Every successful streamer wants to get the best possible equipment for his or her streams. Therefore, we know that the stream deck will be an excellent addition. For your grand streaming plans, you need to have a “weapon” that will help you interact with your audience and become their favorite streamer.

Our team, of course, agrees that Elgato Stream Deck is one the best, if not, the best option in the market. On the other hand, we know for examples where people told us that Elgato had a high price, it was bulky, and lacked versatility outside of streaming. Therefore, there are other options that are extremely attractive, and some are even similar to the Elgato stream deck.

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    Best Elgato Stream Deck Alternative


    If you are beginning to stream or you are just looking for an alternative Elgato stream deck, then we have the perfect list for you. Whether you are looking for something cheap or slightly expensive, opposite or similar to the Elgato stream deck, we have made a list of Elgato stream deck alternatives. We hope that our list will help you.

    1. Elgato Stream Deck Mini

    Elgato Stream Deck Mini

    Elgato stream deck mini is probably the first alternative to the Elgato stream deck that comes to our mind. Affordable and small, the streamers love it. We have chosen to review a stream deck with 6 keys.


    • Style: 6 keys
    • Hard Drive: 40 GB
    • RAM: 3 GB
    • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 2.4 x 2.3 x 3.3 inches

    Who is it best for

    This should be the best Elgato stream deck mini alternative. If you see that your youtube or twitch channel is on fire, do not waste your time. Go on with something more advanced.

    Therefore, we would recommend this to beginners. But, even older and more experienced users are satisfied with this one. However, we know that some people might find 6 keys unsatisfactory.

    Be that as it may, there is always an option to upgrade this mini stream deck to a state-of-the-art stream deck.

    Key features

    Elgato Stream Deck Mini is fully customizable. It has 6 LCD programmable buttons. While the regular Elgato stream deck has 15 keys.

    These 6 keys allow you to adjust audio/volume, change scenes or simply launch media. Generally, one can play multiple actions at the same time with just one tap. You can use custom icons or animated GIFs to customize the keys.

    The great thing with this stream deck is that you are going to pay less and get these six programmable keys. Moreover, if you ever decide to buy a larger stream deck, with 15 buttons, you can pair it with this one and get 21 LCD, fully programmable keys.


    • Affordable
    • Can be Upgraded
    • Well-known manufacturer


    • Six buttons

    2. GoXLR


    Go XLR is Helicon’s trump card in the “streaming ring”. Overall, this streaming device is great but it is hefty. Therefore, the price might be a problem when purchasing this streaming gem.


    • Multi-channel mixer
    • Voice Fix
    • GOXLR app
    • Product Dimensions : 16.51 x 27.94 x 6.99 cm; 1.81 Kilograms

    Who is it best for

    For streamers who are ready to pay an adequate price for top-notch gear.

    Key features

    When it comes to streamers, they need the Mixer settings part the most. Generally, it is very flexible, so you can play music to the stream while at the same time you do not hear it. Moreover, you can have your friends talk to you without interrupting the stream.


    • Mixer settings
    • Voice changing effects
    • The “Hold to mute” button


    • Price

    3. Razer Orbweaver

    Razer Orbweaver

    Razer Orbweaver is made to help you rest your wrist and palm while playing and streaming games. It is fully programmable so you can customize controls.


    • Intended for gamers
    • The number of keys: 30
    • Item Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.07 x 2.16 inches

    Who is it best for

    Obviously, this product is intended for gamers. The rubberized base and palm rest give you stability while playing games. It will stay where you place it, and you will be able to rest your wrist and palm.

    Key features

    You get a six-foot-long USB cord and due to its dimensions, you can keep it wherever you want. The rubberized base helps you put it even on the corner of your desk.  Generally, Orbwear fits hands of all sizes.

    Orbweaver consists of three parts. First is two-piece rest for the wrist, a second keypad with programmable LCD buttons and finally, a joystick with two thumb buttons. At the centre buttons are the most often used WASD keys by default. However, those WASD buttons are not distinctive enough.


    • Made for Gamers
    • Adjustable
    • Firm


    • Lack of streaming versatility
    • WASD buttons not distinctive enough

    4. XK 60

    XK 60

    XK 60 comes with 60 customizable buttons and internal memory. There are keypads with 24, 80, and 124 keys, as well. Generally, if you are looking for something for data entry this will be a great choice.


    • Number of buttons: 60
    • Connectivity technology: USB

    Who is it best for

    XK 60 provides easily customizable layouts, programming options and legending. Overall, this is a good option for streamers.

