During some earlier times, microphones were related to the television and the radio only, but nowadays microphones are an unavoidable part of the Audio Technica of several types of online media.

Microphones are commonly used for recording vocals or video streaming on various platforms such as Twitch, Discord, YouTube, etc.

However, perhaps the most common field in which we can see microphones are podcasts.

Therefore, from being an integral part of radio and television, microphones have become one of the essential pieces of streaming equipment.

One of the mics that you can find on the market is Rockville RCM01 microphone and in this review, we’re going to present it to you with all its good and bad sides based on our experience and users’ reviews.

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    Rockville RCM01 Review

    Features, Software, and Price

    Rockville RCM01

    First of all, when you purchase this product, the packaging contains the Rockville RCM01 Pro Studio Recording Condenser Microphone, the Rockville RDMS70 Desktop Mic Stand, the XLR, and the 3.5mm jack cables, and the owner’s manual in case of any ambiguities.

    The mic stand comes with a boom, adjustable height, a steel round base, a metal shock mount, and there is also an on/off switch.

    After you open the packaging, there is no need to wait and you can start using it instantly.

    This Rockville product can be connected to any laptop, PC, or some other device with an XLR cable and 10 feet 3.5mm jack completely made of copper.

    Apart from a computer and laptop, this microphone can also be connected to any mixer with phantom power.

    The dimensions of Rockville RM01 are 37x22x12.7 centimeters and it weighs approximately 3.7 kilograms.

    To be more precise, the microphone body weighs 325 grams, the microphone’s maximal diameter is 48mm, its length is 157mm, and the boom length is 40cm.

    As we have mentioned in the previous part of this review, you can adjust the height, and it can be adjusted from 27cm to 40cm.

    The base is very sturdy, its diameter is 16cm, and it has a rubber pad on the bottom side to prevent sliding and any unnecessary movement so we can say it’s quite stable.

    Another thing that you get with this microphone is an anti-wind foam cap, so you can be sure that the noise of air moving over the microphone will be significantly reduced.

    The metal shock mount will also contribute to the quality of your recording since the shock mount protects the microphone from contact using suspensions.

    Namely, every contact with the microphone creates a low-frequency rumble and ruins a possibly good recording.

    The shock mount is there to prevent that from happening.

    The construction of the microphone is made of metal and it is very firm and strong and, thus, it’s not fragile and cannot be broken easily.

    Microphone’s polar pattern makes an important part of its features and refers to the sensitivity to the angle or direction in which a sound arrives at the microphone.

    So, in terms of polar pattern, Rockville RCM01 has a cardioid design which means that it is perfect for sounds that are supposed to sound “dry” and “close” and the diaphragm, part that actually vibrates in response to sound waves, and, therefore, is a very important component of the microphone, can produce both low noise as well as natural and smooth sounds.

    RCM01’s operating voltage range is from 1.5V to 10V and its standard operating voltage is 3V.

    When it comes to this microphone’s sensitivity, it’s not ideal since the perfect sensitivity goes from -42dBV/Pa to -30dBV/Pa, and Rockville RCM01’s sensitivity is -27dBV/Pa.

    Therefore, it’s not ideal, but it is very good.

    Additionally, its frequency response is warm and goes from 30Hz to 20KHz.

    As for the things the Rockville brand has done well, we would highlight the very satisfactory sensitivity, even though theoretically it’s not ideal.

    Even though it’s somewhat quiet, your voice will sound very clear.

    In addition, it is very lightweight unlike several other microphones and one of Rockville RM01’s best qualities is its amazing price-quality relationship and the fact that it is one of the cheapest microphones out there, but is definitely a good bargain.

    Apart from using it for recording vocals, you can, without a hitch, use Rockville RCM01 with musical instruments in studio applications such as acoustic guitar, etc.

    It also can be combined with pre-amplifiers.

    We have combined it with a 15V pre-amplifier and the recording has sounded really amazing.

    What we didn’t like about this microphone is the fact that it is quite quieter than some other microphones we have tested.

    Consequently, the sound might sound muffled when recorded from a close distance, and some users might not be satisfied with the clarity of the sound, but whether you will find the clarity good or bad will depend on your personal preference and on what you expect.


    • Great value for money
    • Quality and firm construction
    • Cardioid design
    • Lightweight
    • The base has a rubber pad that enables stability
    • Anti-wind foam cap
    • Metal shock mount
    • You can record musical instruments as well
    • Can be combined with pre-amplifiers


    • A bit quieter
    • The recording might sound muffled and rugged
    • Some users might not be satisfied with its clarity

    Key Features

    Firm metal construction

    Construction is a very important part of each microphone.

    The use of a microphone includes a lot of movement and it’s not pleasant when microphones break after only a couple of weeks.

    That’s why the construction has to be built from good and strong materials and it has to be durable and firm.

    Based on our test, which we conducted before writing this review, we can say that this Rockville RCM01’s construction meets this condition.

    Rubber pad

    Apart from durable and strong construction, one quality mic also needs to be stable.

    We have already mentioned that the use of a mic includes a lot of movement, and you don’t want your mic to slide over the surface.

    This rubber pad on the bottom of the base of the construction will prevent sliding and provide excellent stability to it.

    Anti-wind foam cap and shock mount

    The foam cap that prevents unpleasant air sounds whenever you speak is an essential part of any microphone.

    Thus, all those air noises will be eliminated and your recording will sound much clearer and louder.

    The shock mount, as we already said in the previous part of the text, protects the mic from contact using suspensions and eliminates the possibility of ruining the recording.


    A lot of quality microphones on the market are quite heavy.

    Even though that might sound like a trivial thing, a heavy mic is tough to use, control, and set up.

    That’s why we need to point out the lightness of this mic as one of its key features.

    Target Audience

    In terms of price, this mic is the one that practically everyone can afford.

    Besides, it can be used for video streaming on platforms, in a home studio, for podcasts, and even for singing.

    In all these activities it should deliver great results and we are sure that your voice will sound nice and crystal clear.

    The fact that some people even used it for the amplification of musical instruments is really mind-blowing, especially regarding its price.

    Rockville RCM01 Price

    This Rockville product’s price is honestly astonishing.

    Its initial price was around $80, but then that price was reduced and now this mic costs about $40 only so it’s practically like it is on sale, and can be purchased on Amazon, eBay, and many other websites.

    If we compare it to the prices of any concurrent brand and microphones that are of similar quality as this one, we can only conclude that this is probably the best bargain on the market.

    Similar microphones usually cost more than $100 and the most elite and the most expensive ones are more or less $200.

    With Rockville RCM01 you can get excellent quality and save a lot of money.


    This mic is a great example that not every quality product has to be expensive and cost a fortune.

    The manufacturing company has presented a very good product that can satisfy the need of even the pickiest users and at the same time be affordable even to those who can’t purchase pricey things.

    Thus, we can, for sure, say that this is one of the best Rockville products.

    We also know that every Rockville product is sent to their factory where the engineers check it, and, thus, Rockville products’ quality shouldn’t be questionable and for that reason, Rockville is one of the most reliable brands on the market.

    Of course, some people need more than this mic has to offer and they will have to pay more, but for those who want to save some money, this is a great opportunity.

    Finally, from our perspective, this is an excellent mic and we are very satisfied with most of its characteristics.

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