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4Head Meaning

4head is always used when someone wants to show how funny something is, and it is a meme with basically the same meaning as LOL.

A guy laughing may seem like a common reaction to something stupid or funny, but Twitch streamers mostly use it when someone gives them severe headaches with their silly jokes or moves in the game.

Realizing Twitch emote meanings can be pretty challenging, especially if you haven’t been in this pool for a while and are not informed about all the most popular streamers.

The 4head Twitch emote is one of the emotes you will see all the time in your chat, and the big forehead of that guy certainly can’t be ignored, even if you have no idea what it is about.

We have decided to make things easier and help you realize what this one is used for!

When To Use 4Head Emote?

You can use the 4head emote when you are trying to bring someone down sarcastically or when you want to show this person that their move is so wrong that you don’t know what else to react with.

It is used as a joke or to show that someone is laughing hysterically, and people tend to spam with it to show how intense their response is.

Most people also use it when people come up with a dad joke, and this seems to be the only valid response to a stupid thing like that.

It is also used when Arteezy starts feeding, so it is one of the memes that can have a pretty close meaning in the League of Legends stream and community.

This emote can also be sent when someone starts a cheesy joke, so they want to make others react the same way, or when they are sarcastically describing someone and don’t want people to misunderstand the situation.

It can also be used to respond to Twitch chat’s funny comments.

The Story Behind 4Head Emote

The 4head emote originated from Cadburry, one of the most popular League of Legends streamers, and once he made a meme out of it, everyone started using it as a way to express their laughter.

Initially, it was mainly used to signal a good mood on the stream and encourage people to share different jokes with other streamers.

The 4head emote became popular somewhere in 2015, and it shortly became one of the most popular Twitch emotes.

How Can I Get The 4Head Emote?

The 4head is available to everyone who has a Twitch account or the BTTV extension on their account.

If you are using global Twitch, and this emote doesn’t seem to be appearing, make sure to update the extensions so you can access all the emotes.

If you plan on using 4Head emote frequently, make sure to add it to your BTTV settings and enable the upgrade permission.

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