Exploring the Average Onlyfans Income: What to Expect and How to Increase Your Earnings?

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OnlyFans has become one of the most popular platforms on the internet, and creators of all sorts are moving there to start earning money with the help of their community through this newly-popular platform.

If you, too, are interested in finding a way to start earning online and OnlyFans seems to be a good option, then take a deep dive into our article and see what is an average OnlyFans income.

How Much Can You Earn On OnlyFans?

In short – you can earn nothing, or you can earn A LOT. It depends on you, your content, and how you promote yourself. But on average, OnlyFans creators earn about $180 per month.

As you probably already know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where people can share any content they want and get paid for it by their fans through subscription plans.

There are several options for earning money through OnlyFans content, but having a loyal fanbase is a must because you can’t force people to buy your content.

OnlyFans content creators are usually people who have already had a massive fanbase on other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok and have just found yet another way to monetize their fame.

Although it is possible to start off on OnlyFans and start earning money even if you don’t really have a famous online personality, it will be a bit harder, and you can’t expect to make as much money as you usually would.

There are millions of OnlyFans creators on this platform at the moment, so if you want to find your target audience and earn money through OnlyFans subscription, you will need to find a way to stand out and attract people your way with something unique.

How much you will be able to make on Onlyfans depends on the number of subscribers you have, although there are other options for earning money on this platform.

No one can forecast precisely how much money you will be able to earn on this social media, but once you set your subscription rate and see OnlyFans statistics of creators similar to you, you will know how much money you can expect to make.

All OnlyFans creators can set a subscription fee that will be anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars per month, and they can add tips or private messages you need to pay for starting at 5 dollars, so this social media offers several ways to earn from your followers.

You don’t need to have thousands of subscribers to earn well because if you have a loyal fan base of at least 500 people willing to invest a certain amount of money in your content each month, you can be sure you will be able to earn decently.

The more you post, the higher your income will be but make sure you are following the trends in your niche and the most popular creators because that will provide you with the information you need to leverage your income.

What Is Average OnlyFans Income?

The average OnlyFans income is far from what the 1% top creators make, of course. And the latest research shows that an average OnlyFans user earns somewhere between $150 and $180 per month.

Those who are joining OnlyFans but don’t have a large presence on other social media platforms or don’t even have those profiles that could help them draw more attention to themselves and get more subscribers can’t expect to earn money.

People who earn millions from their OnlyFans account are always celebrities or those who have already established themselves as popular content creators on other platforms and now have another website to monetize their fame through.

An average OnlyFans creator also has only 21 subscribers on their account, which is far from enough to become famous on this platform and attract a new audience.

Most other jobs, even the lowest-paying ones, can provide you with a much higher monthly income than OnlyFans if you’re just starting out on this platform.

other social media platforms income

So if you are one of the people who have no audience, aren’t present across other platforms, and don’t know who their target audience should be, you should take a look at these statistics because you shouldn’t be expecting a miracle from the moment you join the platform.

This doesn’t include the money that could be earned through tips or referrals, but if you are one of the OnlyFans accounts that have just around 20 to 30 subscribers, you can’t really expect to make money through it.

As you can see, the average income on OnlyFans is far from great, and those who claim it is a platform for easy money are definitely wrong.

Your OnlyFans account will bring you easy money only when you already have a broad audience and are just making them switch from one social media platform to another.

There are more than 1.5 million OnlyFans content creators at the moment, so becoming a successful and recognized part of this community is not an easy task.

And you do need to become recognizable or find something that will help you stand out and attract more people.

If you are just beginning, I would advise you to keep using OnlyFans only as your side hustle until you manage to grow your audience and get a loyal fanbase.

Most people make a mistake by joining OnlyFans and ditching all of their other income sources, so be smart, and until you become someone who has a lot of people interested in their exclusive content, don’t quit your job.

OnlyFans has sold people a fantasy of being a social media platform that provides you with instant success, but everyone who has tried it out knows it’s not the truth.

More than 8000 people are joining each day with a mission to become OnlyFans creators, so this is one of the social media platforms where you need to put in a lot of time, energy, and effort to attract loyal viewers and start earning.

How Does OnlyFans Earn?

One thing you should also keep in mind is that the platform itself needs a way to earn some money, so not all of the money you get through subscriptions and tips is yours – you need to give 20% of your income directly to OnlyFans.

Since this is a platform that hosts different creators, every OnlyFans creator signs up for a contract that guarantees they will get 80% of their monthly income because the rest goes to the platform itself for all the services and support it provides them with.

It is a platform for paywalled content, and most of the websites that provide these sources work in a similar way; and they are pretty straightforward with it, so you will know what to expect when joining the platform.

However, the more you earn, the more money OnlyFans will be getting, and it is something you can’t escape if you want to continue publishing your content in this way because their business model definitely won’t be changing anytime soon.

This goes for all OnlyFans creators, even the average creator who makes only 200 dollars per month, so OnlyFans earners lose a lot of their money through this model.

But also, the more you earn, the more you earn too!

