It is difficult to know all the fields when entering a business and software presents an issue to those who simply want to work on platforms like Twitch but they do not necessarily understand technology.

In case you faced frustration when trying to find the best Twitch streaming software, the solution has come your way. These are some options for the best streaming software for Twitch on the market:

In this article, you will find the best software for Twitch streaming and decide on what will suit your needs best.

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    Best Streaming Software for Twitch

    1. OBS Studio

    Best For: Twitch Streaming Beginners

    Open Broadcaster Software or OBS for short is free streaming software legally available to all users.

    Another perk regarding this software is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux so you can check that issue off your list.

    Even if you are only interested in working on Twitch, you can recommend this software to your friends as it can stream to other platforms, like Mixer, Livecoding.tv, Facebook or YouTube.

    Moreover, it takes a couple of hundred megabytes of your hard disc, which is a fairly appropriate amount if you worry about such things. As for visual presentation, both of the themes are available.

    The software is very flexible even though some consider it complex or difficult to grasp at first hand. It allows you to broadcast directly from your camera and your microphone, which is more than helpful.

    It also allows you to live stream or record content from your own screen and mix it with whatever you videotape with your camera.


    • As already stated in the Specifications section, this software is free and legally allowed for anyone to use it.
    • Apart from that, both beginners and proficient and experienced users can make use of it.
    • It works with different operating systems and streaming can be done on different platforms which makes it useful for a greater number of people.
    • Detailed sound and image corrections and configuration are also available for the users.
    • But more importantly, it provides you with the possibility of streaming or recording your content from the screen with the simultaneous use of a camera and microphone.


    • The software may be considered complex and timeworn to some of the users, but it is actually easy to use and helpful in many ways once you get the habit of using it.
    • Another thing that might be considered an issue and is that there is no OBS support line available for the users.
    • Yet, there is a solution for that as well as the Internet provides you with multiple sources like forums for all the information you need regarding this disadvantage.

    2. Streamlabs OBS

    Best For: Streamers Who Prefer Open-Source Software

    • Price: Free or Premium for $12/mo
    • Download

    This is a free Twitch streaming software that maintains all the features you can find in OBS, but the interface is a lot easier to use, which is why we recommend it to the beginners.

    It is available for Windows users, but of March last year, it is also available for the Mac users.

    This software allows the best streaming for Twitch, but also Facebook and YouTube. It is also better suited for those who prefer gaming over other types of streaming.

    There are various options and space for you to personalize your content using different tools, like alerts, overlays and panels.

    In addition, it allows you to stream from multiple platforms at the same time. In the app store, it gives you the opportunity to download up to 46 applications.

    One of the great characteristics of this software is that there are options where you can mute all the noise and sounds you do not wish to appear in your streaming.

    The layouts are versatile so the visuals of your streaming can be taken to a whole new level.

    Furthermore, there is the option of using alerts which facilitates the notifications regarding donations, followers, hosts, and others.

    Get instant Twitch Views or Followers. A shortcut to your growth!

    For that and many other reasons, the interaction with your viewers is a lot easier when using this software.

    From the Streamlabs Dashboard, you can change and adjust all the features and options you need to without opening the browser.

    There is also a possibility to change themes for each broadcast with the choice of different widgets whenever you wish to alter them.


    • As stated in the description of the general featured of Streamlabs OBS, it a lot easier to use than the original OBS due to the different interface.
    • The developer community for this software is larger than for the OBS, so if you need to fix, change, or set up something it will be a lot easier on this software.
    • It is available without additional cost, or if you wish to take it to a higher level of proficiency, you can pay for Streamlabs Prime.


    • If you are used to using OBS and you changed it to this software, it may be difficult to get used to some features and interface.
    • It also requires a greater amount of CPU usage so the software can get slower from time to time, but that can also depend on the technology you own.
    • The last disadvantage is that there is no studio mode, which is available in the original OBS.

    3. Wirecast

    Best For: TV Live Production and Higher Quality Streaming

    Unlike the previous software, this one is a bit expensive due to its professional side.

    However, if you consider that this is close to the best streaming program for Twitch that can bring your more potential success, later on, you will consider your investment.

    This software can practically mimic a TV studio with its ability to mix different broadcastings and different scenes.

    It is firmly integrated with multiple social media and it allows you to broadcast and stream your desktop at the same time. This means that you are able to stream on various social media besides Twitch.

