Maximizing TikTok for Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Educational Content

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During the Covid-19, many teachers and coaches turned to social media to spread educational content to their students, clients, and the general public. As a result, TikTok became a place for short lessons and tutorials on various educational topics, from cooking to science and math.

The amount of educational videos grows day by day, but it is still a quest to find quality educational content among dancing contests and other entertaining videos.

So, are you ready to dig into the learning process? Here we will share some tips on how to find educational content on TikTok.

4 Tips on How to Find Educational Content on TikTok

Tips for Finding Educational Content on TikTok

1.  Check Popular Educational Accounts

Many teachers and mentors have TikTok accounts that post short educational videos. You can search whether an international organization, scientist, author, or reputable service has a TikTok account. For example, an academic writing service may share tips on how to write essays better. Big organizations like WWF and museums can also hold a TikTok account and share entertaining and educational short videos about nature.

We have gathered a list of popular TikTok educational accounts to start your educational journey. Follow accounts you like to send TikTok a signal that you are looking for creators who produce similar types of content.


  • @ludus – Here you can learn how to easily solve graphic functions, simplify exponents, and learn other math tricks easily.
  • @pinkpencilmath – Tanya Zakowich shares short videos on how to master math arithmetic essentials.
  • @mathswithmisschang – Miss Chang is a math teacher who started a TikTok channel during the pandemic to educate students.
  • @iteachalgebra – The school teacher explains algebra 1 and geometry concepts easily.


  • @billnye – Legendary Bill Nye shares interesting scientific facts, experiments, chemistry, engineering, etc.
  • @chemteacherphil – Phillip Cook is a high-school chemistry teacher who creates short movies demonstrating how chemistry relates to everyday life.
  • @astro_alexandra – If you are a space fan, here you will learn the latest news about the cosmos, take a closer look at women in space, and explore the history of space exploration.
  • @dominic – Here you will get answers to a lot of science questions. Dominic shows physics, engineering, and chemistry experiments.

Business and Economics

  • @humphreytalks – Here you can get information about business news, stock market trends, and all things about business and finance.
  • @sayginyalcin. An entrepreneur and academic lecturer shares insights and information related to economics, finance, and business.
  • @econlearn – Here you can learn about the basics of economics. The channel is new but already explains the game theory, interest rates, national maximum wage, etc.
  • @economicsexplained – The authors of this channel explain world events and how the world works through the economic lens.


  • @englishwithlucy – English with Lucy is a popular TikTok channel that offers language learning tips and tutorials for learners of all levels.
  • @iamthatenglishteacher – MsJames is an experienced English teacher who provides tips and tricks to help learners improve their English.
  • @germandan – Daniel is a German teacher who shares interesting information about learning Deutsch and facts about living in Germany.
  • @atrenchies – Two brothers from France create videos on how to learn conversational French and explore French vocabulary and pronunciation.


  • @Dr_idz – A certified doctor shares information about health issues and discusses information about diets and nutrition.
  • @instituteofhumananatomy – If you are a fan of anatomy, this account will show you the real structure of human bodies.
  • @medicineexplained – Two doctors created this channel to explain medical concepts, terms, and practices in simple words: hormones, diseases, anatomy, and much more.
  • @drjuliesmith – Julie is an author of books and a psychologist who shares insights on therapy, depression, stress, productivity, and procrastination.


  • @metmuseum – The Metropolitan Museum of Art shows short videos with interesting facts about art and history pieces.
  • @rijksmuseum – The National Museum of the Netherlands opens a window to current museum exhibitions and shows art pieces represented in the museum.
  • @blackcountrylivingmuseum – This museum has recreated historical costumes and music to create video pieces that show life in an English village through a historical lens.

2.  Experiment with the Search Toolbar

Which topic do you wish to explore? Or which question do you have? You can find the answers and lessons by simply inputting keywords in the search bar in your TikTok application. Follow the suggestions to make your request more specific. Like the videos you find helpful and follow creators of such content to teach TikTok algorithms about the type of content you want to see.

Search Toolbar function
search terms on tiktok

3.  Use Hashtags

Also, you can use the hashtag section in the search bar to look for videos labeled with a particular hashtag. Here is a small list of the most popular hashtags depending on your topic of interest:


  • #fractions
  • #exponents
  • #solvingequations
  • #basicfunctions
  • #negativenumbers
  • #mathproblems
  • #math
  • #calculus
  • #mathematician
  • #mathteacher
  • #algebra


  • #stem
  • #science
  • #steam
  • #education
  • #stemeducation
  • #engineering
  • #robotics
  • #chemicalreactions


  • #english
  • #learnenglish
  • #vocabulary
  • #englishteacher
  • #ielts
  • #grammar
  • #englishvocabulary


  • #anatomy
  • #geology
  • #evolution
  • #chemistry
  • #astronomy
  • #scientists
  • #science
  • #biology
  • #sciencefacts


  • #space
  • #nasa
  • #universe
  • #astronomy
  • #galaxy


  • #wordoftheday
  • #spelling
  • #grammar
  • #etymology
  • #languagelearning
  • #vocabulary
  • #publicspeaking
  • #pronunciation


  • #finance
  • #money
  • #business
  • #investing
  • #investment
  • #entrepreneur
  • #financialfreedom
  • #stockmarket

N.B. Consider that some TikTok accounts use popular education hashtags to promote videos far from the mentioned hashtag topic.

4. Look for Verified Accounts

TikTok has a verification system for popular and influential accounts. Verified accounts are more likely to have high-quality educational content. It’s not a guarantee of 100% quality content, but there are more chances to receive accurate information from a trusted account.

Look for Verified Accounts

Wrapping Up

TikTok is a great and accessible place to educate yourself. Even if you have already graduated from school and university, being a life-long learner is always a good idea.

Pick the topic you are interested in and start exploring TikTok. But be careful. TikTok algorithms are not ideal. If you use scrolling to find similar educational videos, it’s a high chance to stick to funny cat videos or other entertaining content.

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