TikTok platform is a highly competitive social media juggernaut that will suffocate and leave behind those unwilling to fight for every viewer and every second of online presence and recognition.

That fight can be harsh and unfair for beginners who often need a boost to launch them into an endless struggle and ever-growing trend-chasing of the TikTok universe.

What can give you the edge in this trench battle of trends and viewership are likes that you can purchase from Tik Tok likes providers, and that’s precisely the topic we’ll cover in this article.

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    Best Tik Tok Likes Providers

    Buying TikTok likes can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing and where to start. For that reason, we will help you by listing the top 20 providers for your convenience.

    We’ll explain how these TikTok services work and what they offer for your hard-earned money.

    1. Fueltok

    fueltok tik tok likes

    We should open this list with the best of the best, a provider tailor-made to make sure you get that social media fame you’ve always wanted.

    Experts lead Fueltok with over a decade of experience, so you know your money will go to the right hands and that your necessities will be satisfied to the fullest.

    With Fueltok, you’ll get real-life likes from real-life accounts that post regularly, so you know you’ll be getting top-quality service.

    As a veteran company in the business, Fueltok provides you with the best service you could hope for in this branch. Some of the key features include, but are not limited to:

    • High-quality Tik Tok likes from active accounts
    • Almost instant delivery
    • Advanced settings regarding delivery speed control for likes
    • No need to provide a TikTok password
    • Dedicated and competent support program

    Prices are proposed as singular payments or monthly subscriptions. The following packages are available as a single-time purchase:

    • $3.99 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $7.99 for 500 likes
    • $19.99 for 2500 likes

    Monthly subscriptions are more favorably priced, and they stand at:

    • $9.99 for 100 daily likes
    • $19.99 for 500 daily likes
    • $49.99 for 2500 daily TikTok likes

    2. Pubtok

    Pubtok views

    Are you interested in getting TikTok likes with no strings attached? Try Pubtok, an excellently developed app that offers a free trial and anonymous purchases.

    Another great thing about this app is its relatively low price. This makes it quite affordable even for people who don’t have a huge TikTok marketing budget and allows them to have a faster way of promoting themselves.

    Finally, this way of getting likes is quite secure, as the app is unlikely to cause you to be banned due to it delivering your purchase over the course of several days instead of all at once.

    3. Trollishly

    trollishly tik tok likes

    Trollishly is among the most popular high-quality services to check out if you want to get real Tik Tok likes to get ahead of your competition at knockdown prices.

    What you can expect at this website is a wide range of packages beneficial for both pros and newbies alike, hoping to boost your visibility on TikTok.

    The best part of this deal is that you won’t have to worry about disclosing your passwords or other confidential information. You’re only to supply them with your TikTok username or video URL, and they’ll do the rest.

    Trollishly offers a great selection of features to put any likes provider to the test, such as:

    • Real-users likes
    • High-speed, reliable delivery
    • Secured, care-free payment
    • Non-stop customer service and support
    • No password requirement
    • Guaranteed refund in case of dissatisfaction

    Current prices are far from steep, so here are some of the most common packages at your disposal:

    • $1.29 for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $21.49 for 2500 likes
    • $83.49 for 10000 likes
    • $248.49 for 30000 TikTok likes and many other packages for every wallet

    4. Celebian

    celebian tik tok likes

    Celebian is a top-rated service provider and a weapon of choice for many TikTok users in their neverending battle of channel growth.

    Get instant Twitch Views or Followers. A shortcut to your growth!

    With this provider, you can get many views, followers, and, most importantly – likes you need to progress on your recognition and TikTok visibility.

    The best thing about Celebian is that you can get 100 free TikTok likes as a token of goodwill and proof of delivery and good service.

    There are a plethora of reasons to put your trust in Celebian to help you grow and improve your TikTok channel, such as:

    • Low prices with neverending discounts
    • Trusted and reliable service
    • Fast delivery thanks to a patented automated system
    • Friendly support for all your perplexities

    Celebian offers packages for channels of all sizes, from beginners to big leaguers. I’ll list a few of them below :

    • $2.19 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $6.59 for 500 likes
    • $10.59 for 1000 likes
    • $17.59 for 2000 likes
    • $35.19 for 5000 likes
    • $58 for 10000 likes and many more

    5. SocialBoosting

    social boosting tik-tok

    SocialBoosting is widely regarded as a great place to organically boost your social media accounts like TikTok and Instagram.

    Here, you can buy more followers, views, and likes than you can ever need, thus boosting your TikTok account to high recognition.

