A New Stage of the FIFA Football Simulator is Coming – what a Beginner Needs to Know About FC 24

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Very soon, there will be a release of a new part of the FIFA football simulator, which will begin a new stage in the development of football games and introduce innovations that will unique the overall gameplay and add realism to all aspects of choosing players and playing football matches.

The concept of FC 24 coins will remain unchanged – you will still have the opportunity to buy players using the transfer window, or get them from sets, but many cards will be upgraded and unique, which we will talk about in the next section.

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The main changes and innovations in FC 24

The main changes in the new part of the popular series of football games will affect the individuality of each football player and the ability to influence their development.

If previously everything depended on luck and the card you received, now players will have the opportunity to independently develop the player by completing tasks and increasing his talents.

Time and release will tell how expensive it is in terms of game coins and the need to buy FC 24 coins.

Unique techniques

If you are asked to name unique football players with their own techniques and talents when in possession of the ball, then you can easily name Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and other talented players who stand out from hundreds of others.

Now, each card will describe all the distinctive features that are inherent in this football player.

For example, Neymar has a unique dribbling when dribbling the ball, Ronaldo has a signature goal celebration and jerking with the ball.

All these unique talents will be displayed on the player’s card, and you will be able to familiarize yourself with them upon receipt.

Mixed teams and new women’s leagues

EA seriously began adding women’s leagues in the new part of the football simulator, but the developers did not stop there, and now online you can assemble a combined team of men and women and pit them against other players.

Who wanted to have Alex Morgan and Ronaldo on their team, you will have such a chance, but the probability of pulling out cards of such value will be small and will require buy FC 24 coin or many matches and events.

Tips that will be useful to you at the start of FC 24

On September 29, a full release of FC 24 is expected, which will become an ideological continuation of the FIFA series and many key and ideological tips will work the same way as they did when FIFA 23 was launched.

We will analyze all the main tips and recommendations on modes and the set of coins, but you can still visit the best place to buy FC 24 coins represented by the Skycoach service.

Sell expensive football players with low ratings

From the start of FC 24, all players will receive their first game sets to form game squads for calibrations and first games and matches.

Each player will have his own rating and general parameters of speed, accuracy, teamwork, and so on.

Since the gaming market will only be taking shape, certain football players who cannot boast of high parameters, but have a high price, should be sold immediately before the price completely collapses.

In FIFA 23, this was the case with Jamie Vardy cards, which cost up to 100 thousand coins, but then dropped to almost zero.

Of course, in FC 24 you will have the opportunity to strengthen weak players through tasks, but how worth it is to invest your efforts in obviously weak players in terms of development – time will tell.

In any case, you can always buy the card in the future and stay in the black for FC 24 coins.

Sell performances, goal celebrations and stadiums

At the initial stage, you will also receive or buy various cards for the stadium, or to celebrate goals in a certain way. Since at the initial stage the transfer window is only filled with offers, all these cards have their value, but in the future they will decrease due to market oversaturation, and you need to sell everything that is possible in the first stages of the game. When the value of the goods and players that you like to begin to stabilize, you will be able to buy them back if you wish and even remain in a strong plus for us FC 24 coins.

Follow the team tests if you want to earn money

This advice concerns the time when the gaming market, represented by the transfer window, begins to stabilize.

At the first stages and in the future, for players who want to earn the cheapest FC 24 coins, a team test mode will be opened, in which they need to complete in-match tasks and release players of certain countries and skills onto the football field.

This means that depending on luck and the accumulation of unique cards, you can make good money situationally.

For example, several Wales players need to be released this week. Your card of Gareth Bale, or any other football player from the islands, will skyrocket in value as players will look for such performers so as not to stop mining coins.

This advice works later than the market is formed, simply because Gareth Bale is not a titled and strong player, but in the initial stages he will be worth more than later. But if you get this football player about a month after the release, then it’s better to hold on to it for a more profitable sale.


Which modes to pay attention to at the start of FC 24

When you first get into the online mode of the new version, you will quickly realize that the basic principles of FIFA 23 have remained unchanged.

You will still play divisions and team battles to get coins, the only alternative would be to buy FC 24 coins online.

Divisions will help you calibrate your rating and begin your rise or fall depending on the level of play.

Participation in matches will still add points to you depending on the victory, defeat, or draw, after which they will be counted at the end of the week and if the sum is equal to or exceeds 1250, then you will be eligible to try to qualify for the Football Champions and then the Weekend league.

FIFA Champions

This is a format of 10 matches in which you can earn many sets of players and at the same time qualify for the Weekend League in case of at least 4 wins in all matches.

The more wins, the more rewards will be available.

Often these are cards with gold-level quality football players, but you have to try hard to get them, because the system selects random opponents regardless of the level of play and divisions. You won’t be able to play a draw, either – the available result is victory or defeat.

Weekend League

This is your point of all qualifying and calibration, and if you have reached this stage, then your inventory will definitely be replenished with various new player cards.

The format itself will retain its essence and will be transferred in the same form as in FIFA 23.

You will already play 20 matches and, depending on your success, advance along the path with different rewards. Victories allow you to move further, while defeats leave you in the same place.

At each stage you will receive rewards in the form of FC 24 coins, player sets and various decorative cards to replace the standard stadium, flags and other pleasant customization of the environment.

Team Battle

This is one of the most interesting and profitable formats in which you must play a match under conditions that change every week.

This is the very format that can allow you to earn or spend coins.

The nuance is that the challenge can stupefy even the most avid card collector.

You may have the task of fielding three players from Argentina, and then both Higuain and Dybala will be used, whom you may not want to field in the main squad, but for the sake of earning coins they will be useful.

Conclusion on the new FC 24

EA Sports are re-releasing their FUT format, which will be more reworked than improved.

Players will now receive not only basic characteristics, but also the ability to improve them, adding even more development potential to valuable players. The overall format is not yet clear, but most likely it will be the format of tasks and overall progress from personal contribution in the match.

The general format of tasks, matches, qualifiers and tournaments will not change much and the changes will affect more graphics and realistic actions on the football field.

The main innovation will be the addition of a full-fledged women’s league and the ability to combine teams of different players, and if you had a dream of making a club in which Alex Morgan and Ronaldo would play together, then you will have such an opportunity.

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