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    Headphones have become a must-have accessory for all gamers and streamers in particular, for easier communication with their teammates in voice chat. But of course also to all users who want to enjoy a good sound and disconnect from the outside world.

    That is why it is important to adapt the quality of the headset model you choose to your needs. Today we will present the HyperX Cloud Mix with all its advantages and disadvantages, and who knows, maybe this is the right model for you!

    In this HyperX Cloud Mix review, you will discover the features of this gaming headset!

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      HyperX Cloud Mix Review

      Features, Software, and Price

      HyperX Cloud Mix

      Ever since the first release of the Cloud models, HyperX is a leading digital publisher of headphones in the gaming domain. What sets them apart is the high-resolution audio and multiple connection systems via cable, wireless connection, and Bluetooth mode.

      Large and comfortable headphones with a diameter of 40 mm are compatible with all types of consoles and smart devices. HyperX Cloud Mix headphones are highly recommended for gaming.

      On the other hand, the dimensions and lightweight of these Bluetooth headphones make them ideal to use on the go. With a detachable microphone, battery, electronics, and a cable they weigh only 275g. That is surprisingly even 65g lighter than the standard Cloud model.

      HyperX Cloud MIX Wired gaming headset with rich Hi-Res sound is connected with a 3.5mm cable. Cable length 1.3 m + 2m detachable braided cable. The microphone frequency range is from 50 – 18000 Hz while the Microphone sensitivity is 42 dB. The maximum sound pressure level underwater is 100 dB.

      The HyperX Cloud MIX gaming headset is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as Bluetooth devices. Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, and Mumble protocols are supported.

      The package comes with a complete arsenal of cables that will enable you to connect to multiple devices such as your computer, consoles, or mobile device. You will find an audio 3.5mm cable, 2m detachable braided cable, and micro USB. The package also includes an accessory case with the HyperX logo for safer headphone transfer.

      Battery life is about twenty hours of playback.


      • Wireless compatibility
      • Bluetooth mode
      • Wired USB connection
      • Surround sound
      • Hi-res audio certified
      • Long battery life
      • Detachable boom mic
      • Headphone frequency 10 – 40 kHz
      • 3.5mm wired connection
      • Lightweight Cloud Mix
      • Great audio quality
      • Stereo gaming headset


      • No Headphone backlight
      • $200 price
      • No USB sound card
      • Can’t connect to multiple devices

      Hyperx Cloud Mix Design

      HyperX Cloud Bluetooth headphones have never been one of those models whose design tends to appeal to the gaming population.

      In that sense, HyperX Cloud Mix continues on the same path and visually resembling the basic Cloud design, but in an even more classic look.

      First of all, Cloud mix gaming headsets are fully black, except for the metallic gray HX logo on both headphones.

      The headphone jacks are the same as on previous Cloud models, metal, with a slightly redesigned rotation mechanism. Cloud Mix has cable controls and built-in handset controls.

      The memory foam pillow above the head is sewn on the inside. Visually, the previous models may seem costly because of it, but as this is a Bluetooth gaming headset, HyperX probably wanted to make it more convenient for walking, transport, and other situations where you can use wireless connectivity.

      HyperX, as a gaming-oriented brand, did not forget the main purpose of the headset. So Cloud Mix has implemented two microphones – one large Boom Mic, which can be detached from the headphones.

      There is also a smaller one, a built-in mic, which can be used for conversations and other situations when it is inconvenient to reach for a large microphone.

      Cloud Mix has dense memory foam ear cups covered with faux leather. Well-measured pressure on the ears is also pretty good isolation from external sounds and enhances the audio quality.

      Special 40mm dual-chamber drivers separate the bass from the mid and treble for greater sound clarity and reduced distortion.

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      It is also worth mentioning that the pads are interchangeable, so you can remove them for cleaning or replace them with a plush one if you wish.

