How to Update Instagram in 2024 – Best Tips and Tricks

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If you are using an outdated Instagram app, you may run into a whole host of problems, from failing to load to opening a door for viruses and other malicious software.

As a result, the answer to the question of how to update Instagram will depend on the device you are using, as not all updates are rolled out at the same time, nor is the process identical between Android and IOS

Installing Instagram updates on IOS

  1. Open the App Store,
  2. Type “Instagram” in the search bar,
  3. Tap the “Update” to start the update,
  4. Check if the app is working after the update.

Installing Instagram updates on Android

  1. Open the Play Store,
  2. Find the Instagram app in the store,
  3. Click on the “Update” button,
  4. Tap the “Open” button to check if the app is working.

That being said, depending on the mobile OS your devices use, there are some differences in the updating process. Here is a step-by-step guide detailing the process of each of these two operating systems.

How to Update Instagram on Your IOS Device?

IPhone and IPad run on Apple’s IOS, making the process of downloading apps on them almost the same. The main difference is that the IOS versions are not always the same, especially if one, though that is unlikely to make an Instagram update impossible.

  1. Open the app store on your IOS device.
The app store icon on an Iphone
  1. Type the word “Instagram” into the search field to find it. Once you find the app, look for the “update” button to begin the download.
The update button of your instagram app
  1. All that now remains is to wait. A good wi fi connection will allow you to download the update very quickly, sometimes in only a few seconds. Don’t open any other internet-consuming apps during the download to avoid messing it up.
Instead of Update, the button now says Open, indicating that the app is up to date
  1. Check the update for functionality. You don’t want to end up with Instagram that fails to open when you really need it.

How to Update Instagram on Android OS?

Despite the two operating systems having a somewhat similar look on the surface, IOS and Android update Instagram a bit differently.

  1. Open the play store on your phone or tablet. The play store app is Android’s equivalent to IOS app store, and its icon can be found in the bottom right corner of the image.
Play store on an android device
  1. Tap on the search box in the top part of the screen and type in the word “Instagram” to look for it. The resulting screen should look like this: all you need to do is tap “update” and wait for the new version to download.
The update Instagram button in the play store
  1. The play store will only take a few moments to download the update. Once it is installed, the “update” button will be replaced with the “open” one.
Now that the Instagram app is up to date, the open button appears instead of the update one.
  1. Just because you installed the update, it doesn’t mean it is working. Remember to run the app to check for bugs, as adding new features can also introduce new bugs.

3 Tips and Tricks for Installing an IOS Instagram Update

  • The newest IOS versions added an auto-update feature to your user profile.
  • If you don’t have much data, try waiting with updating the Instagram app until you find a wifi connection.
  • If your app store is bugged for some reason, you can manually install your Instagram update through the Safari browser instead. Simply head to the Instagram website, then look for the option to download Instagram manually.

Tips and Tricks for Updating Instagram on Your Android Device

  • Many android devices have an auto-update apps feature, allowing you to update the apps in the background when you have access to a WiFi connection.
  • The play store has a list of features and bug fixes describing each update. Read them!


Because Instagram is among the most popular social media apps, knowing the correct way to keep it up to date is an essential life skill in the modern world.

This process, while simple, differs somewhat depending on which OS your mobile device uses, meaning that there is more than one Instagram updating process that you will have to familiarize yourself with.


How do I install the latest version of Instagram to my device?

Depending on the OS found on your mobile device, you will use either Google play store if updating an Android device, or the app store for an IOS one to locate and download the freshly released update. Alternatively, the OS developers have begun releasing auto-update features for their devices.

How can you update your Instagram to 2022?

Head to the application store used by your mobile device, then search for the Instagram app within said store. Finally, download and install the application.

Why am I unable to update my Instagram?

Some of the common issues include your mobile device being incompatible with the newest version, or you not having mobile data to download it. Another possibility is that your app is already up to date.

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