    However, thanks to MacroWorks 3.1 software you can use it for simple programming as well. Therefore, programmers will enjoy XK 60, as well.

    Key features

    Because of internal memory, you can save your settings and transfer the keyboard from one PC to another. As we mentioned MacroWorks 3.1 allows you simple programming. Moreover, it is useful if you want to launch applications, open files or access directories.

    PI3 firmware allows you to install joystick or mouse emulation and flash updates.

    With XK 60 you get red and blue backlighting.


    • MacroWorks 3.1
    • PI3 firmware
    • Programmable keyboard


    • More suitable for programmers

    5. Loupedeck Live

    Loupedeck Live

    Although this seems like a perfect Elgato stream deck alternative software, we do not recommend Loupedeck Live one. Firstly, you pay a high price for a product that does not work well. Moreover, you have to pay additionally for some features.


    • Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 4.33 x 1.18 inches
    • Native Integrations: OBS Studio, Twitch, Spotify, Streamlabs (Windows ), Adobe Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and Final Cut Pro X and Illustrator

    Who is it best for

    This would be a perfect solution for streamers if it was not so buggy. Generally, a variety of options available make us think that this stream deck is even better than Elgato. However, we see that their software simply does not follow the quality of the given options.

    Key features

    It has programmable multiple buttons and dials. You can adjust them to change when you move from one software to another.

    One can adjust audio and volume, thanks to audio mixer controls.

    Like we wrote in the specs part it supports a plethora of applications. However, will need to pay extra for many of them. That is one of the main reasons we do not recommend you Loupedeck. Moreover, the software simply does not follow the various customization options. It is frustratingly slow and buggy. Therefore, there are better options for now.


    • Native integrations
    • Adjustable
    • Customizable


    • Software
    • Buggy

    6. Max Keyboard Falcon-20

    Max Keyboard Falcon

     Max Keyboard Falcon-20 is a micro pad that contains 20 keys. It is programmable. It has a moderate price, but we believe that there are better options anyway. 


    • Multiple-action functionality
    • Red and blue backlighting
    • X-keys store has 24, 80, and 128 keys

    Who is it best for

    Generally, the keyboard is good for coding due to its programming app. Moreover, RGB keys will help you know the roles of the keys.

    Similar to XK 60, this is highly recommendable to programmers, but streamers should look elsewhere.

    Key features

    Layer switch allows you to switch between sets of programmed commands. Up to five programming layers are available. The onboard memory and the micro USB port allow you to take it wherever you go.


    • Excellent functionality
    • Keys are grouped
    • Software included


    • Not good tech support

    7. Shuttle Pro V2

    Contour Design ShuttlePro V.2

    Contour Design’s Shuttle Pro V2 is a programmable controller popular among gamers and streamers. We can say that quality and price are in line.


    • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.25 x 5.25 x 2 inches
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows
    • 15 fully  programmable buttons

    Who is it best for

    People who need good audio and video editing will be happy with Shuttle Pro V2.

    Moreover, streamers and gamers love this Elgato stream deck competitor due to the variety of options available.

    However, you might find better solutions for streaming, although this one can help you a lot.

    Key features

    There is a central ring that will help you scroll through the footage. In the middle of the ring is a smaller wheel that allows you to provide a frame by frame shot. It is great if you want to show something complicated to your followers.

    It has 15 customizable buttons. Some covers on the keys can be moved so you might label them according to your wish.

    With this controller, the emphasis is on audio and video editing, so it is compatible with many editing programmes.


    • Audio and Video editing
    • Smooth and programmable
    • Switching between applications is easy
    • Moderate price


    • No overlay support

    8. Mobile Apps

    Touch Portal

    Touch Portal
    • One of the best and cheapest stream decks can be available on your phone. You can easily turn your phone into a streaming deck if you install Mobile apps like Touch Portal or others that we will show you.
    • Touch Portal can provide almost everything you need for your advanced streaming. If you purchase the paid version you get 110 keys. We are not fans of so many keys, it can be too complicated, but hey, everyone has their preferences.
    • It has native support for OBS and SoundPad. So, you can interact with SoundPad- record and play songs as much as you want. OBS allows you to do video and audio editing.
    • Streamers love this app because it is easy to control your Twitch account.
    • If you purchase plug-ins you can get as many applications as you want. Windows Essentials, LIFX Lights, and Spotify are among many of them.
    • Overall, this is a great Elgato stream deck cheap alternative.

