If you want your profile to stick out and be more visible than the rest of the crowd, you need to select good Twitch panels. An interesting and unique Twitch name is not enough anymore. There are plenty of providers that offer a diversity of top-notch free and premium products. But, how to be sure which one can give your stream the most outstanding look? Which one can make your brand more attractive?

That’s where our team steps in, giving you some useful tips which may help you find the most suitable one for you. You’ve surely heard of Own3D.tv, Placeit, and chances are you are familiar with Small Streamers, Nerd or Die, and Visuals by Impulse. But the list doesn’t end with them.

This guide will tell you how to find the best free Twitch panel and showcase your brand in the best possible light. Stay with us to hear more!

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    1. Own3D.tv

    Own3D.tv Twitch panels

    Own3D has a wealthy selection of panels for Twitch. They are available in versatile designs, allowing a diverse profile of streamers to find a set that’s compatible with your overall style and branding.

    Among the biggest virtues of these is that they come in a format that is ready to upload instantly into OBS or SLOBS. These sets come in 3-4 colors, including an extra blank panel. If you are not quite skillful with design programs, don’t worry, it won’t be a problem. It is possible to edit them even without those programs.

    However, if you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, or other software for design- fantastic! With them, you will be able to edit your or add any details you want. In that PSD panel, you can adjust the colors, text and fonts, and logos.

    Also, there’s an extension that enables streamers to take advantage of both free and animated panels and make their product even more visible. They are pre-arranged, comprised of a fine selection of categories. You can upload them as JPEGs.

    To start with, there’s About, Contact, Schedule, Rules and Subscribe as well as other useful options such as Hardware, Discord, Loots, and Giveaway. Social networks are included as well, Fb, Twitter, Insta, YT, and of course- Donate.

    Buying a Package- Yes or No?

    Generally speaking, it’s an excellent idea. Even though it may seem a bit costly when just getting started, it’s a smart investment. You can always buy one by one element, but when you sum the costs up, you’ll see that the entire package is a much better deal. Equipped with a set, you’ll be able to establish the channel quickly or rebrand the current one.

    Aside from versatile Twitch panels, they have numerous products. You have Overlays, Emotes, and sub badges at your disposal, as well as Giveaway banners, Animated stream transitions, Stream alerts (static and animated), and Starting, pause, and ending screens.

    2. Visuals By Impulse

    Visuals By Impulse

    They offer 10 versatile panel designs for Twitch, available in a fine spectrum of colors and styles. Some of them are free, the others come at more than affordable prices. Their palette comprises more than 8,000 custom graphics. Chances are you won’t have any problems finding the ones which fit your concepts, products, and branding.

    Do know that not all of them are listed in every single set. There’s About Me and About Us, as well as Contact Us, F.A.Q. Have no worries, social networks are included as well-Twitter, YT, FB, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Plus, there’s Apparel, Sponsors, Schedule, Subscribe, Rules, Playlist along with Donate and Donations.

    3. Nerd or Die Twitch Panels

    Nerd or Die

    NerdOrDie offers a generous assortment of panels, both free and premium. The best part of all is that they are adjustable, allowing you to include any categories you want and organize your profile well.

    One of the best deals is the megapacks, which brings you no less than 20 different panels for more than an affordable price. Are you an Overwatch fan? Great news- they also have an amazing themed maker.

    Speaking of makers, there’s a possibility to design basic panels using their makers. There are more than enough tools which can help you adjust the profile well. You can modify colors, add any text you want, and even adjust the font. Furthermore, you can change the size and even pick your icon.

    Wanna hear the best part? This maker is completely free. This is an excellent option for those who are just getting started and have a somewhat limited budget. With these makers, it’s possible to craft more than decent-looking boards for specific brands.

    Panels aside, there are Overlays, Alerts, Sound effects, Looping backgrounds, Transitions as well as Stream Deck key icons.

    4. Placeit


    This is a wealthy base of editable graphics, with more than 13,000 mockups. About 50 of those are panels for this most popular streaming channel. One of the options is to buy one by one file. On the other hand, you can also opt for a paid subscription for a month or year. This way you can get access to a wider array of graphics and arrange your channel the way you want.

    As for the options, you can customize the color, as well as modify the text, adjust font and graphics, and equip your channel the way you want. Be your own designer! Complete the profile yourself and establish your channel quickly. 

    Instant Twitch Views or Followers. A shortcut to your growth!

    5. Support Small Streamers

    Support Small Streamers

    This interesting platform was created to provide help to small streamers. When being part of this network they can also stream as a team. What we need to stress out is that they don’t accept many applications due to the stringent standards. However, they DO offer a wealth of useful panels- and they are FREE to use for everyone.

    There are 31 sets for this streaming platform, providing a diversity of styles. They are mainly based on most-played games. Even though there’s no option to create extra panels on your own relying on these styles, you can always visit the website and download the images you need. Once again- you don’t have to pay anything for this!

    The assortment of categories is rather basic- About Me, Subscribe. Discord, Gear, Schedule, Donate, Rules, and Setup. Aside from the listed ones, there are panels with additional categories. You can also find those with FAQs, and Rules, as well as with social media.

    6. Wdflat


    Wdflat displays around 100 bundles of panels for this streaming platform. Many of them come with a video that explains how they were designed. These templates will cost you nothing! Just like with the previous suggestion, you need to download the zip file, then upload the png files to your channel.

    Great thing is that the versatility of styles and colors are offered, so chances to find something satisfactory are rather high. However, they are not editable.

    Do note that the assortment of categories varies from one package to another. As for the most commonly included ones, you can find basic sections like About Me, Follow, Subscribe, FAQ as well as those which can connect it to other platforms such as Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Furthermore, there’s Armory, Chat Emotes, Chat Rules, Loots, Schedule, Sponsors as well as Discord, Donate, Top Donator, and many more.

