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Have you ever wondered if it is possible to buy a TikTok account? Perhaps your account got banned, or you wanted to buy accounts in bulk to promote your main one.

Luckily for you, it is in fact possible to buy Tik Tok accounts safely, provided that you use a trusted and reliable marketplace to do so. My top choices are:

  1. AccsMarket
  2. FameSwap
  3. AppSally

I have compiled a list of the best websites for buying TikTok accounts based on a number of factors such as price, delivery speed, and quality guarantee that each website provides.

5 Best Sites to Buy Tik Tok Accounts

When buying TikTok accounts, there are several things that you should pay close attention to.

First is whether the seller offers you a new account, or one that has been active for some time. Aged accounts are less likely to get instantly banned upon purchase.

Another important aspect is the delivery speed. You will usually have to choose between single account purchases and getting your accounts in bulk. There is no downside to buying many TikTok accounts at once, in fact, most sellers will offer you a discount for doing so. That being said, you may not necessarily need 10 or 20 accounts.

Finally, you should always take a look at the price of each account when choosing your seller, as well as the payment options they offer. Some sellers have much more attractive offers than others, but if an offer sounds too good to be true, it may be a scam.

That being said, here is a list of the best places to but TikTok accounts from, which offer good value for your money, secure payments, and have a track record of satisfied customers.

1. Accs Market

Best for Buying Single Aged Accounts


Stefan’s Take:

I had an overall positive experience when using Accs Market and haven’t encountered any technical issues. That being said, the website is much more suitable for buying single, aged accounts than making bulk purchases, so keep that in mind when preparing your marketing strategy. Also, some offers were way too expensive for what they offered.

Number of Users:10
Ease of Use:10
Check It Here!

UseViral’s main competitor when it comes to TikTok related services, Accs Market is one of the most effective third-party apps currently available on the market.

This is evidenced by their number one position on Google and Bing searches with several queries about buying TikTok accounts.

Accs Market team is very careful to provide only verified, high-quality accounts, and as such puts an emphasis on operating safely and securely.

They will let you choose the number of followers you want your accounts to have and search subjects they are associated with.

One downside of using Accs Market compared to sites such as UseViral is that the company doesn’t provide the accounts. Instead, it acts as the intermediary, allowing real people and companies to sell their accounts on the Accs Market platform in exchange for a commission.

This means that you need to be careful when purchasing accounts on the website, as not all sellers are equally trustworthy. Accs Market does offer a rating score for each seller, however, and this score can be a good indicator of the seller’s reliability.

Furthermore, unlike many of its competitors, Accs Market does require you to register for an account on their platform before you begin using its services. This isn’t a safety hazard, however, and is mostly there because of account sellers, not buyers.

In addition to that, you can always contact Accs market customer support whose agents will be ready to assist you with your profile at a moment’s notice.

This is very simple to do, as there is a chat bubble in the lower right corner of the screen you can click to open live chat with an escrow agent.

  • Excellent customer support
  • Number of payment options
  • High-quality accounts
  • Higher than average prices

2. FameSwap

Large Number of Accounts to Choose From


Stefan’s Take:

FameSwap offered a good service, if a bit difficult to use. I would have liked it if it was possible to pay using debit or credit cards, not just bank transactions. On the other hand, there were some truly impressive TikTok accounts listed for sale.

I would recommend it if you want a single or a few well-established TikTok profiles and don’t mind waiting for your wire transfer to get approved. If you are looking for a bulk purchase, however, there are better alternatives.

Number of Users:10
Ease of Use:8
Check It Here!

Fameswap is similar to Accs Market when it comes to buying TikTok accounts, as it is not the website itself that is providing the “goods”, but rather its users.

What this means is that ordinary people can use the website to sell TikTok accounts they no longer need or that they created in order to make a profit, using the website as a safety guarantee.

All the transactions go through FameSwap, ensuring that the seller gets his money and that the buyer doesn’t have to worry about a possible scam.

The website itself shows numerous 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, made by previous customers who were satisfied with the service they received.

This kind of middleman seller option results in a much wider range of offers, though it also makes the pricing somewhat higher than the average.

To prevent scams, FameSwap has a much more detailed registration process than is the norm for this type of service – asking for your phone number, address, and country in addition to the standard email and password.

That being said, FameSwap is known for selling aged accounts with already established content and a varying number of followers, kickstarting your rise to fame on this social media platform.

It is much better for purchasing single accounts than making bulk purchases, and some of its accounts can cost thousands of dollars if they have a high number of followers and a good engagement rate.

Some of the accounts offered on FameSwap have over a million followers, which is more than you will find on any alternative. These accounts come at a comparatively high price, however.

The delivery time for each account depends on how responsive the seller is, though such purchases are escrow protected for increased security.

You can pay for your purchases through a bank wire transfer or add to the so-called “FameSwap balance” using cryptocurrencies. These payments are safe but a bit slower and more complicated to use than your traditional credit card payments.

