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If you have been looking for the best sites to buy Twitch viewers and Chatters but do not know if it is legal, here’s the answer: there’s nothing wrong with buying Twitch followers or viewers as long as they are real viewers and not fake ones.

According to Twitch policies, buying fake view bots and spamming your stream with viewers is a bannable offense. Considering these policies, we have listed the top 10 sites to buy Twitch Viewers and Chatters.

We have rated these sites from 1 to 10. GrowthMount is rated as the best site to buy Twitch viewers because of their real work and dedicated support. So, without further delay, let’s start with our number one recommendation.

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10 Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers and Chatters

1. GrowthMount 

GrowthMount has landed our number one spot because of their budget-friendly prices and top-tier services. GrowthMount offers real and active viewers that engage with your content and allow you to gain followers on Twitch over time.

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GrowthMount viewers and chatters services offer generic and custom engagement, allowing you to get the viewers of your choice who are interested in your content and keep the interactions going throughout your streams.

GrowthMount offers live viewers on your Twitch stream, allowing you to get better recognition on Twitch by boosting your channel visibility to other Twitch users who watch the same type of content as yours.

Not only this, but GrowthMount also ensures your channel growth by embedding your Twitch stream on other relatable platforms to get you the maximum results out of your money.

Another factor that makes GrowthMount the best site to buy Twitch viewers is its customer support around the clock. They do not only offer these services but make sure their clients have a flawless experience.

After experiencing them ourselves, we claim that they guarantee delivery on time as they start working on your order as soon as they receive any order.

Their prices start as low as $6.99 and will be delivered within a couple of minutes. What’s stopping you to begin your Twitch journey with GrowthMount? Go to their website and BUY TWITCH VIEWERS toavail the best services for Twitch now.

2. Boosthill

The third site to buy Twitch viewers and chatters is Boosthill. They offer authentic and real-time Twitch viewers along with generic and custom chatters. They also offer a raid feature that you can avail to surprise your friend streamers by raiding their live streams with a good number of viewers and chatters.

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Boosthill claims 24/7 customer support and guaranteed delivery within 5 minutes of your purchase. Their service price starts at a minimum of $7.99, which does not match our number one recommendation.

We’d also like to share that we have seen many bad experiences with Boosthill as sometimes they fail to answer their customer’s concerns, and many people have told us about their experiences where everything went smooth with Boosthill, but suddenly things went downhill.

So, we suggest you ensure that their customer support is active and assisting you throughout your purchase.

3. Streamerplus

Streamerplus is another legitimate site offering Twitch viewers and Twitch Followers at the fourth number on our list. Streamerplus does not offer chatters but authentic viewers.

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The best thing about Streamerplus is its range of packages; they do not bound you to buy at least 100 viewers like other sites do. Their starter package gives you 50 real Twitch viewers at $4.99.

Streamerplus claims 24/7 customer support and delivery within 5 minutes but after hearing from different individuals. We have seen many cases of poor customer support from Streamerplus. We suggest you only purchase their services if you find them actively responding.

4. TwitchBooster

Twitchbooster offer lacks organic Twitch chatters, they offer Twitch viewers, but after comparing their packages and prices to our top recommendations, they are super expensive. Twitchbooster’s started package costs $15, which includes 20 live viewers for 24 hours. They claim guaranteed instant delivery after the payment, along with a 24/7 customer support desk.

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After looking at the customer reviews for TwitchBooster, we are not completely satisfied with their customer support. Many streamers have called them out for scamming and not delivering on time, so we need clarification about TwitchBooster services. We suggest doing your research before making any choice.

5. Stormlikes

Stormlikes lands number six on our list. Another very well-optimized site that answers each and every concern of its customers. They offer organic Twitch viewers only, as they don’t offer chatters yet.

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Their genuine viewers ensure that your channel goes to the recommendations of random Twitch viewers who consume the same content genre as yours. Stormlikes prices are affordable too. They guarantee 24/7 customer support and instant delivery.

After looking for customer reviews, we found mixed reviews. They have satisfied their customers in the past, but there are some negative reviews too. Look out for all the pros and cons and choose what suits you the best.

6. Get A Follower

Get a Follower offers separate packages for Twitch viewers and chatters. Their viewer packages are cheap compared to other sites. However, their chatters packages are expensive.

What makes Get A Follower stand out in the market is the different types of views available on their site. They offer video views, live broadcast views, clip views, and channel views which are your past streams on Twitch.

