Getting a good SSD that has a lot of memory is something that is crucial for good Twitch performance, and many people overlook the importance of it.

However, looking for a good SSD can be quite time-consuming, and you can often get lost in all those abbreviations and signs that don’t tell you too much but make your search for the right one a lot harder.

For those reasons, we have decided to make a list of the best SSDs you can find that will provide you with a perfect Twitch performance and make your experience amazing.

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    Best SSD for Twitch


    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best SSD for Twitch

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    WD_BLACK 1TB SN750
    • Dimensions: 3.15 x 0.87 x 0.09 inches
    • Weight: 0.272 ounces
    81nkh5IgSkL. AC SL1500
    • Weight: 0.282 ounces
    • Storage space: 500 GB
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    WD BLACK 500GB SN850
    • Weight: 0.264 ounces
    • Dimensions: 3.15 x 0.87 x 0.09 inches

    1. WD_BLACK 1TB SN750

    WD_BLACK 1TB SN750

    The WD Black SSD cards are very popular among all Twitch streamers because they have the fastest drive and provide you with a first-class performance in a blink of an eye.

    They are enriched with the new NVMe interface that is 5 times faster than the SATA interface, and it is definitely a card made for hardcore, dedicated gamers who don’t want to miss out on anything.

    If you want to start a professional Twitch streaming career, this is the right option for you, and it may be the best SSD for gaming you can find on the market these days.


    • Dimensions: ‎3.15 x 0.87 x 0.09 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.272 ounces

    Key features

    As we have already mentioned, this is a first-class WD Black SSD made for hardcore gamers, and it actually has a special gamer mode built into its interface.

    This special mode allows you to keep playing games and streaming them for more than 10 hours each day without any problems, and its primary drive will figure out all the details.

    It has 1 TB of storage space, which most professional streamers and games opt for because they don’t want to save 200 dollars and risk getting a bit slower SSD and longer load times.

    What made this SSD so popular is the fact that it has a non-heatsink model, so in case you believe you won’t need a cooler for your device, then you can get this version and save up to 300 dollars.

    This is something most people with expensive, professional PCs opt for because there is really no risk their SSD will get overheated, and this saves them a lot of money.

    It is also a favorite among people who decide to build their computers from scratch all by themselves, and its loading speeds are beyond amazing, making it one of the fastest SSDs on the market these days.

    The SSD also comes with a five-year warranty, so you can be 100% sure your card will be working perfectly during this time.

    However, since it is a pretty new technology, this NVMe drive will not be compatible with the SATA drive, and you will be able to use it only on new computers and laptops, and motherboards that support this feature.

    This SSD also has a 64 layer 3D NAND that will provide you with peak performance and do a lot better and faster than all other external SSD cards on the market.

    You can also count on a sleek design when using this product, and it will work perfectly with all computers that can support the M.2 connection.

    Since its design is pretty simple and classy, it will also look good with all RGB lighting technologies and motherboards.

    The SSD manufacturer claims that you will be able to enjoy the consistently perfect in-gaming performance with their gaming mode, but you are also always allowed to turn on the sleep mode and let your device rest.

    It is also suitable for both consoles and personal computers, and you can find SSDs with up to 1 amazing TB of memory.

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    The WD Black SSD also has a portable form factor that will resist all the obstacles and cool off your SSD if it gets overworked.

    Starting at 200 dollars, this is a very competitive price, and most other graphics cards and internal drive options on the market are a lot more expensive than this one.

    However, I would recommend this one because of its incredible speeds and competitive pricing, and I believe it is the fastest SSD you can find these days.


    • Competitive pricing
    • 64 layer 3D NAND
    • Special gaming mode
    • Sleek design


    • Compatible only with newer PCs and consoles

    2. MZ-V7S500BW


    This is the very popular Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD that has been around for quite some time now, but it seems like streamers and gamers have just started discovering it.

    It will provide you with better endurance than most other SSDs on the market, and it is also enriched with the 3D NAND technology, which will help improve your gaming performance but also make other simple tasks on your computer a lot faster and easier.


    • Dimensions: 3.21 x 0.87 x 0.08 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.282 ounces
    • Storage space: 500 GB

    Key features

    This Samsung SSD is known for its amazing endurance and the ability to make every single task on your device a lot easier.