The rules are the same for all OnlyFans creators, so whether you are doing tarot readings or producing adult content, your creator earnings will always be 20% less than what you have made.

This is also what allows OnlyFans to keep going and growing the platform by creating a better interface and options for their creators.

How Much Do Top 1% OnlyFans People Make?

The top 1% of OnlyFans accounts are making 33% of the whole revenue generated through this social media platform. The biggest accounts are making $100.000 plus a month, which is something to really think about.

But no matter what you do, I have to tell you, the chances are thin that you will ever earn anything close to that with OnlyFans. Most of them are actual famous people, after all!

Earnings of famous OnlyFans creators like Blac Chyna or Bella Thorne are insane, and Bella has managed to earn 1 million dollars in just 24 hours.

However, just because there is a significant number of OnlyFans creators who are able to make millions through their monthly subscription fee, it doesn’t mean that everyone earns this much, and most accounts are not earning more than they would be at a regular job.

The top 10% of accounts are making around 75% of the whole revenue, which shows you there is a guide disproportion between those earning millions and so many creators who earn just a few hundred bucks each month.

The top OnlyFans earners are primarily celebrities, influencers, or people producing adult content which this platform was initially made for.

They have a loyal following they have amassed through other social media platforms or their loyal fans who have been following them since the beginning of their career.

All you need to know to see how OnlyFans really works in their favor is that people like Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Mia Khalifa, Tyga, and Cardi B are top earners on this platform.

Barely any creator on OnlyFans, even those who have a good number of followers across social media, can make this much money because their lives are not that interesting, and they don’t have enough gossip to share with the world.

The top 1% of users have made OnlyFans famous and made people want to become creators on this platform, but the fact that they don’t have the same chances is rarely mentioned.

How Can I Use OnlyFans?

When joining OnlyFans platform, you will need to prove you are at least 18 years old, and you need to have an ID issued by the government to be able to sign up.

Plenty of underaged people are trying to join the platform and become OnlyFans creators, especially those who think adult content is the way to earn all the money they need.

This is done in order to protect underaged people from publishing that sort of content and also to keep the platform a safe place.

All the content you put out on this platform is also considered to be branded content, and no one will be able to download it or repost it somewhere else and earn money from it.

Screenshots are also prohibited, and if someone tries to take them, the page will go black, so there is no way anyone can use your content on other social media platforms.

Overall, the platform does take care of its content creators, and you can be sure your content won’t get replicated, and you will be protected at all times.

All you need to do is come up with your original content, post it on your page and start earning money from your subscribers.

OnlyFans takes care of the other things, and you can be sure you won’t need to spend too much time wrestling around with other tasks, and you can focus on your content creation process.

How To Earn Money On OnlyFans?

If you are still interested in becoming an OnlyFans creator but know you can’t do it just by registering and starting to post things all the time, then there are some things you could do.

Anyone can become successful on OnlyFans, but it will take some serious time and effort.

It is not easy, and it won’t happen overnight, but it is worth giving a try because you will be able to earn something.

These are some of the tips you should follow if you want to become a good content creator and earn money on OnlyFans.

How To Earn Money On OnlyFans

Find Your Niche

Whether pushing out adult content or filming daily vlogs and tutorials about different things, you need to find your niche and focus only on one thing.

There are thousands of content creators focused on giving out advice of different sorts, helping people overcome problems, or just producing content that is useful that can make millions of dollars through OnlyFans.

All you need to do is find something you are skilled at or passionate about and dedicate your time to understanding what the target audience wants to see.

Market Yourself

If you want to become an OnlyFans content creator and attract your target audience, you need to promote yourself a little bit.

People will start subscribing to your OnlyFans account only if they know you from another platform, so the best thing to do is to create Instagram and TikTok profiles and gather followers there, and then promote your OnlyFans account.

This way, you will already have a great audience, and it will be easier for you to find people who will be willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for your content because they will want to see more of it.

Offer Free Samples

If you offer a piece of content for free or provide potential subscribers with different discounts, you will be able to attract more people to your account, and some of them will eventually stay and continue purchasing a subscription.

Depending on the type of content you are creating, you can always offer something for free or give them a discount if they purchase a 3-month subscription because it makes you a better option in the customer’s eyes.

It will help you generate revenue much higher than you usually would because people like giving a try to cheaper alternatives.

Be Consistent

The key to succeeding in anything is being consistent, so if you want to become a popular creator and make money on OnlyFans, you will need to be posting all the time.

Users will always find it much better to purchase a subscription to a person posting every day and always has something new to offer than someone who is widely famous but dedicates only a few hours per month to their OnlyFans work.

For that reason, if you want to stand out, make sure you use all of your free time to upload some OnlyFans content because your OnlyFans stats will quickly show you that it’s worth it, and you’ll be attracting way more people.


As you can see, OnlyFans is not a platform for making easy money, and you need to invest time and energy if you want to start earning significantly.

However, it isn’t that hard either, and once you decide to dedicate your time to creating great OnlyFans content, you will see that you will start having great success and earning a lot of money.

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