      The durable aluminum frame combined with the memory foam on headphones and the frame above the head provides maximum comfort, which is directly felt in comparison with other headphones. This Bluetooth headset is very comfortable for long gaming sessions.

      Setup and Use

      The connection is simple and comes down to holding the power button until the status LED turns red and the headset enters pairing mode.

      If you use HyperX Cloud Mix headsets wirelessly, they are ideal for connecting to a phone or laptop. The range is 10m with optical visibility. It might be less than 10m if there are obstacles in between.

      One drawback is that you can’t use multiple connection modes at the same time. If you are in a wired connection mode with a detachable cable, the Bluetooth connection mode will not work.

      The basic 1.3m cable has a control unit with a potentiometer and microphone control and ends with a four-pole connector. The two-meter-long extension cable branches into two separate audio jacks for connection to a computer.

      Cloud Mix wired gaming headset has a 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone jack, micro-USB charging port, as well as two volume keys, and one universal key for answering calls and multimedia control, such as the one on the bugs for Android phones. Controls on the headset and 3.5mm cable to control music, volume wheel, and mute the Bluetooth mic.

      Gaming Headset Performance

      HyperX Cloud Mix is equipped with 40mm speakers with Neodymium magnets, an impedance of 40Ω. The balance is very pleasant, with nice reproduction of details and without noticeable holes in the frequency spectrum. The headphones have a frequency response from 10Hz to 40KHz, in fact from 20Hz to the frequency you are able to hear, depending on the age and preservation of hearing.

      These hi-res audio-certified Bluetooth headphones have a virtual 7.1 surround sound. A 40-ohm impedance and two separate chambers serve to create a better sound balance. It is interesting that the headphones have small holes, without plugs. If you close them manually, you will realize that the middle tones get even better, so you can close them if fidelity to sound reproduction is a priority, or leave them open if you like music with intense bass, or for gaming needs.

      The frequency spectrum is clearly represented, and there is no distortion. This is achieved with a dual-chamber driver for greater differentiation and less distortion. Total harmonic distortion is 2%. Low frequencies are emphasized in HyperX Cloud Mix headphones resulting in quality bass sound. Any PC gamer and electronic music lover will enjoy this.

      The boom mic meets the needs for gaming and streaming. The gaming headset also has an additional built-in mic for calls, so you don’t look weird with a microphone sticking out while relaxing in the park or riding a bike. The detachable boom mic has background noise removal.

      Battery life is not declared, but it lasts for about 20 hours of playback. If you happen to forget to charge the battery on your Cloud Mix, the package also includes cables with a standard three-ring connection for a mobile phone which also has a volume potentiometer and a microphone mute switch, an adapter that allows independent connectors for headphones, and a microphone, as well as a micro-USB headphone charging cable. The battery is not replaceable and requires the replacement device to be opened.

      Main Features

      1. Bluetooth Mode

      Bluetooth capabilities in version 4.2 with support for Hi-Res Audio are excellent. It might be a much better option than USB wireless adapters because you can use them with mobile phones or other Bluetooth-ready media devices.

      Unlike other gaming headsets where the sound differs in wired and Bluetooth connections, this is not the case with the Cloud Mix Bluetooth headset. The internal amplifier offers enough audio quality that it does not limit the headphones in any way. The volume is also equally good with a Bluetooth mode.

      2. Detachable Mic

      As with any wired gaming headset, the microphone is a very important item for in-game communication. The boom mic is also important for conversations if you use HyperX Cloud Mix as a headset for a mobile phone.

      Cloud Mix headphones actually have two microphones, a built-in mic, and a detachable boom mic. If you are often on the move and use headphones to listen to music, the microphone in the headset itself will be a more elegant solution so you don’t have to carry a detachable mic with you.

      When it comes to gaming performance, the detachable boom mic actually works in combination with the internal one, which in that case serves as an ambient microphone for noise reduction in-game audio.

