Attitude Captions for Instagram: 90+ Best Examples

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Who are you when no one’s watching? Well, the real you is someone you’d like to showcase on your social media accounts. Whatever your current phase, mood, or overall vibe might be currently, you can use attitude captions for Instagram now and then.

There are no right or wrong attitude captions for Instagram. It’s not just a personality trait, but it is something you are feeling at the moment.

Here you might get inspired by a list of the best attitude captions for Instagram.

Strong Positive Attitude Captions for Instagram

Strong Positive Attitude Captions

Words can make or break someone’s day. You can have a few followers or a large following – make sure you send positive attitude quotes and try your best to be a good role model. You never know who might just need to see a few positive words on their feed.

  1. ”The best response to a negative surrounding is making a change within yourself.”
  2. ”A positive attitude mixed with positive expectations can create positive outcomes.’
  3. ”My morning routine is my holy grail.”
  4. ”Don’t forget to get up with the sunrise now and then. Start your day by greeting the sun.”
  5. ”Intelligent life will blossom faster and better while residing within a positive attitude.”
  6. ”Use daily affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind.”
  7. ”Go travel the world straight. Money returns eventually, but the time we have cannot be brought back.”
  8. ”Good vibes and a strong positive mental attitude will get you anywhere.”
  9. ”A chilled out and cool attitude can keep your mind clear before making big decisions.”

Cool Attitude Captions For Instagram

Cool Attitude Captions For Instagram

The cool kids are cool because they don’t care what others think about them. Go ahead, be a little punk, speak your truth and show ’em who you truly are. Try adding some cool attitude captions.

  1. ”I am the only me out there, and no one else can be me.”
  2. ”Is it just a vibe, or am I really feeling myself?”
  3. ”There’s a big difference between naturally effortlessly confident and trying too hard. Be yourself, and you will be naturally effortlessly confident.”
  4. ”You’re not just the decision maker, you’re an epic being made of stardust, don’t forget that.”
  5. ”Unexpected adventures are the best adventures.”

Motivational Attitude Captions For Instagram

Motivational Attitude Captions

Real life and daily responsibilities make us sometimes forget how sometimes a little push can go a long way.

Showing your friends and family, but also your followers, that you can be a beacon of light and motivate them to get up and get things done even on a cloudy day.

  1. ”Be your own boss and rule your own kingdom.”
  2. ”When life throws lemons at you, make some lemonade.”
  3. ”I’d rather be a witty fool, but I’ll do things the right way.”
  4. ”I’m not a worrier, I am a warrior.”
  5. ”Once you have finally realized that it all starts and ends with you, life gets easier.”
  6. ”Don’t let life live you, live your own life.”
  7. ”Not all ugly starts end up badly. It takes one right decision and things will turn out in your favor.”
  8. ”Write your destiny in your original and own font. Every other font is already taken.”
  9. ”Don’t let other people’s negative attitudes determine your day. Only you are responsible for your happiness.”
  10. ”Can I offer you the best attitude caption you’re going to see today? Well: I love you and you’re beautiful. Have a fantastic day!”

Sassy Attitude Captions For Instagram

If you’re having that sassy, flirtatious, and even sexy attitude, that is also something you can opt for in your caption section.

Everybody can have a day when they don’t feel confident enough, that is why we should share the light of confidence and that sassy feel when we have it.

Sassy Attitude Captions

  1. ”Everybody has a dirty mind, but few are honest about it.”
  2. ”I’m a patient wolf, and my prey – not so patient.”
  3. ”This crazy town is crazy because I’m in it.”
  4. ”I have my own style, no need to copy anyone.
  5. ”Blondes have more fun.”
  6. ”All you need is a drink and a little sexy imagination and the show can start.”
  7. ”Why are you so gangster only when I’m absent? Sweet.”
  8. ”Do I have a bad-ass attitude, or are you just used to weakness?”
  9. ”I don’t want the hot dude, I want the strong and loving man I deserve.”
  10. ”Not all girls are sugar and spice and everything nice, some of us are just made of fine wine and a lot of sarcasm.”
  11. ”I might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am someone’s double shot of whiskey.”
  12. ”Oh, you have a dirty mind? Yeah, that’s what happens when you spend a lot of time around me.”
  13. ”A sexy imagination can make the most boring moments special.”

Rude Attitude Captions For Instagram

Did someone ruin your day, or did you have a fight with your significant other or a friend? It’s absolutely fine to feel angry and upset.

If you really want to let people know that they should not mess around with you, send a clear message with a post. Why go for a violent reaction when you can make a caption out of it?

Rude Attitude Captions

  1. ”Hot dude with zero personality – zero chances with me.”
  2. ”If they have an attitude problem, show them your bad attitude.”
  3. ”There is more than one handsome guy in my DMs, babes.”
  4. ”Stupid people make me sick.”
  5. ”There is a big difference between you and me. I run the game, you play along.”
  6. ”My middle finger salutes everyone who did me dirty in the past.”
  7. ”I don’t care about all the rules, I am my own boss always.”
  8. ”Losers focus on low vibrations. Baby, I vibrate higher.”
  9. ”Being like everyone else is absolutely boring, be bold and different.”
  10. ”Your attitude determines where you will be. That’s why I’m on the top and I can’t really see you from here, sorry not sorry.”
  11. ”Don’t let stupid people and small minds ruin your fabulous day.”
  12. ”Your violent reaction is a you-problem, not a we-problem.”

Raising Awareness Captions For Instagram

Raising Awareness Captions

As I mentioned earlier, having an Instagram means to some or full extent having a platform and people who see your posts on their feed.

In the post covid reality we’re currently living in, be the living example of someone who starts the right kind of conversation about things that are currently happening around the world.