Finally, FameSwap has decently efficient customer support that you can contact in case of any issues with the profiles you purchased. They have a good knowledge base and usually reply within a few hours.

  • Vast number of accounts for sale
  • All accounts are aged and verified
  • Higher prices

3. AppSally

Instant Delivery

appsally tiktok

Stefan’s Take:

My experience with AppSally was positive, all things considered. They have a variety of payment methods and state clearly what each offer contains. Furthermore, my order was delivered instantly.

Number of Users:9
Ease of Use:9
Check It Here!

Another company that allows you to purchase aged and verified TikTok accounts, AppSally is known for the safe nature of its deals.

The website has a variety of offers for both single and bulk purchases and offers near-instant delivery regardless of the size and market value of your order.

They give you all the information needed to know what exactly you are buying with each TikTok account, meaning that you will know the exact age of the profile and the number of followers on it prior to making a purchase. The price will also vary depending on the account’s location, ranging from $95 for Israeli accounts to $140 for US ones.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support selling your own TikTok accounts. While you may not care about that as a buyer, it is sometimes good to know that a certain account you might be about to buy was made and grown by a real person that is now offering it for sale.

Regardless of that, the variety of offers available on AppSally make its services suitable for all audiences, and any purchase you make will be protected by the company guarantee.

There are several payment options, such as credit cards, Paypal and Payonner, as well as cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the fact that it is the company itself is the one selling the accounts means that they are, on average cheaper than the ones offered by middleman services. Still, you won’t find truly massive TikTok accounts on this website.

  • A wide variety of offers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Making a bulk purchase can be expensive

4. Playerup

Great for Single Purchases

playerup tiktok

Stefan’s Take:

Playerup offered me a lot of different accounts to choose from, and I was easily able to find several that fulfilled my requirements. That being said, the site doesn’t offer bulk purchases, and some accounts were grossly overpriced. I would suggest caution when buying anything on this website.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:8
Check It Here!

One of the most active marketplaces for verified tiktok accounts, Playerup has a very large userbase, meaning that there will always be at least some sellers offering accounts that you may be interested in.

The downside is that you will have to register for an account to use this website’s services. The registration process is quite simple, however, and doesn’t compromise your security in any way.

Furthermore, every account sold on Playerup has been checked to see if it matches its description, and the seller ratings are in general pretty accurate.

Likewise, the transactions are completely secure, with an active and effective customer support ready to step in if you have any issues. You can contact them at any time through a button at the top of the page, which also gives you access to an extensive list of FAQs.

One downside of this website, however, are the vast differences in the prices of its accounts. Not every seller knows the value of their profile, so you are likely to encounter hugely overpriced offers for accounts that may not have more than a few hundred followers.

  • A large number of offers
  • Fast delivery
  • Some offers can be very overpriced

5. Social Tradia

Good Customer Support

social tradia

Stefan’s Take:

I believe that Social Tradia is a good alternative to sites such as FameSwap and Appsally, especially as the ability to haggle for the price of the account you want to buy generally makes it cheaper. In addition to that, I like how easy it is to contact customer support.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:8
Check It Here!

Last but not least, Social Tradia is a global social media accounts seller that works with not just TikTok, but other apps such as Instagram and Twitter as well.

One of the main benefits of Social Tradia lies in the fact that its marketplace supports payments in a large number of different currencies, meaning that buying an account from them is incredibly easy.

They also support several payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and even crypto.

Furthermore, the website offers accounts made in your region based on where you are located. This is important as it makes any interactions made by those accounts seem more organic, drastically reducing the possibility of a ban.

In case you encounter any issues or simply want to ask the developers a question, there is a live chat option that pops up as soon as you visit the website’s landing page.

You can select how many followers you want your new account to have or place a custom order on the website in case you want something specific.

One of the benefits of using this website over its competitors is that you can negotiate on the price of each account you purchase. While this makes the purchases cheaper, it also means that the website isn’t very suitable for buying in bulk.

In addition, some accounts are overpriced for what they give you, though the number of such accounts is smaller than that of its main competitors.

  • Plenty of accounts available for sale
  • Prices are negotiable
  • You cannot buy accounts in bulk


Having assessed a number of different websites from which you can buy TikTok accounts, I have decided on the 7 that I consider the best.

Out of those, AccsMarket is the winner, as it offers the best balance between price and quality while also having incredible customer support.


Can you buy TikTok accounts?

Yes, there are plenty of websites and third-party apps that allow you to purchase TikTok accounts, either one by one or in bulk. These accounts can then be used for whatever purpose you need them.

Is it legal to sell TikTok accounts?

Selling your TikTok account breaks the company’s TOS and can result in the account getting banned. It is unlikely, however, that you can get in any further trouble for making such a sale.

How much is a 100k TikTok account worth?

Depending on where in the world you are located, a TikTok account with that many followers can go for tens of thousands of dollars. Selling one, however, is a risky proposition as such high-profile accounts are much more closely monitored by the app’s mods than an average account would be.

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