Like others, they offer around-the-clock customer support, and their delivery time is not as quick as 5 minutes; instead, they ask for a couple of days for the results.

If you want to buy Twitch viewers and chatters separately, you must check Get A Follower.


Krakenstream is another site offering Twitch viewers. They have different packages available on their sites. Their starter package contains 10 viewers for one hour and it costs $5. Unlike other sites, they are not available 24/7. They operate from 8 am to 10 pm UTC time.

They take 10 minutes on average to deliver the viewers after receiving your order but they only deliver during their working hours. Once you have made a purchase and it has been activated from their side. You can stream on Twitch anytime and your package timing will start and you will get the viewership.

Their live customer support is active throughout their working hours. You can’t expect them responding your queries once the working hours are over.

After hearing from the public, we have mixed reviews for Krakenstream. In our opinion, there are better sites offering better services at discounted prices.

8. Followersup

Followersup has been actively offering services since 2016 and over the years they have proved themselves by providing the best Twitch viewers and chatters. 

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They claim to raise your channel’s existence on Twitch by providing you with legit Twitch viewers that help more people visit your Twitch channel and help you develop a broader community.

Followersup claims a 100% money-back guarantee if anyone of their customers do not get the number of viewers they purchased. 

They charge $4 for 500 channel views. Their expected delivery time is 24-36 hours after the purchase.

9. YouMeViral

YouMeViral claims to deliver organic Twitch views safely, which helps you expand your followings on Twitch. They claim to refill your views in case any of your viewers drops or leaves your stream. You will not have to contact them asking why your viewers decreased. They will automatically refill your viewership according to the package you purchased.

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They claim to deliver an order within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase. They do not ask for sensitive information like your Twitch password; they only require the link to your channel and get you your desired amount of views.

Their live support is always active in answering your concerns. They also claim a money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver your order. However, this does not apply once the order is delivered.

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Sites to Buy Twitch Viewers and Chatters

Many sites on the internet claim to deliver the best Twitch services, but some are making false claims and just scamming people. You must now give your money to anyone without checking the authentication of their services. There are many forums on the internet where people talk about different sites. You can always get another opinion to check whether they are legit. Below are some extra tips that would help you choose the best sites.

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The first and foremost thing you notice when you go to the market is the prices. You should always compare the value you are being offered with the price range of the services. Many sites are asking for extra cents, but they are lacking the services. You should always opt for the services that match your requirements in your budget.

Don’t Get Trapped With Fake Views

Views generated from fake chatbots could lead you to get a ban on Twitch. Therefore, never compromise on this and purchase from those who are providing authentic viewers and chatters.

Always Cross-Check the Services

Many people get fooled by the Twitch chatters when buying the services. Many sites are only selling Twitch viewers and no chatters. People do not look at their packages before making a purchase and end up buying the viewers only.

Look Out for Reviews

Many forums like Reddit or Trustpilot are available on the internet, where people discuss and learn from others’ experiences. To find out a site’s trustworthiness, ask others about their experiences with your Desired site and then choose.

Live Support

Always check if the site’s live support is really active or if they are just claiming it for false. Ask them about their services or any queries in your mind. Their customer support will tell you a lot about their authentication.

Where to Buy the Best Twitch Viewers and Chatters?

From our experience, GrowthMount is the best site to purchase Twitch Viewers and Chatters because they are fully secured and provide 100% real Twitch viewers and chatters. Their live support is active all the time. Their ultimate goal is not to sell their services but to help their customers by assisting them to achieve their goals.


How much money for 20 viewers on Twitch?

Different sites offer different packages of Twitch Viewers. Our recommendation GrowthMount provides a minimum of 100 Twitch viewers for $6.99

Is it OK to buy Twitch viewers?

Yes, as long as you purchase real Twitch viewers, you are all good. However, if you get trapped by someone using fake bots to increase your view count, you might get banned on Twitch.

Can you get banned on Twitch for buying views?

Yes, if you use bots to get fake Twitch views on your channel. There are chances of you getting banned on Twitch.


Buying Twitch viewers and chatters is a great way to kickstart your journey on Twitch as it would help you get a good number of views and interaction on your streams. Make it your motivation to get better in your niche and improve your content in every next stream.

Always look out for the sites offering authentic Twitch viewers; failing to do this might get you in trouble, as Twitch does not allow views generated by fake bots.

We hope this guide helped you choose the best site to buy Twitch viewers and chatters and solved all your queries. Happy streaming!

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