How to Optimize the Performance of Social Media Apps

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Optimizing the performance of social media applications is a daunting task. However, the process might ease out with the right set of tools and steps. 

The market of social networking applications is never seen drooling. In fact, users spend approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes per day, or 70 hours on social media applications every month. In addition, with the rise of human numbers, the current social media accounts for 4.48 billion people across the globe. 

Moreover, as per statistics, over 88% of businesses run through social media. 

The given statistics confirm that if you are the owner of a social media application, you need to keep optimizing your performance techniques thoroughly. 

Here are some expert-driven performance optimization techniques for your social media mobile app development services


What is Social media app optimization?

The technique of increasing a website or web page’s exposure and reach on social media networks is known as social media optimization. This may be achieved by creating and putting into practice an efficient social media marketing plan in addition to optimizing the website’s content, design, structure, and layout for social media app development sharing. 

Top Tips To Optimize Social Media Apps Performance 

1. Set your goals for social media app

Setting up goals for your social media app development services is important. This allows you to identify and proceed toward the end agenda– Becoming most relevant in the social media industry. Wondering how pre-determined goals help in app performance optimization? Take a look at the given reasons:

  • Helps you improve your audience reach 
  • Enhances engagement 
  • Increase conversion rates 
  • Generate authentic leads 

Because a goal without a plan is just a dream, you must carry the goals in mind to seamlessly streamline your optimization process.

2.  Fill out your profiles in their entirety 

A necessary thing to keep your audience engaged is to fill out your business criteria page from front to back. So that, when required, you can effectively make changes to the latest accomplishments, updates, or news. 

This helps users to get to know you better as your profile will be verified and useful in the search engine results. 

Just follow the given instructions for the profile setup:

  • Upload high-quality brand image 
  • Let people know who you really are and what you do best 
  • Include relevant keywords 

3. Make use of the hashtags 

In essence, hashtags help search engines like Twitter and Instagram. Your chances of being seen are increased when you use hashtags in your captions. But please be aware that they don’t work as well on Facebook.

When using hashtags, one thing to keep in mind is to make sure they are appropriate for the social media platform you are posting the information to. Instagram hashtags differ from Twitter hashtags in appearance. Succeeding will come from knowing how to use them properly.

4. Create value-adding content that resolves user’s issues

The secret to successful social media marketing is content. It is what entices people to watch you. Value-added items are adored by people. Therefore, your content—whether it be original or carefully chosen—shouldn’t be restricted to simple marketing collateral, and your mobile app development services more seamless. 

They should also assist your followers in overcoming a challenge they are facing.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Infographics
  • Posts that evoke emotions
  • News 

5. Use better images 

If you use the correct photos, someone will notice you. All brands require this to boost engagement, particularly in light of the massive (and increasing) volume of material vying for users’ attention in their feeds.

But how do you differentiate your material from the plethora of images that appear in feeds?

Research demonstrates that social media content preferences vary throughout platforms. Hiring mobile app developers for anything that gets a lot of attention on Facebook might not get the same reaction on Instagram.

Try out several strategies and discover which postings receive the most attention by using an eClincher tool.

6. Include call-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) motivate readers to react to your posts. They increase audience engagement and help turn them into leads. Here are some pointers for maximizing the effectiveness of your call to action.

  • Make Offers That Will Interest Your Audience

This is a well-liked and successful engagement-boosting tactic. Converting leads is a great approach to offering eBooks and other materials in return for their information. Our best bet is to consult a mobile app development company for better engagement. 

  • Be Particular

Do you want your website’s visitors to become Facebook fans? Become a subscriber to your newsletter. Participate in your contest. Tell them that straight up.

  • Make them as brief and uncomplicated as you can.

Avoid making your call to action (CTAs) too difficult for people to complete, such as by requesting a lot of information. CTAs ought to be brief and uncomplicated.

7. Use attention-grabbing headlines

When it comes to persuading your followers to take a second look, headlines are crucial and can make or break your content.

Here are a few pointers.

  • Begin with the numbers

Moz claims that headlines that begin with numbers tend to ring true with readers the most. This article’s title, 10 Ways to Optimize Social Media, serves as an illustration.

  • Never Hold Back on Being Negative

Sometimes using negative words instead of positive ones, like “worst” and “never,” yields better results. Therefore, posts with titles like “3 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media App Development” might get more attention.

8. Participate Actively on Social Media Platforms That Benefit Your Company

It’s not necessary to be active on every social media site in order to raise awareness and market your brand. Selecting only the mobile app development company or platforms that will help your business is necessary. The question now is: Which platforms ought you to use?

Here are some suggestions for every social media network.


Facebook has more than 2.27 billion active users each month, making it one of the most popular social media networks available today.

Regardless of their sector, all businesses ought to have a Facebook page. Why? because Facebook is regarded by search engines as a local SEO signal. When they are removing results from their local search, they look at your profile.

Therefore, you must have a Facebook business account if you want to be more “searchable” when users include the location of your business in their search.


For companies that stand to benefit greatly from using images, Instagram is an excellent social media channel. Food, travel, and fashion are a few examples.


Twitter works great for news and information, but it can also be used for customer service or support for your business.


87% of Pinterest users reported using the platform to make a purchase. It’s among the social media networks with the highest rates of successful conversions.

Pinterest is a wonderful platform for firms with visual items and is ideal for enterprises dealing with arts, crafts, and events. (To be clear, you may be outside of these areas and have huge success on the platform.)


LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B (business-to-business) transactions. If you’re offering items aimed at other companies, LinkedIn should be on your list of primary social media channels.

Choose just the platforms that will assist you in best marketing your brand, products, or services so that you can concentrate your efforts on the things that are important to your business. Having only two or three that perform well is preferable to having five that do not.

9. Streamline Your Posting Timetable

Your publishing schedule might be one of the causes if you’re producing high-quality material but aren’t seeing any results. Posting at the peak online activity hours for your target is crucial.

This will vary depending on the brand. Additionally, it may vary depending on the platform. Your best bet is to run tests at various times and record the outcomes.

Every post you share will have its interaction measured by eClincher, allowing you to identify the optimal times of day for your business on each network.

10. Track your progress 

Monitoring your progress is the only method to determine whether your social media accounts are optimized correctly. Check the level of interaction you’re receiving. Before making any changes to your plan, keep track of how many times your posts were shared, how many comments they received, how many likes they received, etc.

This will assist you in identifying the tactics and approaches that are effective for you and ineffective. You may get assistance with each of them from eClincher’s analytics.

You’ll be able to optimize social media apps more successfully and make better decisions once you have reliable, fact-based information.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how and why must you optimize your social media application performance. Following the tips will result in higher reach, more lead generation, and enhanced ROI. 

Social media apps play an important role in the industry, so make sure you keep up with the latest trends and improve your performance for better results. 

Hire a mobile app development company in the USA that leads your social media app idea and takes you toward the pathway of success. 

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