8 Apps You Should Have on Your Computer 

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Purchasing the right computer with responsive hardware specifications and seamless app integration is challenging. Preparing it for everyday tasks is another task you need to accomplish to make your new device efficient and office-ready. 

While there are dozens of outstanding apps available in the market, picking one that suits your needs is quite daunting. Learning about what apps you need to accomplish your day-to-day tasks will simplify the task for you. So, let’s begin. 

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Internet Browser

For every single task from research to entertainment, we rely highly on the internet. Hence, installing an internet browser on your new computer is important. Depending on the operating system you use, you may pick a browser and install it from the app store. 

For Windows users, Google Chrome can be the best pick, while macOS users rely heavily on Safari. These browsers allow for faster browsing and come with a vast library of extensions and add-ons that makes your work easier. 

Productivity Apps 

Regardless of the operating system your system is running, your computer starts to work sluggishly over time. That’s when you need to declutter and optimize the computer for better productivity. Cleaning your computer is not a one-time task, you need to do it periodically. 

A number of Windows and mac cleaner software applications are available to help you erase files and apps that are no longer required. Even though you can clean your laptops manually, an automated tool can expedite and simplify the process. 

Music Streaming

With the introduction of some amazing music streaming apps, you are no more required to download and manage a collection of MP3 tracks. Plus, you don’t have to spend money on buying your favorite albums to have a physical collection. 

When it comes to music streaming services, Spotify is one of the best picks that comes with free and paid plans. Other than your favorite music tracks, you can listen to trending podcasts or create a custom playlist, and can even share it with your friends. 

Media Player

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Even if you don’t need to play videos locally, keep a media player handy on your computer. Before you install a media player, make sure to check that it supports almost all file formats. Plus, the application doesn’t have to be bulky and shouldn’t consume large resources. 

When you are searching for a media player, go for the VLC Media Player app as it supports a host of file formats and gives you access to tons of features. With this application, you will not require any video codec applications. 

Security Applications 

Whether you have a new or an old computer, having an antivirus application is important to keep it secure from viruses and malware. Data breaches have become more common than ever and hackers find new ways to enter your computer ecosystem. 

Make sure you have a security app downloaded to your computer. Also, be sure to download it from a legitimate website. Scan your computer frequently to find and delete any malicious files. In addition, be cautious when installing any third-party application and click on links carefully. 

File Compression Apps

On a Windows computer, you might not need to download a file compression application, if you are looking for simple zipped files. However, you need a more robust app if you need access to file compression features beyond the basics. 

Even the online sources allow you to compress files while access to the advanced features is not allowed in free tools. Try third-party paid tools like 7-Plus to compress and extract files. The app is light in volume and doesn’t consume much space on storage media. 

Password Manager

In the digital era, everything is moving online, whether it is banking or education, or entertainment. Today, an average user holds multiple accounts on their digital devices as well as online. The more the accounts, the more the passwords you need to remember. 

Memorizing passwords is difficult. If you forget any of the passwords, you will have to undergo the time-consuming password reset process which is simply annoying. Using a password manager app will prevent you from the hassle of memorizing and resetting passwords 

Backup Tool 

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Even though the operating systems integrate some kind of native backup utility, having a third-party backup application gives you the peace of mind you need. A professional backup app is relatively more popular than the native one. 

An automated professional backup app ensures you have a copy of every single bit of data stored on your computer. When picking a backup tool, go for a Cloud utility, so that you can access, download, or restore data right from anywhere in the event of data loss. 

Having all the above-mentioned applications on your computer will allow you to work efficiently while saving the time and effort you put into the task. Make sure to download apps from reliable sources only to keep your device and data safe. 

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