How to Report Someone on Discord: Steps for a Safer Community

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In the vast digital landscape of Discord, fostering a safe and respectful community is of paramount importance.

If you come across any form of misconduct or violation of Discord’s guidelines, it’s crucial to know how to report it effectively.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of reporting a Discord user on both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a smoother and safer Discord experience for everyone involved.

How to Report a Discord User on a Mobile

How to Report Someone on Discord

Discord’s mobile application, available on iOS and Android, makes it simple to report a user who’s crossing the line. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the message you wish to report.
  2. Press and hold on to it, then select “Report” from the options that appear.
  3. Choose a relevant category for the report from the subsequent list.

If you want to report an entire server, you can do so by opening the server from the left switcher, tapping the three-dot button at the top, and selecting “Report Server”.

While this method of reporting is straightforward, it’s important to note that it doesn’t allow for many details.

As such, Discord recommends creating a full ticket for the report. This can be done on a desktop or laptop for convenience, and we’ll dive into that process in the next section.

How to Report Someone on Discord for Desktop

Discord’s desktop application differs slightly from its mobile counterpart when it comes to reporting. To report a user or a server, you’ll need to visit Discord’s “Submit a request” page. Here are the steps:

submit a request

  • Select the appropriate options from the dropdown menus and fill in the necessary information.
choose request reason to report someone on discord

This is the most common method of reporting someone on Discord. The desktop platform allows for more detailed reporting, which can contribute to a safer community by providing Discord staff with crucial information about the reported misconduct.

Getting the Discord Message IDs

To make your report as comprehensive as possible, it’s helpful to include the IDs of the problematic messages, users, or servers.

Here’s how you do it:

enable developer mode discord

  • Enable Developer Mode: Click on the gear icon at the bottom-left of Discord’s interface, select “Advanced” from the left sidebar, and enable the Developer Mode slider.
Getting the Discord Message IDs

  • Copy ID: Once Developer Mode is enabled, you can right-click on any Discord message, user, or server and choose “Copy ID”. This ID serves as a permanent identifier, which you can include in your report for added clarity.

Providing these IDs in your report helps Discord’s Trust and Safety team investigate the issue more efficiently.

They offer valuable insight into the matter, ensuring a thorough examination of the situation.

What Should You Report on Discord?

Before you rush to report a user or a server, it’s important to understand what constitutes a violation of Discord’s guidelines.

Misbehavior on Discord isn’t just about what you personally find disturbing or offensive; it’s about actions that go against Discord’s terms of service.

For example, if someone is spreading hate speech, harassing others, or sharing harmful content, these are clear violations of Discord’s community guidelines and should be reported.

Always refer to the Discord Community Guidelines to determine what is unacceptable behavior.

Remember, the report function is not a tool for settling personal disputes. It’s there to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all Discord users. Use it responsibly.

Options Aside from Reporting on Discord

There might be times when someone’s behavior while irritating, doesn’t necessarily violate Discord’s guidelines. In such instances, you have other options besides reporting:

block on discord

  • Block the user: Right-click on their name and select “Block”. Once you block a user, you won’t see their messages in shared servers, and they won’t be able to contact you via direct messages (DMs).
  • Report to server moderators: If someone is causing trouble in a server, consider reaching out to the server’s moderators. They have the power to take appropriate action, such as warning the user or even kicking them out of the server if necessary.

By knowing when to report, block, or contact a moderator, you can contribute to a better Discord community and ensure a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


What types of behavior should I report on Discord?

The Community Guidelines provided by Discord make it clear what type of behaviors are not tolerated on the platform.

These include harassment, threats, hate speech, spreading of misinformation, or any form of illegal activities such as sharing pirated content or exploiting minors.

If you encounter someone involved in these or any other activities that you believe are harmful or inappropriate, you should report them to Discord’s Trust & Safety team.

How do I gather evidence to report someone on Discord?

To successfully report someone on Discord, you need to provide evidence.

This often involves taking screenshots or recording any harmful activity.

You should also be aware that Discord uses a unique ID system to track users and messages, so you should make sure to include the unique ID numbers for the user, the message, and the server when making your report.

This ID is far more effective than a username alone, as usernames can be changed easily. You can enable the Developer Mode on Discord to access these IDs.

What happens after I report someone on Discord?

After you have submitted a report, Discord’s Trust & Safety team will review the report.

If the team finds that the reported individual has indeed violated Discord’s guidelines, they can take appropriate action.

The exact action will depend on the severity and nature of the violation.

It could range from a warning to a temporary or permanent ban. Please note that due to privacy policies, you may not be informed about the specific actions taken.

Rest assured that every report is taken seriously and contributes to keeping the Discord community safe.

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