    Finally, we’d also like to mention Twitch Designs which offer a couple of interesting panels for Twitch. What differs them from the rest of the “gang” is that aside from English, they are also done in other languages- Polish and German. Each of the packages is different and they are sold “as is”. Therefore, the categories vary, and the complete list is featured on each pack.

    7. EmotesCreator

    image 2

    You will find a very broad selection of different Twitch panels on the Emotes Creator website, and you will be able to choose both among pre-made ones and the option to create your own original panel.

    They come in a variety of different designs, and every Twitch user can choose the one that represents his style and personality the best.

    Not only can you choose the borders of your Twitch panel, but you are also allowed to completely customize the background and choose among dozen of different fonts that are available in the Emotes Creator offers.

    You will also be able to edit out all of these things in their program, so there is no need to learn how to use Photoshop or some other, more complicated design programs.

    When using the Emotes Creator software, you know you will always get results that are similar to professional ones, and there is no way you can make a mistake with some of their panels.

    In case you want to upgrade your panel a little bit, you will have to spend some extra money on additional fonts and borders that are reserved for premium members only.

    On the other hand, you will also have to pay for each panel you customize and download from this website, and the price is always the same – 0.50 dollars.

    You will get the best results if you download your panel as a JPEG file because this way, you will get the highest quality out of your picture.

    When you get bored, you can always upload your previous Twitch panel, rearrange it, add or change some things and get a completely new one.

    Many people are not sure whether they should invest in Emotes Creator and start paying for the panels and emotes they create through it, and my honest answer is – yes.

    Not only will you get panels and avatars of the highest quality, but you will also get all of that at a very small price, and if you sign up as a premium member or Twitch affiliate, you will be able to save so much money throughout time.

    They really offer a variety of different features and opportunities, so I believe it is 100% worth it, especially if you plan on building a serious Twitch career.

    Which are the Best Cute Panels for Streaming?

    The abovementioned suggestions are suitable for the majority of brands. But if you want to add more cuteness to your brand, you need to find the ones which can inspire more “awwwwwws”. The right selection of the loveliest graphics can help you attract more and more like-minded followers.

    Our top pick for this purpose is Placeit. Their template builder allows you to create your Twitch panel graphics, so you can determine “the amount” of cuteness you want to incorporate into it. Once you upload funny graphics to the template, you can adjust the colors and fonts, and keep the fans coming to enjoy your adorable streaming channel.

    Top Pick for Custom Panel

    Even though pre-designed panels allow you to experiment and adjust the channel the way you want, still we are all aware that nothing can beat custom-made graphics specifically manufactured for your brand. Visuals by Impulse is the one that stands out here, offering an excellent selection of panels crafted by pro designers. This company cooperates with designers from all over the globe to come up with superior products.

    On the other hand, if you have some extra time and you are in no rush to establish the channel, you can try luck with Fiverr. This extensive marketplace gathers artists from all over the world, so you won’t have problems finding the good one who will understand your concepts well. On top of that, the price range is huge as well, so chances to end up with something fine at an affordable price are quite high.

    Best Twitch Panels for Overwatch

    Having in mind the immense popularity of this game, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are themed panels. If you are among the most passionate streamers, you might be interested in what Own3D has to offer. And they have four themed designs, which can give your channel a well-rounded look and, of course, the same vibrations the game itself has.

    Best Red Twitch Panels

    Own3D is also a great choice for those searching for red Twitch panels. They allow you to browse panels and graphics by color. What’s even more, they offer 30 panels which have red as the primary color of the design.

    Then again, if you still cannot find something that fits your ideas, and your shades of red, you can always have the designers finding the solutions for you. That’s where Fiverr steps in.

    What to Look for When Selecting Stream Panels?

    Come to think of a definition of a fine Twitch panel template, it should be something that’s both good-looking and functional. Its role is to help you organize the data in your bio in the most user-friendly possible way. Only products that are easy to browse manage to survive and panels are no exceptions.

    With so many options at your disposal, you need to know which characteristics play the most significant role when choosing between several Twitch panel free offers. You need to understand each of these sets well and how they fit your idea.

    Here’s what to take into account when looking for a suitable panel:

    Design Quality

    As we said, the visual side matters a lot. You want something that looks attractive, don’t you? The whole point is to make this “environment” as intuitive as possible for your future viewers. And, what’s even more important- grab the attention of potential sponsors.


    Each of the channels comes with a unique set of graphics and properties. None of them is the same, and yours is to do your best to find the one which appeals the most to your viewers.

    Stream branding

    What’s your stream about? How does your brand look like, and what’s your target audience? The goal is to find something compatible with your brand. Look for panels that have a similar spectrum of colors as your product, or look for those which look a bit “neutral”, so that your brand is in the main focus.


    In case pre-designed panels don’t fit the purpose, worry not, you can always take advantage of panel makers. The benefits of custom-made boards are countless and may be of help to those with unique projects and ideas which require a specific presentation.


    When the streamers are just getting started, every single penny counts, and one has to be smart with all the expenses. It is necessary to analyze the price and properties of a panel and decide if the investment pays off.

    Without further ado, here comes the list!

    Final Thoughts

    As you can see, there’s more than a decent selection of options that can make your channel stand out. All it takes is to analyze all the best twitch panels a bit and above all- be sure what is it that you need to position yourself well on the market.

    With such a generous assortment of pre-made boards, you can get your channel started in a jiffy. Plus, many of them come with adjustable options, so you can arrange the channel to fit your brand and concept precisely. On the other hand, if none of the available panels is what will represent your ideas the way you want, look for designers to help you make your dreams come true.

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