    You will have a chance to get the proper tutorial before the official use. In the guide, you will be able to observe closer all the features that are not mentioned here.

    Unlike with OBS, you have more opportunities to have personalized content and you are at liberty to use different tools while you are limited to other software.

    These tools entail the transitions, animations, effects and others. Also, this software includes professional video features like multi-viewer, instant replay, ISO recording, and others.

    Another key feature is that you can have a built-in screen capture which is convenient for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, online gaming or for instance, broadcasting live interviews.

    Moreover, you can access more than half a million media assets, including backgrounds, music and others.

    In addition, you get a free iOS camera application. This is convenient as you can stream from your phone or iPad wirelessly. The content from that application will be separated from your main streaming.

    It also gives you the opportunity to send sources to multiple source grids and monitor all of them.


    • Wirecast can stream to multiple protocols including Flash, iPhone, and IPTV set-boxes.
    • Though the price is a bit high, you get high-quality professional software serving you all the possibilities like a news network.
    • In addition, it can mix numerous audio tracks which is another instance of not limiting your creativity in any way.
    • There are numerous additional features unlike in other software, like timers, clocks, or even scoreboards for whatever content you are streaming.
    • The possibilities regarding the personalization of your content, for instance, graphics, transitions, and titles, are endless which you would expect from the software of such price.


    • Though this is high-quality professional software it may be better suited for sports broadcasting, news reporting, and live music recordings.
    • This is because the interface may be too complex for those who wish to do solely gaming on Twitch. One obvious disadvantage is that it is a pricey tool for those who are only beginning their careers on Twitch or any other platform.

    4. Twitch Studio

    Best For: Twitch Streaming

    Twitch Studio is a free streaming program made by Twitch that lets streamers live stream directly on that platform.

    There is a streamlined setup offered to you irrelevant of the type of setup you make use of.

    Besides that, there are many recommendations and advice on how to make your streaming appear more professional, which is the goal at the end of the day, for the majority.

    Regarding personalization, you will be able to configure the type of content you wish as there are many options for that.

    Twitch Studio lets you personalize whatever you want, like for instance multiple audio sources, overlays, layouts, and much more.

    This will help you create content visually appealing to many viewers and maybe help you move through the competition crowd.

    Moreover, there is a feature called ‘desktop audio capture’ that lets you share audio contents to your streams from your computer.

    You can even mix the content from your iPhone or your iPad and share it to your screen.

    Take into consideration that the minimum requirements for Twitch Studio entail that you have Windows 7 64-bit, RAM of 4+ GB (2GB free) and 4 Core Intel or AMD.

    As there is a great competition of software for gaming streaming, Twitch Studio constantly works on their feature improvement.


    • Unlike some software, this one is compatible with both Windows and Mac.
    • As stated, this is a user-friendly program configured to help all the Twitch users, so it contains a lot of information and frequently asked questions that will help you any time you need advice.
    • In addition to being offered multiple stream layouts, you can adjust the sound of your own microphone.
    • Lastly, there are widgets and chats that will help you with interaction with your viewers and possibly to gain even more of them.


    • Some reviews indicate that it can show the wrong number of viewers, but that is not highly confirmed by the majority.
    • In addition, some users have complained that once they wish to alter this program they simply can’t do it.

    5. OneStream Live

    Best For: Streaming Pre-Recorded Content

    • Price: Free or Paid ($10, $45, $99)
    • Download

    Any content you create and the stream can be broadcasted to forty social media platforms.

    No additional installations are needed as this streaming software is a cloud-based.

    In the paid versions you will have three options: Basic, Standard and a Professional one.

    Each will have its own perks regarding the size of files that can be broadcasted or time of recorder stream.

    Basic will cost you $10 a month and will offer you unlimited streaming, up to 15 minutes per stream, but no real-time streaming and 5 GB max file size for broadcasting.

    The Standard costs $45 per month and you can stream for as long as you wish and you can use pre-recorded content and real-time multicasting.

    There is no limitation to the file size of your content and your recorder stream cannot be longer than one hour.

    Lastly, the Professional version stands at a cost of $99 monthly, but you do not have limitations whatsoever on your streaming and file size of the videos.

    You can make use of pre-recorded and real-time multicasting and recorder stream may last to up to 8 hours.