    It comes with a five-year warranty and guarantees you impeccable performance, and although it comes with an NVMe driver, you can always download another one that works better for you.

    Many people these days opt for a regular Windows driver, so Samsung has decided to give them a chance to make their own choice and control more aspects of their new SSD.

    This version of the Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD comes with a Phoenix controller and has an M.2 form factor which will make it compatible with all newer computers and laptops.

    The SSD also has the regular 3D NAND technology that is a must in the western digital world, and it provides you with wider storage capacity and secures fast performance.

    It also comes with a nickel coating that will prevent it from heat, and it has a special heat algorithm that will show you when the SSD needs some real rest.

    There is also a Dynamic Thermal Guard that will transfer 90% more data during sequential writes than the previous versions of Samsung SSDs could.

    Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find the 1 TB version of this SSD, and although its speed limit is amazing and it can provide you with a significant speed boost, many people ignore this SSD because they can’t find one that is big enough.

    These days you can only find the 500 GB version on Amazon and other retailers, so if you really want a 1 TB version of it, you will need to invest some time in order to find it.

    Even though it comes with a five-year warranty, many people complain about their SSD dying just 4 or 6 months after they started using it, so I believe there are really far better and a bit cheaper options than this SSD.


    • Phoenix controller
    • M.2 form factor
    • 3D NAND technology
    • Nickel coating


    • Die after just 4 or 6 months of use
    • 1 TB version of the SSD is very hard to find

    3. WD BLACK 500GB SN850

    WD BLACK 500GB SN850

    This is another Western Digital SSD card that is known for its amazing gaming hardware and the ability to work perfectly for hours every single day.

    Western Digital is a pioneer in this industry, and this is certainly one of them, if maybe not the best external SSD they have ever made.

    It can be used for gaming, but it is also a great option for all creatives that need a lot of storage space in order to save their works and projects.


    • Dimensions: ‎3.15 x 0.87 x 0.09 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.264 ounces
    • Solid-state drive

    Key features

    This is a very fast SSD that is one of the latest designs of the Western Digital company, and it is optimized for gaming that lasts for hours.

    Since it is very enduring, it can also be a great choice for people who spend a lot of time on Photoshop and video editing programs, so this is something I would recommend to them too.

    Top-tier gaming is guaranteed with this SSD, and you can be sure your memory cell will never get overloaded because this technology is just impeccable.

    Some users actually say that its speed is way too crazy for them and that it can write speeds up to 5300MB/s and up to 1,000,000 IOPS which means you are guaranteed with fastest sequential read speeds.

    It can even work with 2 games being open and streaming at the same time, which is something most SSD cards can’t brag with.

    And if all of this is not enough for you, you can always download their special WD Black Dashboard software that will allow you to customize the whole process and control every single aspect of your gaming experience.

    The power efficiency of this device is also amazing, and it will definitely provide you with better performance than the Samsung SSD cards.

    Its starting price is around 150 dollars which is a bit more expensive but is definitely reasonable for a gadget as good as this one.

    WD BLACK SSD cards will match any device without problems, and they can even match Samsung laptops or TVs.

    Its PCLe GEN 4 technology will accustom every device to crazy gaming and provide you with a sustained performance that will not harm your device.

    You can also choose whether you want a 1 TB or 2 TB SSD, which you will rarely come across because most companies stick with 1 TB of storage space.

    Even though you can stick with cheaper drives, I believe this one is a must, especially for people who plan to engage in professional streaming and gaming, and it will really work well with any device, even if it is not an expensive gaming PC.


    • PCIe Gen 4 technology
    • Available in 1 TB and 2 TB
    • WD Black Dashboard software
    • Great power efficiency
    • Compatible with all devices
    • Optimized for gaming


    • More expensive than other SSDs

    4. Crucial MX500 1TB

    Crucial MX500 1TB

    This Crucial MX internal SSD of 2.5 inches is a very specific model that can’t work with most regular computers and laptops you can find these days.

    This is one of the best SATA drives that are compatible only with devices that use SATA, and it will fit only a limited number of PCs, and it usually won’t work with most consoles there are on the market.


    • Dimensions: 4.06 x 0.28 x 2.76 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.353 ounces
    • SATA drive

    Key features

    This is a very specific SSD card compatible only with laptops and computers that support 2.5 inches and 7 millimeters SATA drives.

