GoXLR Alternative – 13 Best Choices and Reviews in 2024

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Finding the best audio interface for streaming can be quite a challenging process, and although the GoXLR interface is the most popular one on the market, it is not accessible to everyone for many reasons.

In case you are also someone who is looking for the perfect alternative to the GoXLR audio mixer, then you are in the right place because I picked some of the best alternatives to this product and I believe that the best among them is Pyle Professional Audio Mixer.

All devices on my list are very similar to the popular GoXLR audio mixer, so you can use them as an alternative.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best GoXLR Alternative

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  • LED peak indicators
  • XLR input
Creative Sound Blaster K3+
  • 9 reverb effects
  • XLR phantom power
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  • 4 channels
  • Variety of filters and effects

1. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer

Best GoXLR alternative overall


Stefan’s Take:

The Pyle Professional Audio mixer is great both for experimenting with sounds and audio quality and creating an amazing warm and musical sound that will sound great on all devices and headphones. You’ll also get XLR input support and compatibility with USB, PC, and Bluetooth devices.

In my opinion, this is the perfect option for podcasting, especially if you are a complete beginner, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Audio Quality9.4
User-Friendly Interface9.3

The Pyle Professional Audio mixer is definitely one of the most popular sound consoles you can find in almost any store, and creators from different niches absolutely love it.

This audio mixer is compatible with USBs, PCs, and all Bluetooth devices, so you can easily transfer the sounds from these devices to your mixer and vice versa (super simple setup).

The built-in controls will allow you to start and pause the recording whenever you want, but also to switch between modes and audio mixers effects.

It also supports the XLR input, but you can count on +48V phantom power, too, which is the key to a successful voice sound.

There are also LED peak level indicators that will make controlling a lot easier and allow you to create superior sound quality.

The high-headroom mixer will make it really easy to use and provide you with great functionality while still allowing you to control each mono channel separately.

Its easy-to-use controls make it a good fit for beginners, too, so I highly recommend using this sound mixer.

Its software is also a lot more simple than the GoXLR software, so it is really a great fit for everyone, and you will easily become one of the great online broadcasters if you start using it.

The product is also very cheap, starting at 100 dollars which makes it one of the most affordable sound mixers on the market these days.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • LED peak indicators
  • XLR input
  • Wide compatibility
  • Too simple for professionals

2. Creative Sound Blaster K3+

The best USB mixer

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Stefan’s Take:

Creative Sound Blaster K3+ mixer has the XLR phantom power add-on that will provide you with 48v phantom power at all times and keep the sound from your condenser microphones 100% smooth, clear, and natural.

The USB connection is definitely amazing, and that is the biggest asset of this device and why so many people decide to buy it.

Audio Quality9.1
User-Friendly Interface9.1

This USB mixer has become very popular among podcasters and Youtube creators in different communities, and it is known for its ability to do intuitive USB-based mixing.

It one of the goxlr alternatives that easily gets connected both to a PC and a laptop, and it allows you to broadcast the audio from your mixer to the computer with just one simple click.

You can also choose among 9 different adjustable reverb effects that will make the audio flexible and allow you to change and edit it as many times as you want.

These are really the advanced audio parameters that can be very useful to professionals, especially podcasters and other online broadcasters.

You will get access to real-time audio effects and sound clips, but you will need to plug in the headphone jack if you really need it because this soundboard doesn’t have one built-in.

However, the stereo line inputs remain great, and the phantom-powered XLR input works perfectly, so you definitely won’t have any problems with it.

It is also a way more affordable than most other sound mixers on the market, and it is one of the rare USB mixers, so I would really recommend it to anyone.

  • Reasonable price
  • Great USB connection
  • 9 reverb effects
  • XLR phantom power
  • Doesn’t have a headphone jack
  • Better for podcasting than for streaming


Best mixer for podcast


Stefan’s Take:

The Rodecaster Pro Production Studio is mainly made for filming podcasts or doing voice-overs, but it is also the choice of many streamers pretty often.

This is a pretty versatile mixer for different options and filters you will be able to use, and you will also be able to broadcast audio directly from this device. However, adding too many effects and filters can really have a negative impact on your sound quality and can cause the input channels to mix and create a weird sound.