    • If you have some already recorded streams, you can schedule them to all the social media platforms you wish, even sixty days prior.
    • This is done extremely easy which you can see for yourself on the software and schedule the content to platforms like, Twitch, Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others.
    • As you have seen above, you can configure OneStream with other tools and make use of multicasting.
    • You can even custom RTMP streaming applying a server URL and stream key.


    • If you use this program for free you will have certain limitations like limited time for the stream, which is, in this case, five minutes.
    • You can broadcast files with a maximum size of 5 GB unless you choose Standard or Professional version. No playlist streaming or real-time streaming will be offered in the non-paid and Basic versions.

    6. Nvidia Shadowplay

    Best For: GeForce Gaming Streamers

    When you think of fundamental, very basic and easy software for streaming on Twitch, this is the software that has to come to your mind.

    There are multiple reasons for that. For instance, it is created solely for the broadcasting of the game you chose in addition to the audio of your voice.

    That can be a major issue today when there are numerous other software doing much more and making so many features available to streamers.

    This would not be an issue if you did not have a competition and in order for you to grow and progress on Twitch, you will have to use what the majority does or simply have extreme luck.

    If you want to create a more professional content done with different features and overlays, try using OBS for instance.

    On the other hand, Nvidia Shadowplay is easy to set up and easy to use. Probably because of its lack of features and additional advantages that would make it more complex.

    You can start this software as soon as you start your game and select Alt + Z and click on the Record button. When you want to finish simply select Alt + Z and stop recording.

    Maybe you are a type of streamer who does not wish to consider what the competition is doing and you simply enjoy playing the game that your viewers will observe.

    That is completely alright and you will not need another program other than this one.


    • Shadowplay is different from the other software because it uses the power of the GPU for its functions, not the CPU.
    • More often this can actually be very useful as the computer reliant on GPU can handle the game and the stream better than on other cases.
    • If you are solely interested in gaming without different features and overlays, this is a program for you.
    • With this software, you can obtain GIFs and Screenshots from your video stream without leaving the game.
    • Additionally, it supports streams through Twitch, YouTube Live and Facebook Live.


    • One of the main drawbacks of Shadowplay is that it is better for recording than streaming.
    • The second great drawback is that you cannot input data from various sources, rather from one, your game.
    • It does not provide a variety of features like other software and it does not have the option of streaming with picture-in-picture.
    • Also, it is only available for computers with GeForce graphic cards.
    • During streams, it may sometimes reduce coloring of smaller details in your content, but again this may not be an issue to everyone.

    7. Gamecaster

    Best For: Gaming Streamers

    You will encounter another xSplit software below in the list, but this one is mentioned first as many reviewers consider it a better version.

    Streamers are able to access their webcam through the use of Gamecaster and so many features are available to them. There are also notifications for followers and chat.

    This streaming program is good for both beginners and experienced users, but might be a little better for those with more experience in streaming games.

    Gamecaster is not difficult to use and the interface is pretty much understandable. In the plugin store are combined all the available plugins for the use which you will notice are greatly organized.

    This software grants their streamers a great number of amazing benefits for creating their own unique video content which is always good for attracting new viewers.

    There is a free version, but with fewer opportunities. You can also pay $4.17 per month for a license that is valid for three years, or$199 with a lifetime license.

    In recent times VCam has become one of the available features on Gamecaster that actually allows streamers to change their background without owning a green screen.


    • It is compatible with the popular and most-mentioned platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and Facebook.
    • The interface is neatly organized and not complicated. Features are versatile and interesting.
    • Besides overlays or social network sharing, you can use the pen tool in order to highlight specific parts of the screen during your game.
    • The developers pay a lot of attention to updating this software so there are always newly included innovations.
    • When we said that it was not difficult to use, we meant it – you start your broadcasting with the Start button.


    • One of the often-mentioned drawbacks of Gamecaster is that it watermarks streams at 720p or higher which can be a problem for some of your viewers. The alternative is that you pay to remove it.
    • Another alternative would be checking a collection of software that suits your need better.
    • Also, some reviews state that older games are not supported by this program which may affect some of your viewers.
    • In addition, commercial use requires that you have a valid license which can last for three years or a lifetime depending on your investment.

    8. vMix

    Best For: Streamers with Bigger Budget

    Like Wirecast, this is yet another high-quality professional streaming program for Twitch, but also YouTube or Facebook.

