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Instagram impressions and reach are some of the most important metrics by which an account’s popularity is measured. To put it simply: the more reach you have, the more impressions you can leave on people, raising your engagement rate.

Knowing this, a number of third-party apps and websites are offering the option to buy Instagram reach directly from them, allowing you to skyrocket your social media campaign without having to rely on your posts going viral.

My top 3 choices are:

  1. BuyRealMedia
  2. Media Mister
  3. PaySocialMedia

I have spent several weeks trying out and testing various different social media marketing services that you can buy Instagram impressions and reach from, comparing them against each other until I settled on the 7 best ones that I will present to you in this guide.

Buy Instagram Reach

When selecting the apps and websites to include on this list, I have considered a number of important factors. These factors are:

  1. A number of users: Naturally, the best services will continue to grow in popularity as time goes on. As a result, long-standing and active apps are almost guaranteed to offer good service.
  2. Reliability: Things such as delivery and refund guarantees, customer support team quality, and data protection all fall under this category.
  3. Ease of use: How easy it is to make a purchase, whether services are automated or not, as well as the number of payment methods available are all important parts of an Instagram insights service’s overall quality.
  4. Pricing: Finally, whenever buying Instagram impressions and reach you should look at the price of the product. Various services offer bundle deals of different sizes and have discounts at different times.

1. BuyRealMedia

buyrealmedia Logo

Stefan’s Take:

I have had mixed experiences with BuyRealMedia. They have a good range of offers and a reasonable delivery time, but their prices are too high compared to the rest of the market.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:10
Check It Here!

BuyRealMedia is a social media services website that offers you a large number of options when purchasing Instagram reach.

First of all, you will have to register for an account and log in, however. Registering takes a few minutes and requires you to share your phone number and email address. There is no need to use the same email your Instagram account is connected to; any address will do.

After you have made your account, you can use the menu to choose between photo and video reach.

Depending on how much reach you are looking for, you will be offered several deals that vary in value. 100 reach costs $4, while 10.000 reach, the largest bundle, will cost you $340.

The price isn’t the only thing that varies depending on the size of your order, delivery time differs too. Smaller orders will be delivered in a day or two, while the two largest bundles, containing 5000 and 10000 reach respectively, will take 6-9 days to deliver.

Such variations are a good thing, as they ensure that Instagram’s algorithm has a much smaller chance of discovering your boosting activities.

BuyRealMedia offers a variety of payment methods to its customers. There are four separate cards you can use: Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

Finally, the website has decent customer support that you can contact 24/7 through the live chat option. They will sometimes take a while to reply, however.

  • Several different bundles
  • They support all the major credit card issuers as payment options
  • Price is a bit higher

2. MediaMister

Media Mister

Stefan’s Take:

My experience when buying Instagram reach from MediaMister was mostly positive, though their one-time promotions cost too much to be competitive.

Having the option to post my future posts as well, however, was a welcome surprise, especially as that offer comes at a much better value, as it all but guarantees organic growth and real Instagram impressions as time goes on.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:9
Check It Here!

Media mister is a social media marketing website that offers a full range of Instagram related services, including the option to buy Instagram reach.

They boast a respectable number of users, as is evidenced by the numerous positive customer reviews left on various websites.

The website offers to buy impressions and reach in several different bundles, ranging from 100 to 10.000 reach. The smallest bundle will cost you $4, and the value only increases as you order larger and larger bundles. The largest one, which contains 10.000 post reach, costs $349. This price still remains high above the market average, however.

In addition to these one-time purchases, MediaMister also allows you to buy Instagram reach for your future posts in advance, allowing you to boost up to 10o of them with a single purchase.

Such a service comes with a massive discount so that buying the maximum amount of reach for the full 100 posts costs $3004.99, which is almost 12 times less than it would cost you if you were promoting those same posts one at a time.

The ordering process is simple and can be completed in just a couple of minutes, and there is no account registration involved, making your data fully secure.

In terms of payment methods, MediaMister offers all the standard credit card options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. However, where it differs from the competition is that you can also buy reach using several cryptocurrencies, allowing for an even greater degree of privacy.

They also vary their delivery time depending on the size of your order. Smaller bundles take 1-2 days to deliver, while the larger ones can take up to 9 days. Such a delivery method helps protect your account from Instagram’s algorithm, as it mimics organic growth.

In the case of advance purchases, the delivery time changes a lot. You can choose for your reach to delivered to each new post in anywhere from 10 to 90 minutes. Still, as a such level of engagement becomes the norm with how many posts you are promoting, you will remain largely safe from Instagram bot flagging.

Finally, MediaMister has very active and easy-to-reach customer support, available 24/7 through the live chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Opportunity to promote up to 100 posts in advance
  • You can also pay with crypto
  • The pricing on one-time promotions is too high

3. PaySocialMedia

PaySocialMedia reach

Stefan’s Take:

PaySocialMedia was one of the better apps I used when buying Instagram reach. I liked the ability to automatically boost my future posts, and the pricing was adequate. That being said, having to register for an account slows down the process unnecessarily.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:7
Check It Here!

PaySocialMedia is a third-party app that offers you to buy Instagram reach both as a one-time purchase and in advance, allowing you to boost all posts in the next 30 days with one order.