Audio Quality8.9
User-Friendly Interface9.2

This audio mixer will give you instant control over your own audio files, and you will get 4 high-quality channels for condenser mics.

You will also receive access to 8 programmable sound effects (which you can easily setup) that will allow you to control sound quality at all times and record audio from different pads at the same time.

The XLR mic input is amazing, but you can also connect the device to it through USB or Bluetooth, which is probably a better option, especially for streamers who struggle with too many devices and cables in their environment.

While filming, you can choose whether to save your voice or podcast to a USB or microSD card, which is also a great feature.

In the post-production part, you will be able to mix many different audios, completely transform the audio levels and create the perfect sound for your podcast, video, or stream.

It is an easy-to-use mixer, and I especially recommend it to complete beginners who don’t really know how to get full control of those complicated, professional home studios like GoXLR mini.

This product is also very expensive, and it is definitely one of the best voice studios you can find on the market, but it is certainly a product aimed at professionals.

Unless you are someone who earns a living by filming podcasts, Youtube videos, or live streams, then you definitely don’t need to spend that much money, and you can find a cheaper alternative to this product.

This one is also a professional voice transformer, so I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a GoXLR alternative.

  • Professional production studio
  • 4 channels
  • XLR port
  • Variety of filters and effects
  • Price
  • Too many effects can ruin the sound quality


Best multi-channel mixer


Stefan’s Take:

This Yamaha MG10XU stereo mixer is a popular tool for creating musical sound and filming podcasts and videos of different kinds.

I was very satisfied with Yamaha’s performance, but the materials used for making this device left a bitter taste because it should be of better quality. After all, nothing is perfect.

Audio Quality9.0
User-Friendly Interface8.7

The Yamaha mixer has 10 channels with 10 different SPX and USB effects and a 3-band EQ that will give you full control over the device and control audio levels and mono channels.

The voice effects and digital effects you will receive with this device are similar to those you can access through the GoXLR mini-app.

There are also high-pass filters that allow you to create smooth audio by eliminating low-frequency noise and creating a natural-sounding bass.

Compression is a very important part of recording anything, and it allows you to control audio dynamics; with this 1 knob, you will be able to create a cleaner sound, add way more bass, control the mic, and eliminate unwanted noise easily.

You will also only be able to add one effect at a time, so be aware of that, and never go for the ultra-low noise because users complain that their sound tends to disappear with this effect completely.

Musical instruments can also get connected, but I do not recommend connecting more than two simultaneously because it can disturb the high-headroom mixer and create noise problems in the audio.

Overall, this is a great alternative to our beloved GoXLR product, but you should be aware that it isn’t of amazing build quality, so you will have to be very careful unless you don’t want it to get broken into pieces just a year of use.

  • Supports even musical instruments
  • Knob compression
  • Eliminates unwanted sounds
  • High-pass filters
  • Bad build quality

5. Neewer Mixing Console

The best cheap mixer

Neewer Mixing Console

Stefan’s Take:

This Neewer mixing console used to be a very popular audio mixer a few years ago, and even though it is a bit outdated, it still has amazing audio controls and voice effects.

This device is a lot cheaper than most other sound mixers because it is a bit older, but in general, it will give you the same results as the Pyle professional audio mixer or GoXLR mixer.

Audio Quality9.3
User-Friendly Interface8.8

Neewer mixing console is a regular multi-channel mixer that can accept up to 4 channels, and it works best with condenser microphones, so it is pretty similar to our favorite GoXLR audio mixer.

The Neewer sound mixer has a high-headroom analog mixer and portable battery pack that makes it very practical and functional, especially for people who tend to move around a lot.

It has a 2-band EQ and a compression knob that will allow you to do audio routing and add different effects, fades, and bass to the sound.

Like most other mixers, this one also has the XLR input and phantom power, and you can control the mic easily through the buttons on the board.

This makes it a lot easier for beginners to handle it, and even though it is a bit older technology, it still seems to be working perfectly.

