Are you using uBlock Origin to get rid of all those annoying ads? You are watching your favorite streams on Twitch.tv, but all of a sudden, you get an ad. How is this possible, you ask? Why are you getting uBlock Origin not working on Twitch issue?

Well, Twitch developers are always looking for ways to improve the ad experience. When developers push a new update, it can lead to outdated versions of uBlock not working on Twitch. If you are among the people who are experiencing this same issue, look no further.

We will offer you a couple of fixes which were proven most effective in resolving the issue of uBlock Origin not blocking Twitch ads.

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    Why Are Ads Important?

    Before we get into the troubleshooting, we want you to understand why ads are important.

    For streaming platforms like Twitch, ads are very important.

    Ads run by a content creator on the platform not only help the content creator, but also help in keeping the platform free.

    Twitch generates most of the platform’s revenue through ads.

    To actually monetize the live-streams, Twitch serves the users a non-skippable ad at the beginning of the stream.

    Not even Twitch Prime users are excluded from watching this ad.

    While we are used to our adblocker software blocking all ads, some users have reported the issue of their uBlock not blocking Twitch ads.

    We can see how this can ruin our viewing experience on the platform.

    But, at the same time, these ads help our favorite content creators grow their community and create new content that we can enjoy.

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    Using uBlock Origin on Twitch

    Many users that are using uBlock have started reporting the same issue – uBlock not blocking ads.

    The reason behind this is that Twitch developers are always looking for innovative ways to show users ads.

    In the most recent Twitch.tv platform update, uBlock Origin users were met with an unusual pop-up message on their browsers.

    Namely, the pop-up appears every 10 or 20 minutes saying that a third-party software is ‘impacting site performance’.

    This led many users to believe that Twitch was actually targeting adblock software users.

    After some inquiry, we have found out that using any kind of adblock software does not explicitly go against any Twitch.tv platform policies.

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    We went out of our way to ask a Twitch spokesperson to give us their thoughts on this matter.

    The person stated that the users experiencing this pop-up message, were adblock software users.

    The reason behind this is that the adblock software they are using is interfering with the website’s code and manipulating it.

    The person also stressed that the overall density of the ads was not changed.

    This means that the only automated ads you see on twitch are prerolls.

    Streamers can respectively choose if they want to show these ads to their subscribers, meaning that if you are not a subscriber, you will most likely see ads on their stream.

    Not all people have the ability to spend money to tailor their viewing experience to their likings.

    This is why the most popular choice among millions of worldwide users is downloading and installing an adblock software like uBlock origin.

    To download and install uBlock Origin on your browser follow these simple steps:

    Google Chrome

    • Open Your Browser – The first thing you want to do is open up your browser and open a new tab.
    • Navigate to the Chrome Web Store – Once you have opened your browser, you are going to want to navigate to the chrome web store.
    • You can do this by typing in your address bar at the top of the window.
    • You want to search ‘Chrome Web Store’.
    • Or, if you like, you can copy and paste the following URL (uniform resource locator) to the address bar.

    Click here to get the extension.

    ublock extension

    This will take you to the chrome web store and it is going to look like this.

    extensions window
    • Search For ‘uBlock Origin’ – Once you are in the chrome web store, type ‘uBlock Origin’ in the search bar and look for the extension.
    ublock extension activation
    • Click on the Extension – Once you have located the appropriate extension, select it by left-clicking on it.
    • This will take you to the page of the extension.
    ublock origin
    • Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ – When the browser finishes loading the page, you will have a button on the right side that says ‘Add to Chrome’.
    • You want to click on that and wait for the browser to install the selected extension.
    adding ublock origin

    After the installation has finished, you will have to restart your browser for the extension to work in full effect.


    You can now ‘uBlock’ twitch ads!

    Mozilla Firefox

    • Open Your Browser – First thing that you want to do is open up your browser to a fresh page.
    • Click on the Menu Button – This button is located in the upper right corner of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
    • The button looks like 3 horizontal lines aligned in a column.
    mozilla ublock
    • Click on ‘Add-Ons’ – When you open up the menu, you are going to want to navigate to the ‘Add-ons’ page so you can browse your add-ons.
    mozilla addons

    Once your browser loads up the page you are going to want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Find More Add-ons’.

    Find More Add-ons

    After you click on the button, it will take you to a new tab showing all of the available extensions you can download and install in your browser.