    SocialBoosting is filled with veterans and experts in growing different platforms, and more than 23 million customers are a testament to their dedication and successful business.

    There are enough features here to make your channel more favorable to TikTok’s algorithm, and some of them are:

    • Receiving like organically in multiple runs
    • Liles from authentic and active TikTok accounts
    • Safe and secure payment and service
    • Friendly and capable customer support team
    • Money-back guarantee

    SocialBoosting offers 9 packages to maximize the visibility and engagement rate of your TikTok content and channel, and some of them are:

    • $4.50 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $9.00 for 350 likes
    • $15.00 for 750 likes
    • $26.00 for 1500 likes
    • $63 for 5000 TikTok liked

    6. SocialWick

    socialwick social media

    SocialWick is one of the leaders in the social media marketplace when it comes to improving the quality and recognition of users on every major social media network, from YouTube and Facebook to LinkedIn and Twitch and TikTok, of course.

    This website is more than capable of contributing to TikTok growth and your channel’s online visibility, guaranteed by the satisfaction of several hundreds of thousands of customers and more than a million likes sold.

    A long list of clients, remarkable affordability, and bot-free service is enough to satisfy the TikTok algorithm and all you need to know if you aim to become their next customer.

    If you’re having second thoughts about using this fantastic service, here are some reasons to convince you to take another gander at SocialWick:

    • Getting real Tik Tok likes from real people
    • Completely confidential transactions
    • Zero password requirements
    • Guaranteed lighting-fast delivery
    • 24/7 customer support service
    • 30 days free refill

    The best thing about this service is that you can input the exact number of likes you’d wish to use on your videos, but let’s round up a few current prices just for the show:

    • $1.32 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $9.89 for 750 likes
    • $26.38 for 2000 likes
    • $65.94 for 5000 likes
    • $131.88 for 10000 likes, and so forth

    7. TikTokRush

    tiktokrush buy likes

    TikTokRush is a specialized web page where you can buy TikTok likes and everything needed to boost your channels like shares, comments, and TikTok followers.

    Whether a newbie or an experienced TikToker chasing the top, you’ll find a package here for your every need.

    This online provider will help you enrich your TikTok experience and make it so that every TikTok post packs a punch for ultimate progress and customer satisfaction.

    A pretty standard set of necessary features is present here to draw your attention, with some of them being:

    • Best quality likes
    • Zero ban experience
    • Secure payment and data
    • Instant delivery
    • Excellent customer care

    With TikTokRush, you’ll get somewhat different packages than ordinary, and they are:

    • $0.61 for 20 TikTok likes
    • $1.12 for 50 likes
    • $2.19 for 100 likes
    • $4.19 for 200 likes and
    • $6.89 for 500 likes

    8. SocialsUp

    socialsup service

    SocialsUp service is a home of many experts in the social media field, thus making it excellent at expanding your popularity and visibility on the TikTok platform.

    With SocialsUp, you’re guaranteed to get all the likes you could ever need in a fast and secure manner, with a web page that eases you into the purchase with just a few clicks.

    SocialsUp will work with you every step to improve your presence and bring new followers to your channel asap.

    Here are a few features that make this online service so popular among its peers:

    • Focus on privacy and protection
    • High-security protocols for super fast delivery
    • Dedicated customer-friendly support
    • Service guarantee
    • History of improvements and optimal results
    • 30-day refund policy

    There are a whopping 13 naturally delivered Tik Tok likes packages for you to try out, and some of them are:

    • $0.69 for 20 TikTok likes
    • $1.08 for 50 likes
    • $2.48 for 250 likes
    • $24.98 for 2500 likes
    • $74.98 for 7500 TikTok likes and many more packages in-between

    9. InfluBoss

    influboss tiktok offers

    InfluBoss is a young company, but one with already a considerable digital experience under its belt, making them an excellent choice to help you further your growth on TikTok.

    This service is a specialized TikTok tool. With InfluBoss’ help, you can gather all you need to make your channel rise in popularity, whether you are a business owner, public person, or an amateur TikToker.

    You can buy TikTok followers, comments, shares, views, likes, and auto likes if you prefer to get your goods evenly and gradually on your posts.

