How to Contact Instagram Support in 2024 – Step by Step Guide

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When you need to report a problem on Instagram, especially when it’s about something that can put your profile at risk, your best bet is to contact Instagram directly.

There are three main ways how to contact Instagram support, and it’s through the Instagram app, Instagram support email, and by using a phone number.

In this article, I’ll get into each of them, so whatever happens and whatever your preference is, you will be able to contact the Instagram support team easily.

How to Contact Instagram Support

  1. In the Instagram app. At the top right of your profile, tap the 3 lines, go to Settings, click on Help and Report a Problem
  2. Email Instagram Support at
  3. Call the Instagram Support at +1 650 543 4800 or +1 415 857 3369
  4. Instagram’s Facebook Page
  5. Instagram’s Twitter account
  6. Instagram’s Facebook Ads Account Manager

How Do I Contact Instagram About A Problem – Step By Step

1. Instagram Support Team In The App

The first, and probably the best option to contact Instagram support is through the app. Make sure to update the Instagram app beforehand.

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to get there:

How to contact Instagram
  1. Open your profile page.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  3. When you open that menu, click on Settings, so the gear wheel button.
  4. Tap on the Help option.
  5. Find the Report a problem section.
  6. In there, there will be a Report a problem option, and that’s where you should go.
  7. Now, you will get to a page where you will be able to briefly describe what your problem is, as well as take screenshots or attach some from your gallery.
  8. Once that’s done, just tap Submit, which is on the top right corner of your screen.

That’s it!

Now your complaint has been sent, Instagram will be answering you briefly.

2. Via Instagram Support Email

Another way to contact Instagram support is via email.

The address that you should write to is

When you do write the email, this is the information that you should include in the email:

  • Send the URL of the profile that you have problems with.
  • Description of the problem that occurred.
  • A screenshot of the problem and the situation should be attached.
  • Details about what device you’re using and which OS it has.

The more details you provide, the more likely they are going to be to provide feedback and actually help you with the problems.

After they consider the request, they will reply to you by sending an email to the address that you contacted them.

3. Instagram Support Phone Number

While contacting Instagram through a phone number probably isn’t the main way that people would want to use it nowadays, the option is still there for those who do want it.

In case you think that talking to a real human will be of the most help to you, these are the phone numbers that are available to Instagram users when problems occur:

Just know that there isn’t any guarantee that you will be getting an answer from these phone numbers, as they are mainly automated channels.

People from the Instagram help center rarely check these numbers, as way more people opt for other options for contact, so calling them should only be a last resort that you probably won’t even need to take.

Alternative Ways To Contact Instagram

Besides these three main ways that you can opt for, there are a few other ones that might come in handy, but you may not know that they are available.

Instagram’s Business Facebook Page

Instagram has its own business page on Facebook, and it’s possible to send them a message there.

Just send them a private Facebook message as you would to any other page, and someone from their team will answer you as soon as possible.

Official Instagram Account On Twitter

Instagram's Twitter Account

Instagram also has its own Twitter account.

It can be a good idea to reach them via Twitter DMs, but they will most likely just send you to their Support Center on the app.

Instances where this can be useful are in case you have a larger following and you know that your tweet could get a lot of traction and replies from people that were in a similar situation.

Instagram’s Facebook Ads Account Manager

If you are a content creator on either Facebook or Instagram, you have a Facebook Account Manager that’s assigned to you.

Through that manager, you will be able to submit all kinds of complaints that you maybe have.

This is primarily made for people who use Facebook Ads to promote what they do, and since this is a service that you pay for, they are way more likely to be quick with coming up with a solution.

And the solutions they come up with are way more efficient.

When To Contact Instagram Support

Depending on what your issue is, the chances of Instagram reacting and doing something about it are going to vary.

These are the issues that they take as main priorities and that are the most likely to be dealt with:

  • Conflicts between users that escalate;
  • Issues with creating a Business account;
  • Problems with ad payments;
  • Verification;
  • Recovery of a lost account;
  • Different bugs related to both desktop and mobile versions;
  • Not getting notifications;
  • Account hacking;
  • Both permanent and temporary blocks on your account;
  • Community guidelines violations.

Overall, the main issues that they react to are the ones related to someone violating community guidelines, so if you have an issue of that kind, the chances of them responding are very high.

Some issues that may arise with reaching support is that they might answer with something along the lines of “Unavailable on your device,” and if that happens to be the case with you, they will then have to help you find an alternative solution.

How Long Does It Take Instagram To Respond?

On all of their official social media accounts, Instagram doesn’t state how long it usually takes them to respond, so the answer to this question is purely from an anecdotal point of view.

When looking into different experiences that people had with Instagram customer service, it seems like they mostly take between 24 and 48 hours to respond.

Sometimes, when the problem is urgent, and you are at risk of losing your account, this can take quite a long time to wait, and Instagram doesn’t provide you with any additional information about how this process can be faster.

Overall it can’t be faster, and the bottom line is we have to deal with it.

Some tips that may increase your chances of getting a proper response include having as many details as possible in your messages and trying all the contact options listed above.

One good thing is that you can follow the progress of your report.

Just go back to the Help Center section in your settings, and there will be a Support Requests option that you can tap on.

You will be able to see where your report is now and whether it’s being processed or not.

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