    While you are there, you will notice a search screen in the top right corner of the page.

    find ublock mozilla

    In that search bar, you want to search for ‘uBlock Origin’.

    This will display the results as following.

    ublock origin mozilla addon

    Click on your desired option.

    This will take you to the next screen.

    Add ublock to Firefox

    On this following screen, click the button ‘Add to Firefox’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Your browser automatically knows what to do and your extension, or plug-in, will be ready.

    You will have to restart your browser for the extension to work in full effect.

    uBlock not Blocking Ads After Everything

    Finally, you have finished installing the extensions to your browser.

    You are more than ready to enjoy some of your favorite content creators on the Twitch.tv streaming platform.

     You open up the Twitch app, but what do you know!

    You get an ad!

    Do not pull your hair out just yet.

    We have prepared a couple of fixes for your uBlock not working!

    If you are using uBlock Origin (yes, they are 2 different projects) we have got your ‘uBlock origin not working’ issue covered too!

    As we mentioned before, using twitch ublock can interfere with the way your browser interprets data.

    This is mostly due to the way adblock software functions.

    Ublock twitch function by referencing allow and block lists.

    These filter lists contain URLs which are located in the allow or block lists.

    When you make a request to visit a webpage, your adblock software quickly checks the URL you are visiting and displays or blocks ads according to the lists.

    When twitch developers release an update on how ads are handled and served on the platform, it is likely to cause issues with your adblock software.

    Most of the time, adblock developers don’t have the time to update the filter lists immediately.

    So, if you start noticing that uBlock Origin twitch starts to let some ads through, it may be time to update your adblock software.

    Check your extensions on the browser you are using and make sure that you are using the latest version of your software.

    To update your uBlock Origin follow these steps:

    Google Chrome

    • Open Your Browser – First thing you want to do is open your browser to a fresh page.
    • Open the Extension Manager – When your browser is opened and loaded, click on the ‘Extensions’ button in the upper right corner of the browser.
    • And then click on ‘Manage Extensions’
    Manage Extensions
    • Enable Developer Mode – Once you clicked on the ‘Manage Extensions’ button it will take you to the extensions screen.
    • In the upper right corner, you will have a checkbox that will allow you to enable developer mode.
    • Check the box.
    enable developer mode

    Once you have checked that box, an option to update all of your extensions will appear.

    ublock extension activation

    Click on the update button and all of your extensions will update to the latest released version of the software.

    After this you will have to restart your browser.

    After the restart, try opening Twitch.tv and check to see if ads continue to show.

    Mozilla Firefox

    • Open Your Browser – Open your browser to a fresh page.
    • Open the Menu – The menu button is located in the upper right part of the window.
    • Click on it and select ‘Add-ons’.
    • This will take you to the add-ons page of Mozilla Firefox.
    add-ons page of Mozilla Firefox
    • Click on Extensions – This will take you to your downloaded and installed extensions.
    downloaded and installed extensions mozilla

    On this screen you will have the option to update your software if it is outdated.


    Use a VPN

    If you tried installing your adblock software and you are still experiencing ads, you may want to try using a VPN or virtual private network.

    Two of the most popular VPNs on the market today are Nord VPNand PIA VPN(private internet access).

    Using a VPN will allow you to tailor your browsing experience.

    You can configure your browser to browse from a country where Twitch is not currently running ads.

    By using a VPN, you will not only be able to get rid of ads, but you can also enjoy many other benefits of using a VPN.

    This includes hiding your activity from your internet service provider and masking your IP address.

    Use Alternate Browser if You Have uBlock Origin Not Working on Twitch Issue

    If none of the above solutions worked for you and you are still getting bombarded with ads, you may want to check out a different extension called ‘Alternate Player for Twitch.tv’.

    This little addon helps you get rid of almost all ads.

    It works by transferring the Twitch.tv platform broadcast to a local video player like Windows Media Player, VLC, and many others.

    You can download and install this browser extension in the same way you installed your uBlock Origin Twitch extension.

    The extension is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge!


    Seeing how ads have many positive and negative effects on our overall experience, it is hard to determine whether or not you should be using an adblock software.

    If you are not entirely sure that you want to use adblock software, but you dislike seeing ads, there are some other ways you can solve this.

    You can choose to pay a small subscription fee to your favorite content creators on the platform.

    This way you can support your favorite streamer and at the same time improve your viewing experience.

    I hope that this article helped you find an adequate solution for your issue.

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