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Twitch is the most popular streaming platform on the whole internet. The numbers that show the amount of streamers/broadcasts/concurrent viewers/followers/hours streamed/hours watched have so many digits that you need to stop and think: how do I read this number?

Bloggers and writers, for the sake of our readers, please write the huge numbers with words!

Among so many records and highest ratings, today I will introduce to you the most viewed Twitch stream.

Note that this record is ever-changing. What I will write about in this text is the stream with the highest peak viewers that was broadcast by August 2021.

If you are reading this text in a year (or maybe just months from now), the situation may have already changed.

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    Most Viewed Twitch Stream

    It is a general truth that North American streamers are the most popular ones, but the reality is that streams in other languages are getting more and more popular by the day.

    The Spanish gamer David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas Martínez was the last one to break the record of broadcasting a stream with the most concurrent viewers.

    Grefg Twitch

    His viewership counts over 7 million followers. He streams playing mostly Fortnite, League of Legends, and Valorant.

    On the day of the record-breaking, he was playing Fortnite.

    The new record of above 2,470,000 peak concurrent viewers was set on January 11, 2021.

    What is special about this is that he, as an individual streamer, beat the largest video game broadcasters such as Eleague tv, Riot Games, Epic Games, and PlayStation. He even beat the number of viewers of esports competitions.

    This record is also the highest recorded number of concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream created by an individual, a place that he has already held before.

    This is not simply breaking a record by hitting a somewhat higher number than the previous record owner. The difference is enormous!

    The record that was broken on January 11 was held by another master of esports Ninja: the previous December, he had an audience of 660,000, which was the most concurrent viewers at that time. He was playing Fortnite with Travis Scott and Drake.

    How Did TheGrefg Reach Such a High Number?

    The most popular Twitch streamers, only the 8 of them, have the privilege of getting their own Icon series Fortnite skin. TheGrefg is one of them.

    On January 11, 2021, he was revealing his own Fortnite skin. It includes black and red hair, red arm cuffs, and gold on the bare chest, as well as his logo.

    The price of this skin is 1,500 V-bucks (a Fortnite currency). For 1,800 V-bucks, you can get TheGrefg Bundle, consisting of a Back Bling reactive cosmetic, ‘Balls of Power’, and the harvesting tool ‘Staff of Control’.

    He can thank this revelation for reaching the gigantic number of viewers and breaking the previous Ninja’s record.

    TheGrefg Statistics

    So far, here are some statistical data about this popular streamer, as is reported on TwitchTracker in August 2021 (note that the numbers change with every passing day):

    • Total number of followers: 7.85 million
    • Average number of viewers: 37,453
    • Peak viewers: 2,470,347
    • Number of hours streamed: 2,347
    • Number of hours watched: 87.9 million
    • Total views: 161 million
    • Number of days streaming: over 600

    More About TheGrefg

    • David Cánovas Martínez, aka TheGrefg, is originally from Murcia, Spain, though now he lives in Andorra.
    • He was born in April 1997.
    • He was only 14 when he started his YouTube channel in January 2012. Now he has over 17 million followers.
    • He wrote two songs, one in celebration of 4 million subscribers and the other for 10 million subscribers.
    • He also wrote a song Calvaland for the Minecraft series with the same title.
    • He was a co-founder of Team Heretics in 2016.
    • In 2018, he wrote a book titled Los secretos de YouTube (The Secrets of YouTube) where he explained his journey as a YouTuber.
    • He also wrote a book Team Heretics: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre esports (Team Heretics: All You Need to Know About Esports). This was written with Goorgo and MethodZ, the co-founders of the team.
    • In 2019, he was nominated for Game Awards Content Creator of the Year, which is a gaming world Oscar. He didn’t win the award, which went instead to the player of Fortnite Shroud.
    • Epic Games announced their plan to give him Fortnite skin in January 2020.
    • The Spanish Forbes named him the sixth influencer in Spain for 2020.

    Twitch Stream With the Most Viewers

    The record of the highest number of concurrent viewers in 2018 was held by the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tournament with a peak of 700,000 people watching.

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    In this section, we will present three lists of Twitch streams with the highest numbers of concurrent or total viewers. The source is Twitch Tracker.

    Twitch Streams With the Highest Viewership – All Channels

    • TheGrefg: 2,470,347 (Spanish gamer; Fortnite)
    • Ibai: 1,538,645 (Spanish gamer; boxing matches)
    • ELEAGUETV: 1,088,063 (esports tournaments; most popular game: Counter Strike)
    • PlayStation: 1,014,646 (official PlayStation channel; most popular game: Mortal Combat)
    • Fortnite: 700,529 (official Fortnite channel)

    Twitch Streamers With the Most Total Channel Views

    • Community of gaming legends Fextralife: 1,594 million
    • Riot Games: 1,286 million
    • Variety streamer shadbasemurdertv: 719 million
    • ESL_CSGO: 633 million
    • Gamer Ninja: 545 million

    Individual Twitch Streamers With the Highest Viewership

    • TheGrefg: 2,470,347 (Spanish, Fortnite)
    • Ibai: 1,538,645 (Spanish, boxing matches)
    • Tommyinnit: 650,237 (English, finale of Dream SMP Minecraft)
    • Ninja: 616,693 (American, Fortnite)
    • Shroud: 516,289 (Canadian, Valorant)

    Most Popular Esports Events – Single Game

    • 15 June 2020, Fortnite The Device Event: 2,331,987 viewers
    • 10 November 2019, finals, League of Legends Worlds 2019: 1,782,765 viewers
    • 7 April, Valorant Closed Beta, 1,728,977 viewers
    • 26 August 2019, World of Warcraft Classic Launch Day: 1,165,793 viewers
    • 25 August 2019, finals, Dota 2 The International 9: 1,045,985 viewers

    The Rise of Twitch

    Twitch is the most popular streaming platform. It has its history, how it was created and started to grow. Here is a short account of that.

    First, there was justin.tv. This website was established by Justin Kan who was live-streaming his day-to-day life. He called it ‘lifecasting’.

    Then, in 2007, he stopped lifecasting and together with Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel, and Kyle Vogt relaunched the website to allow users to create their ‘channels’ and broadcast anything they want.

    As video game playing was becoming very popular, in the year 2011, they started a new site – twitch.tv, which was aimed at streaming video games specifically.

    This site was a pioneer in live streaming games. It has become the most popular streaming platform in no time and in only three years was big enough to be purchased by Amazon.


    Looking at the things that are unfolding before us, we can predict that Twitch will remain at the top as the most popular platform for streaming games and other creative work. Also, considering the high number of viewers that TheGrefg managed to reach, we can expect him to hold first place for some time. But who knows, that may change more rapidly than we think.

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