    Reliability is the name of the game with InfluBoss, and some of the main reasons to consider this web service are:

    • Likes from top-quality TikTok users
    • Highly responsible and trustworthy service
    • No need for a subscription
    • Privacy protection
    • Fast ordering process
    • Friendly 24 hour support
    • 30 days money-back guarantee

    InfluBoss takes credit and debit cards and cryptocurrencies, so you have plenty of options of payment for 10 packages of likes currently available, some of them being:

    • $1.35 for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $2.49 for 250 likes
    • $9.99 for 1000 likes
    • $49.99 for 5000 likes
    • $99.99 for 10000 TikTok likes

    10. TikViral

    tikviral service provider

    TikViral is a renowned company and a recognized TikTok provider that offers high-quality service to uplift your rise to fame on the TikTok platform.

    By using TikViral, you’ll see an immediate impact that quality likes can have on a TikTok channel, and you will gradually grow in engagement rate, popularity, and visibility.

    They offer a complimentary trial service as proof of their goodwill and a guarantee of quality. With that trial, you can get free TikTok followers, likes, and views to have a taste of things to come.

    There are many different reasons to consider TikViral as your best and only choice for doing business. Some of them are:

    • Likes from genuine and authentic accounts
    • No need for passwords and credentials
    • Free trial
    • Reliable 24/7 customer service
    • Lifetime guarantee

    There are 15 likes packages at your disposal, and some of the most common are:

    • $0.54 for 50 TikTok likes
    • $7.10 for 500 likes
    • $35.99 for 2500 likes
    • $67.99 for 5000 likes
    • $179.59 for 15000 likes
    • $308.59 for 30000 TikTok likes, etc.

    11. FastLikes

    fastlikes buy likes

    FastLikes is a dedicated social network growth service intended to influence every significant social media platform on the web.

    With FastLikes, you will get real, genuine likes from real people, so you don’t have to worry about fakes and bots clogging your channel.

    The website is simple to work through, and with just a few clicks, you’ll get worldwide likes slowly poring down your account, benefiting your visibility and popularity in the process.

    The web page is simple enough to work through, as well as the ordering process, but here are some more benefits of choosing FastLikes for your TikTok improvement business:

    • Premium-quality worldwide likes for each TikTok video
    • Fast delivery
    • Secure and encrypted payment system
    • Guaranteed quality
    • Patient and responsive customer support

    Packages are varied and go from 100 to 10000 likes in volume, with some of them being:

    • $1.99 for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $15.99 for 500 likes
    • $44.99 for 2000 likes
    • $129.99 for 10000 TikTok likes and more

    12. SocialPros

    socialpros boosting

    SocialPros has been around for years. They worked with thousands of brands, influencers, and musicians to reach their full potential on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Clubhouse, TikTok, and many more social platforms.

    This website is simple to navigate, and with only 3 quick steps, you can have their social media experts already delivering the goods to your selected TikTok short videos and posts.

    Getting genuine likes from real and tangible users is enough to entice anyone into allowing SocialPros to prove their worth by boosting your channel’s recognition and visibility.

    If you’re still on the hesitant side of things, here are some features you might find helpful in putting your trust in this online service:

    • Top-tier quality of likes
    • Express delivery time
    • Round the clock delivery service
    • Reasonable pricing
    • Safe payment through industry-standard secure gateways

    As packages are concerned, SocialPros offers 6 different ones, and here are some of them with their respective prices:

    • $2.20 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $15.50 for 1000 likes
    • $68.50 for 5000 likes
    • $148.50 for 10000 Tik Tok likes

    13. GetViral

    getviral social media presence

    GetViral is a one-stop shop to boost your presence on social media platforms. Also, it is a go-to place for high-level musicians, artists, and regular old TikTok content creators who are only looking to improve their style and social media marketing.

    Navigating this website is a breeze, and the ordering process is user-friendly. Everything is clearly defined and explained, so you have to follow a few simple steps to get to your desired likes in no time.

    They are very familiar with the terms and conditions of many social media sites such as TikTok, so many orders and returning clients should tell you enough about their business status.

    GetViral allows you to reap various benefits of good business strategy by offering these advantages in how they conduct themselves with their clients:

    • Years of experience with 150 thousand orders
    • An excellent percentage of returning customers
    • Reasonable prices
    • Record-time delivery
    • High-quality likes
    • Top-tier customer support

    You can get 6 different packages with GetViral, and they are:

    • $2.39 for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $8.99 for 500 likes
    • $15.99 for 1000 likes
    • $34.99 for 2500 likes
    • $68.99 for 5000 likes
    • $148.99 for 10000 likes

    14. GetAFollower

    getafollower buy likes

    GetAFollower is a trusted, market-leading company offering many services and products for every significant social platform.