    While you are streaming you can pick whatever effect is offered to you and make your content even more appealing.

    It does not take up a lot of your CPU usage. This software allows you to live broadcast in HD, SD or 4K easily and efficiently.

    VMix is efficient professional software that allows you to make content that you can broadcast with the use of 3D acceleration.

    The diversity of up to 13 transitions, effects and templates are also available depending on your choice.

    There is a live chat where you can reply to your viewers from other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.

    It is free for 60 days. After that you can get Basic HD for $60, HD for $350, 4K for $700 or Pro version for $1200.


    • vMix supports a large range of inputs like video cameras with up to 4K resolutions, photos, playlists, PowerPoint presentations, audio devices, and others.
    • A better visual presentation is enabled to streamers as you can organize easier events and tags for such events.
    • The software is regularly updated so you can always expect even better features.
    • Like stated in specifications, it enables you to choose from various visual effects, including overlay channels, templates, transitions and other.
    • Another convenient option this software offers is the ‘Automatic Mix Minus’ for reducing echo in your streaming.
    • You can start live broadcasting using only a browser and a webcam.


    • You can only use the software for sixty days without additional payments which may not be enough for someone who wishes to experience different recordings at their own time availability. However, all versions that are not free allow you to have one year free off payment.
    • If you do not own a big budget that you are willing to invest in this software, it is better to steer clear from it as you also need some level of proficiency with their interface.

    9. Lightstream

    Best For: Cloud-Based Streaming

    Lightstream is a live streaming program that will help you create professional live streams very rapidly and efficiently.

    This program is good for gamers and creators.

    An offer by this software allows you to integrate with third-party for different options that will help you improve your content.

    This can be done with the use of social media displays, alerts in your streaming or more complex graphics.

    With this software, you are able to host different events, for instance, podcasts, interviews or merch launches, and you can invite guests too.

    There are two available sub-products.

    • Lightstream Studio – This one allows you to live stream from your browser. As stated above, you can invite guests.
    • Lightstream Arsenal – This one offers you the possibility to monitor statistics that can help you progress.

    What is special about this aspect of the software is that the guests can also share your screens to their viewers and increase your overall impact.

    Good thing is that you do not need to download a cloud-based architecture because this software already has it, which is one of its main perks.

    Additionally, it grants you an editor that provides extensive inventive instruments, features and projects.

    There is one-week of free trial. After that cost for Gamers is $7, $11 or $14 per month and for Creators $20, $25 or $40 a month, depending on the resolutions and fps.


    • The offered resolution of 720p30fps, 720p60fps, and 1080p30fps is better quality than software like OBS, Gameshow or Xsplit.
    • This software can be integrated with platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook.
    • If you get disconnected by accident, Lightstream will notify your viewers that you will be back.
    • There is chat support which is always available to you if you have any sort of issues or doubts using this program.
    • You do not need to download this software. Simply go to the browser and in a minute or so you will be able to use its perks.


    • There was an option where streamers could use this program for up to four hours a month for free, but they changed it to a one-week free trial.
    • It only supports Google Chrome, so if you use other browsers, this one is not for you.
    • Since creators use it more, you will have to check other software specifications if this does not fit in with your gaming streaming standards.

    10. XSplit Broadcaster

    Best For: Live and Game Streamers

    This software is helpful when it comes to the quality of setups and streams. This is all available for you to control from a single screen which saves you a lot of time.

    There is an option enabled for you to display numerous scenes to devices that are connected to your GPU.

    Also, there is an option where you can monitor statistics of the viewers and improve your engagement with them. This includes your objectives when it comes to new subscribers, donations, events…

    There are numerous plugins that will help you with the processing of your live streaming. You can also edit video content before broadcasting.


    • You can directly upload your streams to Twitch, Skype, or YouTube.
    • As stated, you can easily review all your stats regarding viewers, new subscribers or donations.
    • Their support system is very reliable and efficient according to reviews.
    • There is a variety of transitions and other visual assistance available to you in addition to the enabled recording in 4K at 60fps.


    • There are no free trials, but the Premium lets you access better features and setting options.
    • It can take up a great amount of your CPU if your technology is not of great quality which will influence games you play and create deceleration and freezing.


    Now you are fully and closely informed on the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of all the listed software.

    At this point, you know what the best streaming software for Twitch is and which suits your content and activities best depending on the price, descriptions, and good and bad sides.

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