guy to brag or flaunt his wealth, so there is not too much we know about him.

Karl Jacobs dating history is secretive, and you won’t see him involved in any romantic scandals.

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