    This US-based business offers, quite frankly, an astonishing number of different services for you to play with, from every social network to things like IMDB and Shopee. Quite a fantastic value.

    As far as TikTok goes, GetAFollower will get you your followers, comments, shares, TikTok views, and, most importantly, likes from real-life people. So, they use no automation or bots while providing their services.

    GetAFollower not only talks the talk but also walks the walk, which is backed up by these fantastic features:

    • Top-quality likes
    • Targeting specific demographic
    • Safety and privacy of personal data
    • Always available and capable customer support
    • Full money-back guarantee

    Prices of their one time worldwide packages are a bit steep, but top quality service tends to be a bit costly sometimes:

    • $3.00 for 50 worldwide TikTok likes
    • $11.00 for 250 worldwide likes
    • $97.00 for 2500 likes
    • $375.00 for 10000 worldwide TikTok likes

    Likes from specific countries like Brazil are cheaper in comparison to worldwide likes.

    15. Famoid

    famoid tiktok

    Famoid is a perfect place to buy Tik Tok likes and everything you need to promote, boost, and improve your TikTok channel.

    Likes you can buy from this site are as genuine and authentic as they come, plus you get them organically so that the TikTok algorithm remains on your side at all times.

    The website is simple to understand and navigate, and more than 280 thousand happy customers are a testament to Famoid’s good business practices.

    There are many features consumers may find helpful with Famoid, but some of the best are:

    • Likes are of the highest value
    • There are no privacy and safety issues to speak of
    • Instant delivery via the patented Famoid software
    • The support team is second to none

    There is a total of 8 likes packages available on Famoid, and these are some of the more popular:

    • $4.95 for 250 TikTok likes
    • $27.95 for 2500 likes
    • $54.95 for 5000 likes
    • $99.95 for 10000 TikTok likes

    16. UseViral

    useviral tiktok likes

    UseViral is an excellent place for any TikTok user to buy real Tik Tok likes, either for his growing channel or for that extra boost of necessary attention and popularity.

    The web page is self-explanatory, and you should only choose TikTok out of the 11 offered social platforms to get you going towards TikTok fame.

    This web service offers a choice between active and high-quality likes. The former is likes from 100 percent real accounts and real people, while the latter comes from accounts with profile pictures but no real uploads.

    If you’re interested in using UseViral to conduct your TikTok business, here are what benefits and features you may expect from this company:

    • Top-quality, real likes
    • Almost instant delivery
    • 30-days refill
    • Competent customer service

    Buying likes from UseViral is a straightforward process, and packages are varied and fairly priced for the most part:

    • $3.20(real), $2.00(high-quality) for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $17. 60(real), $11.00(high-quality) for 1000 likes
    • $72.00(real), $45.00(high-quality) for 2500 likes
    • $206.40(real), $129.00(high-quality) for 10000 TikTok likes

    17. SidesMedia

    sidesmedia marketing service

    SidesMedia is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget but still looking for more engagement and recognition for your TikTok channel.

    This web service provides you with active likes, so you’ll never have to worry about bots and fakes damaging your account.

    It takes a few minutes to get started with one of their programs and packages, and they guarantee success and boost for your favorite social media account.

    There are several points to Sides Media’s strategy in enabling you to connect to a large number of your target audience, such as:

    • Risk-free service with real-life followers and likes
    • Max 2 day delivery
    • Reasonable price
    • 24/7 customer support

    You can order real, high-quality likes in 8 distinct packages, and these are just a few of the most popular ones:

    • $2.00 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $7.00 for 500 likes
    • $19.00 for 1500 likes
    • $79.00 for 5000 likes
    • $129 for 10000 likes

    18. InstBlast

    instblast tiktok followers

    InstBlast is just the tool you need for organic growth and a systematic and natural boost to your TikTok channel.

    This web page is specialized in TikTok above any other platform, and it shows. The site is easy to navigate, and getting your likes is smooth and straightforward.

    True TikTok fans will benefit from a complimentary 50 TikTok likes as a token of consideration and a proof of concept for InstBlast.

    This company doesn’t lack the functionality in its service, and it’s popular with beginners and top players alike for these reasons:

    • Maximum safety with no pass requirements
    • Swift and smooth service delivery regardless of the number of likes
    • No-block guarantee
    • 24/7 active customer service
    • 100 percent money-back guarantee

    InstBlast offers 9 different likes packages at relatively affordable prices, and we’ll go through some of them below:

    • $1.00 for 25 TikTok likes
    • $3.00 for 250 likes
    • $22.00 for 2500 likes
    • $79.60 for 10000 TikTok likes

    19. TokMatik

    tokmatik tiktok

    Closing to the end of the list, we have TokMatik, a great little site to buy likes from real-life, high-quality accounts.