    Up Deck

    Up Deck
    • This is one of the most popular stream deck apps. It is available for Android and iOS devices.
    • It is compatible with OBS. It is highly customizable. Different actions and icons are available to provide you with a full streaming experience.
    • Audio and video editing are available thanks to OBS. Moreover, you can open applications, save game scenes, play music and much more…
    • Generally, it is free and possesses almost everything you need for streaming. Therefore, we recommend it.

    Deck Board

    Deck Board
    • The free version gives you 12 keys, paid version 30 keys. Generally, Deck Board can be used as a flight simulation controller, streaming assist tool, or just to make tasks hasty and easy.
    • You can easily access your PC via this app. You just need to scan your QR code or type the IP address.
    • You can fully control your Twitch account and easily communicate with viewers, as well.
    • OBS allows you to edit audio and video materials. If you purchase the premium version you get access to many more apps that will help your streaming.
    • Unfortunately, Apple device users cannot use this app.

    Matric App

    Matric App
    • It is available for Android users. Thanks to native support for OBS it turns your phone into an audio and video editing deck.
    • Due to the OBS support, it is perfect for switching scenes or adjusting audio. Generally, you can make a perfect studio console.
    • You can use it as a joystick or touchpad for PC, audio and video editor and much more…
    • However, streamers can find much better alternatives to the Elgato stream deck. 

    Macro Deck

    Macro Deck
    • It is easy to set up the app, but it has limited customizability.
    • You only need to connect your Android device to a PC to establish the connection. The good thing is that you can organize your macro keys in a way you prefer.
    • It is great for beginners, but ambitious and experienced streamers should look further.

    Lioran Board

    Lioran Board
    • It is free and available for Android and Windows users. We expect it to become available for iOS users soon. It is fully customizable.
    • In recent times it has become very popular among streamers. Due to its multifunctionality, even programmers use it. A lot of extensions are available, so you can pair them with other hardware, software, or websites. Therefore, you can connect it to LIFX lights, Spotify, Discord, and much more apps…
    • It is perfect for Twitch streamers because it allows you detailed interaction with your viewers and you will always get notifications or alerts.
    • Of course, the OBS connection is available so audio and video editing is one click away from you.

    Elgato Stream Deck Mobile

    Stream Deck Mobile
    • Elgato has its representative even when we talk about the mobile stream deck apps. Surely one of the best options in the market.
    • Firstly, you get a free trial period that lasts for 30 days, and then you have to pay for the use of this app. You get 15 fully customizable keys that work great with both, Apple and Android devices. However, there can occur a problem when it comes to Android. When a phone goes into sleep mode, you lose the buttons, so you have to reconfigure the system later.
    • However, if you are willing to pay this option might be tempting.

    9. Streamlabs Deck

    Streamlabs Deck
    • Streamlabs Deck is a widely known app for streamers. However, we cannot recommend this one because it has limited customizability. Its app can serve as a remote controller for Streamlabs deck on a PC, and you can start or stop recording or streaming, adjust audio and scenes.
    • However, you cannot send alerts or use any custom functions. Moreover, you cannot launch animations.

    10.  Stream Puppy

    Stream Puppy
    • The server app is for Windows users, while the client app can be used by Android and iOS users. Generally, we can say that Twitch streamers are most satisfied with this one because it is basically built for them.
    • It has everything that Twitch streamers need Chat-activated key triggers, Voice-Activated triggers, Stream clip button, stream triggers and many more features. Generally, it easily customizable app.
    • The only con is that it has just six buttons in the free version. If you purchase a paid version, you get 45 fully customizable buttons. 

    11. DIY Method

    If you do not want to pay for the decks or the apps we have a solution for you. Of course, it is not free, but if you have all the necessary part it can be. To make a stream deck by yourself you only need a num pad and free key remapping software. If you want, you can purchase intuitive navigation software.

    • You should assign “F13“ and “F14“ on the external number pad to avoid interrupting your essential keyboard functions. For example, you can use “F13“ to launch the chat.
    • There is room for imagination. One can replace the original keys with other keycaps or simply put stickers on top of the original keycaps.
    • If you are experienced with the technique this will be a funny thing to do. With a little imagination, you can create a perfect stream deck. However, this can be a hard assignment for beginners, so we do not recommend this option to them.


    We hope that our reviews and answers on FAQs have helped you to choose the perfect alternative to Elgato stream deck. There some similar to Elgato stream deck and there are Elgato stream deck competitors. Moreover, we have reviewed for you Elgato stream deck alternative software.

    Anyhow, it is up to you to choose the perfect alternative. In our opinion, it is Elgato stream deck mini and if you are looking for the perfect stream deck mobile app we recommend Touch Portal.

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