The one-time option starts at $5 for 500 reach, with several larger bundles offered as well. The largest one contains 50.000 post reach, and costs $249.99. This is very good value for the cost, a trend which only increases as you move onto advance orders.

When ordering reach in advance, you will see that the app offers to boost all your posts in the next 30 days at a fixed price. Unlike with one-time orders, you can only get up to 25.000 reach per post. Regardless, you will soon see more engagement and Instagram comments across your account.

However, this option allows you to choose your own delivery time, which is anywhere between 1 and 6 hours per posting. Assuming you went with the largest bundle available, boosting an entire account for 30 days will set you back $1299.99.

Regardless of which option you choose, you are going to have to sign up for an account. Don’t worry about your data security, however: there is no need to share anything other than your Instagram username.

The app allows you to pay for their services using all the most popular credit cards, as well as PayPal, which is a welcome surprise. Using PayPal can bypass issues with your bank regarding such transactions as suspicious, saving you a lot of time when you buy Instagram reach.

Last but not the least, in case you encounter any issues, you can contact the quite responsive customer support through a button on the top of the screen.

  • Variety of payment methods
  • Lower than average prices
  • You have to register for an account to make a purchase


Instafollowers Logo 1

Stefan’s Take:

I liked for its pricing, as well as because it allowed me to buy a ludicrous amount of reach at once. On the other hand, I don’t like that I had to register for an account, even if said registration was quick. Mixed impressions on this one.

Number of Users:8
Ease of Use:7
Check It Here!

A third-party social media marketing website that focuses specifically on Instagram, offers a large number of bundles when buying Instagram impressions and reach that you can try out.

These bundles start at $1 for 100 reach and go up all the way to 1.000.000 reach for $1400. This massive bundle holds incredible value and is by far larger than anything the competitors have to offer.

In truth, boasts better prices across the board, making them a good choice both for those operating on a budget as well as those looking to start a large Instagram marketing campaign.

That being said, the app doesn’t allow you to automatically promote future posts, which is a downside.

Regardless of how much reach you buy, you will have to register for an account. Registration is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes as it only requires an email and password.

Once you have registered, click on the link in your inbox to activate the account, and you will be ready to use their services. provides you with an estimated delivery time upon each purchase, which can be as long as several months in the case of the largest bundles.

As we are speaking about a few hundred thousand to a million reach, however, this is to be expected and also doubles up as a security measure, protecting your Instagram account from the algorithm looking to suspend and ban botted profiles. offers a large number of payment methods to its users. These are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Bitcoin

As you can see, the number of supported credit card issuers is larger than that of the competition, and you can even pay by crypto for even more secure transactions.

Finally, in case of any issues, you can always contact the 24/7 customer support avaiable through the live chat box in the bottom right corner of the main page.

  • Lower than average prices
  • Offers the largest bundles
  • No advance boosting option

5. InstaUsers

InstaUsers reach

Stefan’s Take:

While I appreciate the number of payment options available to customers, the lack of estimated delivery time and the hoops you have to jump through to get to customer support make this website not worth the effort most of the time.

Number of Users:7
Ease of Use:6
Check It Here!

InstaUsers is a third-party app that specializes in providing Instagram services, such as post impressions and reach.

They offer bundles that range from 1000 to 50.000 reach, with the smallest offer costing $5.85. The value goes up as you purchase larger and larger bundles, and the maximum you will have to pay is 249.85.

These are average prices for the market, but what reduces the offer’s value is the inability to choose where your reach is coming from, or how it will be distributed.

In addition to that, there is no option to purchase reach for your future posts in advance.

On the other hand, InstaUsers doesn’t require you to register for an account in order to use their services, making keeping your data secure much easier.

Furthermore, they offer a plethora of payment options, including credit cards, GiroPay, PaySafe and Skrill. As a result, keeping your transactions private is very simple.

There are some downsides to using this service as well. First, the app doesn’t provide you with an estimated delivery time, which makes it difficult for you to gauge if you can get flagged by the algorithm looking for fake accounts.

Second, customer support can only be contacted by email, which makes the entire process unnecessarily slow and tedious, especially when you have a serious problem, and need to resolve it as quickly as possible.

  • A large number of payment methods
  • No need to register for an account
  • No delivery time stated


Buying Instagram reach is one of the best ways to quickly boost the engagement rate of a new account.

Here, you’ve learned about several great services to help you out with that. My personal choice is BuyRealMedia, because it is affordable and reliable, while still offering a decent amount of Instagram reach.

Whether you are looking to promote a personal or business profile, you can achieve significant results by purchasing Instagram impressions services, such as buying 10,000 Instagram followers. This services will result in additional followers and more organic traffic as time goes on.


Can you buy reach on Instagram?

Buying Instagram insights, impressions and reach is possible, though not from the social media platform itself. Instead, there are a number of third-party apps and websites, such as UseViral, that offer this service.

How do I get more Instagram reach?

The first method is slow and requires you to post high-quality content and wait for your posts to grow organically.

Alternatively, you can simply buy Instagram post impressions and reach from a third-party service, increasing the visibility of your profile quickly and efficiently.

How much does Instagram reach cost?

The prices of Instagram post impressions and reach differ from one app to the other and change constantly, thus it is always recommended to check the prices on several websites before you commit to a purchase.

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