Best Encoder for Streaming – Top 4 Video Encoders (2022)

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Live streaming requires some special equipment, and if the only thing you have left on your shopping list is a video encoder, you should definitely scroll down and look into this list of best live streaming encoders.

Once you’re done with it, you will know which encoders for live streaming are the ones that will suit your needs the best.

Here’s what I’ll go through:

  • Some of the best hardware encoders that are compatible with every live streaming platform
  • Whether price points matter and is a $500 live streaming encoder worth that price
  • Important questions to consider when buying encoders for live streaming

Let’s scroll through some video encoders!

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    Best Encoder for Streaming


    If you are in need of a hardware encoder for live streaming, I assume that you are working on a more professional level and that streaming quality is your top priority.

    Overall, you can expect to spend somewhere around $150 at the lowest, but this is one of those investments that will pay itself back once the video stream quality goes up.

    The four models I listed below are the best live streaming hardware encoders that you can find currently.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Encoders for Streaming

    URayCoder Video Encoder
    URayCoder Video Encoder
    • Has multi-protocol support
    • 4 different streams simultaneously
    J Tech Digital IPTV Encoder
    J-Tech Digital IPTV Encoder
    • H.264 encoding
    • J-Tech Control App
    ISEEVY 4ch Video Encoder
    ISEEVY 4ch Video Encoder
    • H.265 and H.264 encoding
    • Four 1080p channels or two 4K channels

    ❶ URayCoder Video Encoder

    URayCoder Video Encoder
    • Can connect to any kind of HDMI devices
    • 4 different streams simultaneously
    • Compatible with all streaming platforms
    • Has multi-protocol support
    • Adding static text and logos to the output videos

    The URayCoder is a highly rated hardware encoder, and it is priced averagely, so let’s see what you can expect from this one.


    When it comes to its connectors, the URayCoder is compatible with all devices that have HDMI outlets.

    It also has an Audio In outlet, as well as the LAN outlet, so having Ethernet and multiple different microphones won’t be a problem.

    This device is meant to broadcast audio and video, and it’s compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Ustream, Streamspot, and so on, basically anywhere that supports live streaming video content.

    You can do 4 different video streams at the same time, and push them out to multiple platforms.

    Also, streaming in 1080p160fps is supported, so quality streams are what you can expect.

    Another great thing about this one is the fact that it usually takes up only 20% of your CPU.

    If you really need a hardware encoder, but you’re on a budget, this could be the one for you.


    • The price point is great
    • Uses up only 20% of your CPU
    • Compatible with any streaming software
    • HD video quality in 1080p60fps
    • Inexpensive solution


    • FPS drops can happen

    ❷ J-Tech Digital IPTV Encoder

    J-Tech Digital IPTV Encoder
    • Does H.264 encoding
    • Compatible with all live streaming platforms
    • Compressed format of the video is 1080p60fps
    • Good video and audio quality
    • Compatible with VLC media player
    • J-Tech Control App

    The J-Tech live stream encoder is similarly priced to the previous model, so if you’re interested in this price range, you should definitely look into it.


    This device is optimized for any kind of live streaming and broadcasting and made to have everything run smoothly.

    It is also compatible with the VLC media player, which a lot of people find helpful for previewing the material.

    This one can capture 1080p60fps video input, so having high-quality videos in your live streaming software won’t be an issue.

    You can customize the resolution however you like, and this device also supports image parameter settings.

    When you have this hardware encoder delivered, the package will contain the video encoder, one DC 12V power adapter, and a user manual.

    The maximum number of streams that you can have with this hardware encoder is 4, and it all runs pretty well.


    • Simple design
    • Able to broadcast 1080p60fps content
    • Does exactly what it’s meant to do without much fuss
    • The company is known for its great tech support


    • It’s not very easy to set up

    ❸ ISEEVY 4ch Video Encoder

    ISEEVY 4ch Video Encoder
    • Four 1080p channels or two 4K channels
    • H.265 and H.264 encoding
    • Logos or txt files on while video streaming
    • It works with almost all protocols

    So, can any of the hardware encoders be worth $500 and more?

    The performance capabilities of the ISEEVY 4ch video encoder will probably prove to you that they can.


    The hardware encoders we previously went through had the ability to live stream directly on 4 different streams and at 1080p60fps.

    This one can do that too, but it can also directly connect and have 2 simultaneous streams with the HD quality at 4K30, and broadcast them to multiple destinations.

    That’s some very serious streaming quality!

    Most, if not all, cheaper alternatives of hardware encoders won’t deliver that.

    When it comes to the encoding, this one can do both H.265 and H.264.

    When it comes to live streaming compatibility and where this video encoder can be used, the list is long.

    Besides during a live stream, this video encoder can be used for IPTV, video chat or conference, and also remote education.

    When it comes to the live video quality, you can have basically anything from 480p to 4K.

    The quality of video streaming is also enhanced through this one as it gives some advanced pretreatment, giving the streaming content some de-interlacing, noise reduction, and sharpening.

    The audio encoding is done in both AAC and MP3 at the 64Kb/s~384Kb/s.

    It overall works great with all hardware and software, and you won’t need any additional dedicated processors for real-time encoding.

    Of course, to have this work at its finest, you are required to have a reliable internet connection.


    • Highly compatible
    • Able to broadcast at 4K
    • Enhances the video while streaming
    • Very sturdy and durable
    • Great for streaming professionals


    • Very expensive

    ❹ UNISHEEN Video Encoder

    UNISHEEN Video Encoder
    • H.264 and H.265 video encoding
    • AAC and MP3 formats
    • 4 different channels broadcasting simultaneously
    • You can set any type of logo or watermark

    We’re back at the $150 price point with this UNISHEEN streaming encoder.

    Let’s see what all the features are and how can you expect your video files to look on your live streams with this streaming encoder.


    Like most hardware encoders tend to do, this one has the ability to broadcast the compressed material at 1080p60fps.

    When it comes to encoding, this encoder for live streaming does it at both H.264 and H.265, and the audio of your live streams can be in both MP3 and AAC.

    No matter what the best streaming software is for you, this one is most likely compatible with it, as it is compatible with most.

    It can support up to 4 simultaneous channels with different protocols, so it’s a great encoder for live streaming big projects, no matter if it’s on Twitch, Facebook Live, or any other platform.

    If you need a watermark or a logo on your live video, don’t worry, that can be done on this one, too.


    • Simple design and mostly easy to use
    • Can be used for a variety of things
    • Great price point


    • Requires


    What is the best encoder for streaming?

    The answer here depends mostly on what you need your encoder for. If you have simple streams, having a software encoder will probably be enough for you.

    But, for streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously with various different channels, you will need to look into hardware video encoders.

    One of the best ones from this list is the ISEEVY 4ch Video Encoder, and even though the price is quite high, it mostly is worth it.

    If you don’t have the means for such an investment, you can try looking up either the URayCoder H.264 Live HDMI Video Encoder or the J-Tech Digital HDMI H.264 IPTV Encoder.

    What is the best encoder for OBS?

    The software encoders usually don’t require a specific type of hardware encoders. However, OBS studio is one of the software encoders for live streaming that’s very popular, so if you already use that, and you don’t need multiple different channels running simultaneously, you don’t need a hardware one.

    What is an encoder for streaming?

    Encoders are used to convert your video and audio files into a digital format, that can then be streamed on several different platforms. You can have either software encoders or hardware ones.

    A software encoder can be used if you usually live stream by yourself and don’t have several different channels that need to be broadcasted simultaneously on different platforms.

    So, for most people, having only a software encoder is enough. If you live stream with a whole production behind it, then encoding software won’t be enough to do the job.

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