Understanding Twitch’s Banned Words Policy: What You Can and Can’t Say

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Online platforms may seem more liberated than other regular businesses, but they do require certain regulations.

Twitch ToS Banned words

On Twitch, just like on any other platform, you need to be respectful toward the community. Here are the words that are banned on Twitch:

  1. Simp
  2. Incel
  3. Virgin

Additionally, you can’t use:

  1. Violent language
  2. Insults
  3. Stereotypes
  4. Treat others as inferior
  5. Be politically exclusive
  6. Spread ideologies
  7. Spread hate

You are probably a member of such a platform and you fear the sanctions if you make a mistake. But, do not worry everything you need to know is right here.

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What Can’t You Say on Twitch

Banned Words on Twitch

We will try to briefly explain to you what Twitch banned words entail if you do not have the time to go through the regulations on their official website.

Generally, on any platform, you are not allowed to judge anyone based on their sexual preferences, gender identity, or ethnic characteristics.

This is related to the common knowledge of the discriminating utterances and actions, which you will have to apply on this platform as well.

1. Violent Language

Twitch does not allow for their streamers to use their platforms with intentions to harm anyone physically.

This means that you will not be allowed to use utterances that entail violent words like ‘kill’ or ‘die’ in phrases to indicate your hatred over a group of people.

2. Insulting Language

During your stream, you will not be allowed to insult someone repeatedly, whether you meant it as a joke or not.

Obviously, if you are not serious it will be natural that such language will not be banned.

However, if you do it repeatedly, or appear sincere when saying such words on chats or during the stream, it will be considered as an issue.

This also entails that you do not include any insulting language toward an individual or a group of people in your Profile at any time.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration. For example: can you swear on twitch?

3. Stereotypical Language

Any sort of utterances that are used in a stereotypical manner with a negative note will not be regarded as acceptable.

Also, visual effects are of great importance so put some effort into the overall visual outlook or get assistance if you feel the need. For platforms like this, creativity is a must.

Provide your streamers with a set of rules for chatting. This is your opportunity to show the kinder side of your character.

4. Language Regarding Inferiority

Providing any sort of negative information that relates to individuals or a specific group of people concerning their deficiency in some manner will not be tolerated.

This relates specifically to the offenses regarding someone’s lack of hygiene, for example, mental health, physical appearance, or physical inabilities.

Moreover, it is advisable that you do not evaluate anyone’s deeds, beliefs, standpoints, or culture as it is never your place to do that.

Sometimes you are only stating your perspective which will not be taken against you.

Simply try to indicate when you are only observing something, as it may come off as an offense to some of your viewers.

5. Political Segregations and Exclusions

Another tip is that you follow the regulations regarding political topics as these may convey more than what you initially intended.

You cannot deliberately discuss segregations regarding certain groups of people in terms of their voting or political deeds.

Try not to make exclusions of specific groups regarding politics in life or on the platform you are using.

This means that you are not entitled to say who can use Twitch, for example, or why someone should be banned or not.

Do not demonstrate excessively our standpoints on who should be dominant and who should be inferior. Again, focus on spreading tolerance for all people- making your streams welcome to anyone.

6. Do Not Spread Your Ideologies

This is an obvious rule related to the previous two regulations stating that it is best to steer clear from politics.

Naturally, you can discuss any topics you wish, but some require much thought and carefulness before you utter some words.

Any sort of negative ideologies relating to nationality, race, or religion will be observed and registered as offensive and harmful.

For example, do not put the blame on certain countries for past or current occurrences in the world.

7. Do Not Spread Hatred

As you already know from numerous platforms, banned words on Twitch include the regular offensive adjectives or nouns used in a specific context or a phrase.

Spreading hatred online has been a common thing to encounter for ages, but times change and so do regulations.

Bear in mind that not every word you utter will be monitored and registered, but pay attention to how you address people in your stream or your viewers.

In addition, do not make threats on your stream as it will immediately be reported and you will be banned from the platform.

Remember that there might be viewers of younger age, or moderately young people watching your stream.

You can be very influential without even trying to be. So next time think before you say something you will regret afterward.

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Update on Banned Words on Twitch

Update on Banned Words on Twitch

As of December 16, 2020, it is not allowed for streamers to use terms relating to men who are submissive to women – ‘simp’, in addition to ‘incel’ and ‘virgin’.

Although some words do not appear as offenses, they can be used in certain phrases or sentences that would influence negatively some viewers.

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Do Not Disclose Other People’s Personal Information

Even though you can encounter streamers talking about other streamers, you have to understand the limitations and features of the information you are transferring.

Do not disclose anyone’s personal address, phone number, or any other information that is personal and not authorized for you to disclose.

Gray Area

In order for you to understand completely what has been stated, try to learn the term ‘gray area’.

This means that most of the language you use is in fact both offensive and appropriate, depending on the use and the context.

Take the above-mentioned example of ‘virgin’- the word itself is not offensive however it can be used in a derogative fashion.

This is why when you feel like you said something that is questionable; accentuate that to your audience.

Regulations concerning words to ban on Twitch are explained using this grey area as there is no specific list naming words that are inappropriate, for the reason explained in this section.

What is AutoMod?

The last thing to remember is that you have an option to regulate what appears on the chat regarding your streaming.

Any sort of language, phrases, or specific words can be filtered using AutoMod.

This means that any language you wish not to appear on your chat will be first sent to you if noticed to contain certain language. Then you either allow it or deny it depending on your evaluation.

You can find all the additional information on the website, but the general aspect is that language can be banned if it relates to discrimination, sexual content, hostile or vulgar language.


To sum up, there are regulations regarding the list of inappropriate words to block Twitch’s explanation on their website.

This is related broadly to the language negatively associated with someone’s race, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

If you are not careful you could get suspended or even shut down depending on the level of your use of bannable words on Twitch.

Remember that you can use some words that do not appear offensive in a specific context. However, it is better to be careful as sometimes what is only a joke to you can appear as an offense to someone else.

I hope my Twitch ToS words 2022 guide was helpful.

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