  1. ”A positive self-image is the first step to having better mental health.”
  2. ”Let’s create a better environment for future generations by talking about global warming today.”
  3. ”The negative stress you experience for too long can have a huge impact on your future. Don’t forget to breathe and relax.”
  4. ”Anxiety can be such an abominable illness. Open up about it before things get ugly.”
  5. ”A positive attitude turns on the lights and shines bright in every room.”
  6. ”Every life is precious. No one should be allowed to take life away from another.”
  7. ”We might be different by faith, skin color, language, heritage, but all of our hearts beat the same way, and our skeletons, in the end, will reveal we are but mankind.”
  8. ”Protecting the innocent ones and those who cannot protect themselves is what can us a hero.”
  9. ”Be the change you want to see in the world.”
  10. ”We don’t fall in love, we stand in love. Tall, proud, and strong. Our love is what keeps us alive in the darkest of days.”

Humble Person Captions For Instagram

Humble Person Captions

Some people tend to get carried away with fame, success, and wealth. Being and staying humble is priceless in the society we are currently living in.

It’s not a bad thing to remind your followers to stay humble, preach kindness, and remind them that being soft and caring is a good thing.

  1. ”Isn’t it absolutely ridiculous how little things can make the ones we love happy?”
  2. ”An ‘I can do attitude’ should also include the ‘I can give back where I got love from’ part.”
  3. ”There are no stupid people, there are only unaware beings. Before you judge someone, remember that someone might think the same way about you.”
  4. ”You can have a superior personality and also be a kind human being. Use your power and energy to do good, and good will find you.”
  5. ”Never judge the book by its covers, maybe their story isn’t too different from yours.”
  6. ”Selfishness is such a terrible disease. Give and you shall receive.”
  7. ”And all of a sudden, you realize how small you are under the bright sky and that wondrous stars.”
  8. ”You can have everything by nightfall, and lose everything by dawn.”
  9. ”The only thing you will be able to carry with you on the other side is the love you have given, the laughs you caused, and the memories of life.”
  10. ”Count your blessings.”
  11. ”Better a witty fool, a madman, than the antagonist of the story.”

Grateful Attitude Captions For Instagram

Grateful Attitude Captions

Giving thanks to someone who just helped you finish a project is one thing. It’s giving and taking.

Remind your follower count and yourself to be thankful for everything you have. A roof over your head, clean water, clothes, food, and money to pay bills is not something everyone can afford.

Therefore, give thanks to god, the universe, and the odds that brought you all the goods you have at this very moment.

  1. ”It’s such an awesome thing to know that I can count on my loved ones.”
  2. ”You can’t spell awesome without some, and by some I mean some good friends on good and bad days.”
  3. ”Do not ever forget where you came from.”
  4. ”Talk to people. Share ideas and jokes, but share your fears and dreams. An open heart receives, a closed heart rejects love.”
  5. ”Remember those who were there when no one else was.”
  6. ”Do good simply for the sake of doing good. No expectations.”
  7. ”Unconditional love is the only thing that can save us as a humanity.”
  8. ”Bow down in front of your roots, your ancestors, and your origins.”
  9. ”Thank you sun for rising with me, thank you moon for showing me that path in the dark.”
  10. ”I carry my mother’s kindness and my father’s determination proudly.”

Believing Attitude Captions For Instagram

Believing Attitude Captions

If you can believe it, you will eventually see it. Manifesting the perfect life, image in society and the desired wealth must start with having faith in yourself and your path.

The challenges of life and sometimes monotony as well can make us feel blue, but reminding yourself that you believe in your divine journey and helping others to go on their journey of self-discovery is a true gift.

  1. ”It’s not the fact that I see it that makes it real, I also have a believing attitude.”
  2. ”A bad attitude will soon leave you in disbelief, and that’s not a great place to be in.”
  3. ”Having faith in oneself can be tough at times, but if you manage to push through these times, you are already the winner of the game called life.”
  4. ”I believe my eyes, but I believe my heart way more.”
  5. ”Imagine everything turns out well. Why are we so prone to think that the worst-case scenario will happen?”
  6. ”A shift in your perspective is sometimes all you need.”
  7. ”If I can see it in my mind’s eye, it can also become part f m reality one day.”
  8. ”I need to find me first. In order to find me, I need to believe in me.”
  9. ”Allow me to show you that I can be the living example of some who did it all by believing in my own self.”
  10. ”I’m making yesterday jealous of my today’s faith.”


Make more of your Instagram game by using cool attitude captions under your posts. Express your current state of mind, and remember it’s not all about sharing only positive attitudes, as cool attitude captions can sometimes reflect very real issues in life.

Make things simple sometimes and make your audience smile – attitude captions are a great way to add dimension and depth to your posts. The best attitude captions are the ones that are closest to what you feel at a given point in time.


Should my attitude captions for Instagram be short or long?

That’s really up to you. Experiment with longer and shorter Instagram attitude captions.

What matters is that you create interesting, catchy, and cool attitude captions for Instagram related directly to the content you are posting.

Sure, you can go a little philosophical here and there, but when you post a selfie, keep it short and sweet.

Can I use negative attitude captions for Instagram?

If you feel like there is something in your heart, and you wish to express what troubles you with your followers, you can express that by using negative attitude Instagram captions.

Speak up about an issue, and start speaking about a hot, controversial topic. Your voice is your platform, communicate with your audience about the good things in life but also real-life problems.

Are attitude captions important on Instagram?

Generally looking, the caption section underneath your post could potentially so much info, depth, and meaning to the photos and videos you share on the Instagram app.

Remember that with each post you create, you are sending a message to your following and there is so much you could say.

Creating a positive attitude caption or any other type of attitude can help you convey a message better to your audience.

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