Ironmouse Net Worth – How Much Does Ironmouse Earn? (2024)

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Full name: No dataEducation: High School
Date of birth: January 11, 1997Height: 5′ 1″ / 155cm
Place of birth: Puerto RicoWeight: 110lb / 50 kg
Current residence: Puerto RicoEstimated net worth: $600k

Who Is Ironmouse?

About, History, and Net Worth

Today, I will tackle the topic of Ironmouse net worth. Let’s find out more about this mysterious streamer.

Ironmouse is a professional Twitch streamer from Puerto Rico. She has been streaming for over two years and has amassed a large following of loyal fans.

Her streams typically consist of her playing popular video games such as Fortnite, Super Mario Party, Resident Evil 5, Black Desert Online, Overwatch, and Apex Legends.

However, she also streams a variety of other content such as cooking, art, and music. Ironmouse is a well-rounded streamer who provides her viewers with quality entertainment on both her Youtube channel and Twitch channel.

Her streams are mostly gaming related, but she also enjoys talking to her chat and interacting with her viewers as her anime character with a high-pitched voice that wants to experience the human world.

Ironmouse Net Worth

If you’re a fan of the popular VTuber Ironmouse, you’re probably wondering how much her net worth is.

While her exact net worth is unknown, we can estimate that she’s worth around 600k dollars of net worth.

This includes her income from streams on both her Youtube channel and Twitch channels, her Patreon, sponsorships, and donations from her fans which she calls Precious Family.

Ironmouse Income Sources

Ironmouse is not particularly good at gaming. If she can do some ‘Just Chatting’ category streaming online she generates a lot of money from each live stream.

In addition, she makes income and her earnings through advertisements, donations, tips sales, merch sales, her monthly fee and paid subscriptions on her Patreon account, and her exclusive contracts with VShojo.

How much did Ironmouse make from her subathon?

IronMouse reached 171,000 subscribers on Twitch during her subathon, and earned more than $65,636.

These figures don’t include the huge donations made during the subathon. A further growth spurt has also occurred for Ironmouse as well as the virtual community from paid subscriptions since then.

Ironmouse’s other ventures

Ironmouse also does freelance writing but has no known other endeavors. She has been able to hide information about herself and her early life, and other work opportunities since the beginning.

She has previously stated her intention of making a full-length and possibly even original album for future projects.

During her junior year, Ironmouse studied music and dance and wanted to become an opera singer before her health condition stopped her plans.

Ironmouse’s YouTube Channel

ironmouse youtube

She started her YouTube channel on September 27th, 2017. She made her first video on February 16th, 2020, around when she launched streaming.

The month of January 2019 will therefore be the “debut” month for this model. She has accumulated a total number of 760k subscribers on this platform with 33 million views on 132 uploads.

Ironmouse Personality and Personal Life

The reports said that she did not reveal a real name. It appears, therefore, that Ironmuse does not exist publicly. She also didn’t do a face reveal on either her Youtube videos or Instagram account.

She is single when it comes to her marital status and relationship status and a very private person in general.

She successfully runs online streams. The income from the company has helped her get medical care for her immune system. So her condition has improved which means she can play a more frequent stream.

Ironmouse is currently the most successful Vtuber online. Her parents are from Puerto Rico, and the demon queen virtual YouTuber speaks fluent English and Spanish.

She often streams alongside others from anime or gaming sides of the community and has many new friends.

She’s also good friends with CDwgVA and recently starred with OfflineTV.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Ironmouse has a Common Variable Immune deficiency, called CVID, which makes streaming very difficult. In spite of it, her fans are still devoted and largely loyal to Youtube and her Twitch.

Ironmouse is described as friendly, lighthearted, sweet, often snooty, and funny. Ironmouse initially felt very shy but as she got more mature in Twitch her chaotic character became apparent.

Ironmouse doesn’t always have a filter, and she is never afraid to ask a strange question out loud while virtual streaming.

She is usually very sweet except when someone else talks down to her. Ironmouse is obviously obsessed with anime and is a great voice actor. She also enjoys live streams!


Ironmouse is known for her high energy and lively personality, as well as her love of gaming.

Her streams are always entertaining, and she has a large and dedicated fanbase of 1.3 million subscribers on Twitch.

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging streamer to watch, Ironmouse is definitely worth checking out!


How old is Ironmouse now?

Ironmouse is now officially two years old! On March 16, 2020, she celebrated her birthday with a special stream in which she reflected on her first year as a VTuber.

She discussed some of her favorite moments, as well as some of the challenges she’s faced. Overall, it’s been a great two years for Ironmouse, and she’s excited to see what the future holds!

How much do VTubers make on average?

There’s no simple answer to how much VTubers make on average. It depends on a number of factors, including the VTuber’s popularity, the number of hours they stream, and which platform they’re using.

That said, some VTubers are able to make a significant income from their streaming activities. In 2019, the top-earning VTuber was estimated to make around $6 million.

Who is Ironmouse in real life?

She is Puerto Rican, has been streaming for over two years, and has amassed a large following of dedicated fans and subscribers since she began actively streaming virtually.

We still don’t know her real name. She is known for her high energy and entertaining personality. Stephanie’s goal is to make her subscribers happy and to have a good time.

When she’s not streaming on her Twitch account, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

What country does Ironmouse live in?

Ironmouse is a professional Twitch streamer who lives in Puerto Rico.

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