    The company and its web page incidentally are exclusive to TikTok, so the only things you can get are views, followers, and likes. That’s not necessarily a big deal or a deal-breaker because they have several good things with their specialized service.

    As an excellent example of their business capabilities, you’ll get to try 100 likes free of charge to kick off your account improvement campaign.

    This company holds to its guns and is always relying on these values and features with each order:

    • Reliable service with more than 1000 returning customers
    • Top-tier likes for a competitive price
    • The completely safe and automated instant delivery system
    • Awesome customer support

    TokMatik offers 9 TikTok packages in total, from 100 to 5 thousand likes, and some of them are:

    • $2.49 for 100 Tik Tok likes
    • $7.49 for 500 likes
    • $11.99 for 1000 likes
    • $19.99 for 2000 likes
    • $39.99 for 5000 TikTok likes

    20. Social-Viral

    social viral followers buying

    Social-Viral is the second to last TikTok likes service on this countdown, and a genuinely reputable company for prosperity on every platform, from Instagram to Spotify.

    The website is easy to navigate, and the road to more fans is just a few steps away with this fast and reliable service. Pick the package, provide your TikTok username, and you’re done.

    Likes are organic, permanent, and identical to what you would usually get with natural TikTok channel growth.

    If you’re wondering why would you pick this service out of all the others on the web, here are some reasons:

    • Trusted service with likes from authentic TikTok profiles
    • Speedy delivery
    • Money refund guarantee
    • 24-hour customer service

    There are 9 high-quality and 9 premium packages available on this fantastic website, and I’ll list some of them below:

    • $1.38 for 50 high-quality TikTok likes
    • $4.10 for 250 high-quality likes
    • $7.50 and $8.00 for 500 high-quality and premium likes, respectively
    • $35.00 for 2500 premium likes
    • $250.00 for 20000 premium TikTok likes

    21. TokCaptain

    tokcaptain tik tok

    And last but not least, we will cover TokCaptain, another excellent source if you’re looking to buy real TikTok followers, views, and likes.

    It covers, more or less, the same as other services in this category, with every view, follower, and like coming from real-life sources, and all you can do is lay back and watch your numbers going up.

    The site is very well organized, and navigating to Tik Tok likes is as simple as possible. You need to pick the appropriate package, provide an email and video link, and order you’re set to go.

    Many factors could sway you in the way of choosing TokCaptain as your preferred likes provider, some of them being:

    • Use of real people with active account
    • Safe payment and transactions due to encryption software
    • Zero ban history
    • Instant and permanent delivery
    • Full-time customer service

    As for the packages, there are 10 available in total, 5 quality and 5 premium likes packages. The most popular ones are:

    • $2.99 for 100 TikTok likes
    • $14.99 for 1000 likes
    • $59.99 for 2500 premium likes
    • $99.99 for 5000 premium TikTok likes


    That’s quite a list to go through, so take a pick and watch your fan base steadily growing due to an astute investment. These Tik Tok likes providers will give you the boost you need to get you in a situation where you can think about future success.

    Hopefully, this article gave you essential insight into becoming a valuable part of your social media marketing strategy for the triumphant campaign of becoming a TikTok-famous and outstanding content creator.


    How Can I Get More Likes On TikTok?

    Please make sure you do everything you can to make it to the big league. You can try the following:

    1. Create a simple, recognizable name
    2. Make your profile public
    3. Find your niche, create engaging content
    4. Use good camera and lighting
    5. Connect your TikTok account with each of the social media platforms available
    6. Be active, collaborate with famous people

    Can TikTok See Your Likes?

    The Tik Tok likes are visible to you exclusively by default, but you can change that from your profile page. Go to Settings and privacy on your profile page, access the Privacy option, and change the Liked videos settings from Only me to Everyone.

    Do Likes Matter On TikTok?

    Other than the number of followers, video views, and comments, Tik Tok likes are among many factors that determine your status on this social media platform. Likes are crucial if you’re looking to gain popularity and expand your channel and army of followers because they’ll help your channel gain the recognition you need.

    Can Purchase Likes Be Traced Back To My TikTok Account?

    No! No TikTok followers will have a way of determining where your likes came from, so don’t worry about someone finding out if you decided to buy Tik Tok likes online. Pay attention to what providers you are using because you’ll want to get your likes organically.

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