You will need just a push to fine-tune or take control over the dynamic range, so this is a really amazing product for audio mixing, and it also comes at an affordable price.

However, you will need an adapter to connect it to Mac devices because it doesn’t have a suitable port, and it can cause some problems with the connection.

In my opinion, this is still a great investment, especially if you don’t have too many skills and you are just starting in this field.

  • Voice effects
  • XLR input
  • Great for beginners
  • Headroom analog mixer
  • Cheap
  • Can’t be connected to Mac devices

6. Alto Professional

Best mixer for professionals

Alto Professional ZMX122FX

Stefan’s Take:

This Alto mixer is a great choice for people who are into audio production but also for streamers, podcasters, and Youtube creators, so it is really an amazing product.

Alto has a PC app that lets you control the whole process, preview it on preamps, and control all the inputs and your XLR microphone, which really are features only professionals will need.

Audio Quality9.3
User-Friendly Interface8.6

The Alto professional capable mixing console is one of the most popular soundboards for streaming on Amazon and people seem to love it absolutely.

This device also has the best PC app for audio mixing, and it allows you to connect it to a USB microphone and start recording immediately without problems.

The audio interface is highly professional, and you will receive a total of 6 inputs, which is even more than you will find on the GoXLR device.

You can be sure that the phantom power will allow your XLR mic to sound great, and you will probably get an even better sound quality than you would with the GoXLR mini.

Its versatile inputs and outputs will allow you to connect everything – from musical instruments, headphones, and microphones to a DVD player.

This audio mixer also has LED indicators to make it easier for you to start the mixing process and make it a great product, even for dark venues.

  • Has a PC app
  • LED indicators
  • Versatile inputs and outputs
  • Phantom power
  • Professional audio interface
  • Expensive

7. Mackie Mix Series

Best under 70$

Mackie Mix Series

Stefan’s Take:

Even though it looks like a simple channel mixer, this device can support up to 5 different channels at the same time, and it is considered to be a professional audio mixer.

You do need a bit of skill in order to create the perfect sound with this device because you will need to know how to handle the motorized faders, create perfect bass or go for premium ultra-low noise.

Audio Quality9.2
User-Friendly Interface8.1

The Mackie mix audio mixers are devices that will provide you with studio-level quality and make sure your sound is absolutely perfect.

Probably the best thing about it is that you can choose among different versions of it and get the one with 5, 8, or 12 channels which are really something you won’t come across with other brands.

This GoXLR alternative is perfect for voice transformation but also for different types of audio mixing, and it will provide you with amazing audio quality even when the sound is really not the best.

Just like most other soundboards, this one also comes with phantom power so that you can use your condenser mic without any obstacles.

It also has a dedicated community voice FX, and the fact that it works perfectly with phantom power means that you are guaranteed with best audio quality while using it.

It is also one of the cheapest audio mixers you will ever come across, and the Mackie soundboard with 5 channels is below 70 dollars which is a real bargain.

Even though it doesn’t look like a great device and its effects are pretty limited, this is a real professional board that allows you to do anything with the sound, as long as you have the skills for that.

For that reason, I would recommend everyone to purchase this product and give it a try because you can really become a great audio mixer yourself if you take some time.

  • Studio-level quality
  • Has different versions
  • Very cheap
  • Community voice FX
  • Don’t have too many effects
  • Only for skilled people

8. TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini

Best compact mixer

TC-Helicon GoXLR Mini

Stefan’s Take:

Something that’s very interesting about this product is that it was made with specifically online content creators in mind. With GoXLR Mini, you can have multiple USB devices plugged in and working simultaneously. And, you can control the volume of each one of them separately, making the final product that you hear be of very high quality.

The versatility of this device makes it work well with both beginners and pros.

Audio Quality8.8
User-Friendly Interface8.8

Whether you’ve never worked with a mixer before, or you have gotten used to a different device, you will have no problems getting on with the GoXLR Mini, as it is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

All you need to do in order to get this one going is download the corresponding app and plug the device in. Just set your programs to fit your preferences, and everything will be ready to go.

The preamps are MIDAS, and they are made to be very quiet, so they will work great with any kind of microphone.

