If you are a loyal Twitch user, then you definitely know that all of the streamers and bloggers on this platform tend to have their unique aesthetic and that their overlay and whole profile design tend to showcase it. If you are new to a streaming site like this one, then you should definitely make your account to be as unique as possible and give a try to a purple overlay.

Even if you are not a member of Twitch, but you do follow some popular streamers and gamers, especially female ones, then I believe that you have seen that all of them tend to have a unique streaming personality.

In order to stand out, they usually tend to choose to create profile designs in bright colors like red, yellow, pink, or even purple, which is a great technique.

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    Where Can I Get A Good Purple Overlay?

    Purple Overlay

    There are several platforms where you can download an overlay from, but we have decided to make the selection of the best ones and help you learn how to get the most out of them.

    These are some of the best platforms for creating and downloading a unique overlay for your Twitch and YouTube streaming sessions.

    1. OWN3D


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    One of the first search results, when you type in “create your own overlay” on Google, is definitely this website that is known for having a category for basically anything and allowing you to start creating different stream designs easily.

    If you are looking for a simple purple overlay you would like to adjust and customize it all by yourself. I believe Own3D is one of the best options because it has thousands of different images, allows you to adjust measurements the way you want, and even edit videos.

    The settings you will find on this website are quite unique, and they allow you to create a beautiful overlay and improve the quality of any image with just a few simple technologies and clicks.

    It is also completely free, and you can use all of the features even if you are just one of the guests, which is great because it allows you to create content for any type of occasion.

    2. Shutterstock


    Shutterstock is one of the regular options I believe all the internet audience is aware of because it basically allows you to download any type of content and image.

    However, even though it is easy to find a purple overlay on this site, you need to know that you will have to be signed up for it in order to download anything, but also that you will probably need to invest some money in the platform.

    Take this information into consideration before you find the perfect image for yourself, especially if you don’t want to spend money on a simple purple overlay.

    3. PNG Tree

    PNG Tree

    PNG Tree is also one of the older platforms you will have to subscribe for if you want to make sure you will be able to complete the downloading process of your favorite purple overlay.

    This is aimed more at business people and those who do graphic design for a living, but if you have any skills with computers and this software, then you will be able to create your own light purple overlay, save it to the account and download it to your device.

    The quantity of the overlays you will be able to create is not limited, but you will have access only to a limited number of features if you don’t have a paid account.

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