      Target Audience

      HyperX Cloud mix is great gaming headphones for all gamers who sit at the computer for many hours during the day and they need the comfort that Cloud mix offers. They are also often used by Twitch streamers, which require a simple and elegant model of headphones that will have a great design and strong performance at the same time.

      Of course, you don’t have to be a streamer or gamer to use this set of headphones! Everyone who uses headphones in their work, communication, or listening to music will have all their needs met with this model. The ability to use the removable boom mic as well as a simple built-in mic makes them multifunctional!


      Sure, many users will want the noise-canceling for the $ 200 price gaming headset, but unfortunately, Cloud Mix does not have noise-canceling technology implemented. Considering that Cloud Mix is an older model of headphones, released in 2014, the price is a bit strong. In any case, it is a good purchase as the HyperX cloud mix offers a recognizable Cloud sound and many more.

      If you are keen to listen to music at an average volume in noisy environments, there are many models in the same price range that will enable you that comfort. We’re not saying it’s a big hurdle with this model, but if you want to invest $ 200 in headphones, you might want complete satisfaction.

      On the other hand, with great workmanship, sleek and simple design, good sound, two microphones, and the ability to connect by cable or wireless, anyone should reconsider HyperX Cloud Mix headphones when purchasing a new gaming headset.

      Frequently Asked Question

      Is the HyperX cloud mix worth it?

      HyperX does a great job as a high-quality gaming headset. We can agree that the $200 price is stronger in the market, and that Cloud Mix does not have noise-canceling but considering other characteristics such as rich Hi-res audio, sound quality, wireless connectivity, and Bluetooth connectivity make it worth the price.

      Is HyperX cloud mix noise canceling?

      HyperX headphones don’t have noise-canceling technology. However, the cloud mix headset is designed in such a way as to minimize external noise and maximize audio quality. This does not allow the complete exclusion of external noise, such as airplane noise. You will need to overcome this noise by increasing the volume.

      How do I use HyperX cloud mix on my computer?

      You can use a wired gaming headset on your PC via a 3.5mm cable. Hold the power button for three seconds to turn on the headphones and plug in the wireless transmitter to your PC.

      Once it connects the headset you’re gonna go to the control panel, click hardware and sound. Then, in sound go to “manage audio devices”. You just right-click and set them as a default device.

      Can you connect HyperX Wireless to your phone?

      HyperX Cloud Mix offers wireless freedom, Bluetooth capability, and wired mode. Bluetooth works amazingly! You can easily connect Hyperx cloud headphones to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or wireless while you are walking, running, or just on your way to school.

      But you should pay attention to the sound isolation because when listening to loud music you will not hear the surrounding sounds. While you are connected to your phone you can’t use the wired mode simultaneously.

      Does HyperX cloud mix have drivers?

      HyperX headsets have tailored drivers which are automatically installed after you plug in the headphones. The dual-chamber advantage is in noticeable improvement of the sound quality.

      You can switch the HyperX Cloud Mix stereo headset to 7.1 surround sound for smoother audio. After setting them up in the control panel, make sure you test the sound quality first.

      How do you charge cloud mix?

      The HyperX gaming headsets come with limited battery life and a USB charging cable. All you need to do is plug the cable into the USB adapter. The LED will first show red, then change to blue when fully charged. The 600 milliampere-hour lithium-ion battery life is up to 20 hours on a single charge.


      All in all, these headphones have several very strong Cloud Mix features. The audio performance and sound quality are at a high level because of the Hi-res audio. They are also comfortable during use, which guarantees that you will not have to take them off your head after a while due to weight or discomfort.

      Compatibility is guaranteed with all devices that support Bluetooth or 3.5 ‑ mm connections and two microphones are there for both intensive gaming sessions and for communication on all occasions.

      With easy controls and excellent build quality, HyperX Cloud Mix is a complete package and a great mix of the most desirable features tailored to a wide range of devices, and thus one of the best purchases at the moment. These stereo headsets are made for long-term comfort and usability.

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