The GoXLR Mini has 12 sound cards, so you can set everything up so each app you need can have its own fader.

There are 4 channels to this mixer, and besides each having its own fader, each of the channels also has a programmable mute button, so you can mute whichever one you need very easily, without disturbing the remaining channels.

Finally, this mixer is quite compact, hence the ‘Mini’ part in the name, so it won’t even take up much space, but it will provide you with everything you need.

  • Very compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easily customizable
  • It comes with great software
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Technical issues with restarting

9. MAONOCASTER Audio Interface

Best portable mixer

MAONOCASTER Audio Interface

Stefan’s Take:

This mixer is great for a wide variety of uses. It works well for podcasting, streaming, and even radio shows. In this one device, you will have the ability to alter your audio as if you were using multiple devices since it has a lot of the things you need to be integrated into it.

Besides basic features, you also have some more advanced ones available, like noise-canceling, sidechain, and loopback switch.

Audio Quality8.8
User-Friendly Interface8.2

When it comes to mixing, this one is able to have 4 audio channels simultaneously, which is more or less a standard in the current market. It can be connected to microphones, smartphones, PC, and Mac. 

Speaking of sound controls, this one can do quite the advanced sound engineering, as you can control the sound levels, add live vocals, and, of course, add some sound effects to your recording.

It has a very extensive set of tools that might seem too much for you at first, but they will definitely save you some time in post-production.

If you happen to stream or record podcasts outside of your home, or if you would just like to have that possibility for potential adventures, then this is definitely a great choice for you, as it works with a rechargeable battery, making it highly portable.

For the fine-tuning of your audio, there are 6 reverb modes, auto-tune, and 4 different pitch changes. Of course, each mic input can be controlled separately, and be muted with one simple tap.

This device has 7 jingle pads, and each one is programmable, so you can easily set the sound effects you want to have on hand.

Also, if you need some type of easy censoring of non-PG content, there is a cough button that can be quite funny.

  • Wide variety of features
  • Easily portable
  • Built-in condenser capsule
  • Wide dynamic range 
  • Good pricing
  • It can be too much for beginners

10. Elgato Wave XLR

Has the best software

Elgato Wave XLR

Stefan’s Take:

Some of the main selling points of the Wave XLR include its anti-distortion technology, as well as a capacitive mute button and direct integration with its mixing software.

If you prefer to do most of the audio enhancement through software, then this might be a good choice for you, as it has a great one.

Audio Quality9.1
User-Friendly Interface8.1

The design of this device is very sleek and minimalistic, making it look a bit different than most other devices of this type. 

Wave XLR is able to boost your microphone for up to 75 dB of ultra-low-noise gain, which is great if you have an insensitive mic that you need to sound more clear.

It’s also a great choice for pairing up with condenser mics, as the Wave’s 48-volt phantom power works wonders for them.

This device is also automated to keep your voice intact by itself and without much effort on your side, so you don’t have to fiddle with things too much while you’re live.

If you happen to suddenly raise your voice because something very stupid happened in the game, the Clipguard technology will reroute the sound and lower the volume on its own.

Of course, you’ll be able to have multiple different channels run at the same time and control all of them separately. But, another thing that this can do is create two independent audio outputs, and that can be very useful.

  • Good price-to-performance ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Can create 2 completely independent audio outputs
  • Loads of features
  • Mostly controlled through the software

11. Mackie ProFXv3 Series

Great mixer for beginners

Mackie ProFXv3 Series

Stefan’s Take:

This mixer is made with both content creators and musicians in mind, so it will most likely work great no matter what you need it for (but music primarily).

While it can work with 6 separate channels, this device has 2 mic inputs, so if that’s the amount that you need, this can be great, but if you plan on having more people than that, then it won’t satisfy the needs of your content.

Audio Quality8.7
User-Friendly Interface8.8

Like most mixers, this one has a USB connection, so it’s compatible with a wide variety of computers (unless you don’t have USB ports). It has Onyx preamps and a GigFX engine, meaning that you can make your recordings high-resolution with sample rates that go up to 192Hz.

