Jessirocks Net Worth – How Much Does Jessirocks Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Thomas M.Education: Unknown
Date of birth: UnknownHeight: Unknown
Place of birth: AustriaWeight: Unknown
Current residence: UnknownEstimated net worth: Around $400k

Who is Jessirocks?

About, History, and Jessirocks Net Worth

Jessirocks is an American gaming streamer of German descent, mainly on Twitch and playing many different games, such as Diablo Immortal, World of Warcraft, and Lost Ark.

He has gathered a sizeable following on both Twitch and YouTube and has significant earnings from streaming on both platforms. But how much is his exact net worth? Let’s find out.

Jessirocks Net Worth

Jessirocks is believed to have a net worth between 200 and 400 thousand USD. Most of this money comes from his Twitch and YouTube channels through Adsense or viewers’ donations.

What We Know About Jessirocks

Jessirocks is a highly private streamer. Therefore, there is almost no information about his nationality, age, and everything else.

Unfortunately, that makes guesswork one of the only ways to gain data about him. He appears to be in his late twenties, and it is known that his name is Thomas M. Beyond that, he has managed to hide any other information from fans and the public alike, and there is no Wikipedia article or a reliable internet source about his data either.

Jessirocks Twitch Career

jessirocks twitch channel

Jessirocks is primarily a Twitch streamer and has about 66k followers on this platform, alongside an unknown number of active paid subscribers. He averages around 1000 viewers per stream.

He actively streams World of Warcraft and various Diablo games from Blizzard and has also been known to play Lost ark on his stream. He is streaming exclusively in German, which may be the reason behind his lesser popularity than big English streamers.

Jessirocks YouTube Career

jessirocks youtube channel

First appearing on YouTube back in 2010, Jessirocks has one of the most extended. Still, he careers tracks as a gamer on this platform, but he has never been particularly successful, only having around 9000 followers. As a result, we cannot say that his YouTube channel has significantly impacted his total net worth.


Jessirocks is a relatively small Twitch and YouTube streamer, with a total net worth between 200 and 400 thousand US dollars. He streams mostly Blizzard games and is only active in German.

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How much is Jessirocks worth?

It isn’t easy to ascertain his exact net worth due to a lack of verifiable information, but it is believed to be in the $200-400k range.

Why does Jessirocks stream in German?

He is believed to be of Austrian nationality or at least ancestry, so it is most likely that he streams in German simply because it is his first language.

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