This mixer also comes with corresponding software that you can count on when you’re streaming, as it is very user-friendly and mostly fool-proof.

When it comes to sound effects that you can add to your sound recording, this one comes with 24 of them, so you’ll be able to pick and choose. 

Real-time monitoring is another great feature that this device provides you with, and it promises to avoid any kind of common latency issues.

To make this process even easier, you have the ability to use a dedicated control for blending the DAW and channel inputs.

One thing worth noting is that while I’ve chosen the 6-channel version for you, as I assume that you probably don’t need more than that, the Mackie ProFXv3 has models with way more channels, up to 30, so you have that option open if you do more professional work.

  • A lot of features 
  • Way more channels than an average mixer
  • Compact size
  • Sometimes has issues with newer versions of Windows
  • No compressor knob

12. Roland VT-4

The best voice transformer

Roland VT-4

Stefan’s Take:

This Roland transformer is a device that might be better suited for musicians, as is the company itself. However, it sure can be used as a part of your streaming gear. It has a lot of good features to offer, and all of them can be of use to you.

It is mainly focused on voice changes and effects, so if you need to alter way more than that for your streams, it might not be enough for you. But, if your content mostly depends on the sound of your voice and you need a lot of things done to it, then this will serve you very well.

Audio Quality8.9
User-Friendly Interface8.3

This device is mainly meant for working with human voices, and it’s very effective at that.

It’s also very easy to use. It provides you with editing options ranging from subtle augmentation all the way to radical transformation.

And, you don’t need to struggle with any kind of programming to get it to work.

The effects that are available with this device include harmonizing, vocoding, pitch shifting, and hard tuning.

If you need this to work outside of the home, then you should know that it works with a battery that lasts for up to 5 hours, and since it’s a compact device, you’ll be able to take it wherever you need.

The options aren’t set in stone, and you could change things up while you’re speaking, depending on how you need your voice to sound at any given moment.

You can add effects like delay, reverb, and even vocoding effects.

  • Pro-level voice-altering options
  • Option to change the settings while you’re speaking
  • Works great with keyboards
  • On the expensive side


Mixer with the best preamps

Behringer XENYX 502

Stefan’s Take:

This mixer can change both vocal and instrumental audio, so you can use it for music, as well as streaming.

Since this has a 2-band British EQ, the final sound coming out of it will be warm and musical, which is something that might sound cool to not only a musical audience but to the viewers of your stream, too.

Audio Quality8.8
User-Friendly Interface8.5

This device is an analog mower, and it is low-noise with high headroom.

It has a very easy-to-use one-knob functionality, so you probably won’t have any problems getting it to work.

It has 5 inputs, with one of them being a microphone input and 2 stereo inputs. The mic preamp is studio-grade, so your voice will get a great sound to it. 

Speaking of the one-knob functionality, the said knob gives you complete control over everything, so you will achieve the clarity you need. This can be done without disturbing the natural voice sound and the emotions that come with it.

The XENYX mic preamps of this mixer can give you a dynamic range of up to 130dB and bandwidth that goes below 10Hz and above 200kHz, so you really can achieve a lot with it.

All of this makes sure that the final product coming out of this mixer will sound crystal clear.

With the knob, you’ll even be able to control the dynamic compression. With this option, you’ll be able to control to limit the dynamic range of a signal, lower the level of loud sounds, and turn up the level of the sound that is on the softer side.

This way, it will be very easy to achieve sonic balance with your audio. 

  • 2-band British EQ
  • One-knob functionality
  • Very compact
  • Great mic preamps
  • Mostly focused on music and musicality 


As you could see, the GoXLR mini audio mixer is really not one of the kind of products that can’t be replaced, and there are several other sound mixers that are just as good or even a lot better.

I believe the GoXLR products are really overhyped, and people spend too much money on them even though they can find a similar device for half the price, or even less than that. So, here are my three top picks:

  1. Pyle Professional Audio Mixer
  2. Creative Sound Blaster K3+

All the products on my list are in different price ranges and have different assets, but overall, they can be used as your audio mixer and GoXLR alternative. They will definitely provide you with great results.

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