    Nowadays, not too many devices fit into this description, and even though this is the best SATA SSD, it is really not that popular because most devices can only accept the NVMe SSD.

    However, they have an amazing website that will allow you to type in the name and the serial number of your PC or laptop and see whether their product will be a good fit for you or not, which I believe is a great thing.

    Its sequential speeds and reads can write up to 560 or 510 MBs, and it is also enriched by the 3D NAND technology that is usually available only on the NVMe SSD.

    The SSD comes with a 5-year warranty, but probably the best thing about it is that it has specific software that will continuously save all your data and progress on the device, so you don’t have to worry about anything in case the connection cuts out.

    There is also the 256-bit hardware that has great encryption and will make sure all your data stays safe no matter what happens and who tries to get into your device.

    The SATA connection is pretty much stable all the time, and their internal SSDs rarely cause any problems, so I would definitely say the SSD market has a large number of amazing SSDs.

    Since this SSD with 1 TB of storage space costs only 100 dollars, I would say this is the best budget SSD too, so in case it fits your device, I sincerely recommend purchasing it.

    Users have nothing but good words to say about this product, and it is even available for an upgrade that you can download for free from the company website.

    Even though large file transfers can take a bit more time than they would with other NVMe SSD devices, it is still an amazing investment, and I would really recommend it to everyone.

    In my opinion, this is definitely the best SSD option for everyone who has a SATA-compatible laptop or computer.


    • Solid-state storage
    • Cheap
    • Great encryption
    • Five-year warranty
    • Good sequential reading speeds


    • Works only with SATA compatible devices
    • Slower downloads of large files

    5. Crucial P1 1TB

    Crucial P1 1TB

    Crucial is a company known for creating amazing solid-state drives, and although they were pioneers in creating SATA SSDs, they have managed to create amazing NVMe SSD cards according to the latest technology.

    Their SSDs are on the cheaper side, and it seems like their sequential write speeds are even better than on most other luxury SSDs you can find.


    • Dimensions: 3.14 x 0.08 x 0.86 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.592 ounces
    • Solid-state hard drive

    Key features

    This amazing Crucial SSD is one of their first NVMe SSDs that has amazing sequential write speeds and is able to read or write up to 2,000 or 1,700 MB/s without problems.

    Its write performance is amazing, especially for an SSD that is cheaper than others with the NVMe technology.

    Crucial SSDs are not SATA SSDs anymore, which means they are compatible with all devices that have an M.2 drive, and you will be able to connect it to your Playstation or Xbox consoles, too, without any obstacles.

    Since they are based on the newest PCLe technology, they have some of the newest storage options that even allow you to add more memory to it without paying for it.

    All of that can be done through the Crucial website and with a simple download of their new, advanced software that is available to everyone who has bought their SSD.

    Just like most other SSD cards on the market these days, it is enriched with the 3D NAND technology that will boost its performance and make sequential reading speeds even higher than they were before.

    Many people believe this is the best SSD for gaming because even though it isn’t that popular like WD BLACK SSD cards, it still has amazing performance, and it is able to transform your PC completely.

    It also has a special monitoring technology that will save your computer at all costs and eliminate the risk of hackers getting into your device.

    You can also choose whether you want the 1 TB or the 2 TB one, which is also a great option, but you can always upgrade it later if you feel the need for it.

    Since it is designed to be the only type of storage you will ever need, this SSD is definitely the best NVMe SSD when it comes to endurance and performance, and it is able to work for years without causing any problems or bugs on your device.

    Users claim that it is able to do the sequential tasks with the same speed during the years and that there is no way you can do anything that can downgrade its performance.

    It also goes through several endurance tests, so you can really count on it always and make sure this is the right secondary drive for your device.

    However, some people have complained about this SSD not connecting with their laptops and computers, which can often happen if you don’t have a professional gaming PC.

    Even though it is made with a mission to be able to connect with basically any device on the market, it faces several hardships when it is connected to slower and cheaper computers, so I really wouldn’t risk that.


    • NVMe SSD
    • 3D NAND technology
    • 1 TB or 2 TB of storage space
    • Connects through M.2 form format
    • Amazing writing data speed
    • Compatible with gaming consoles too
    • Reasonable price


    • Not the best fit for non-professional PCs or laptops

    6. ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro

    ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro

    This amazing ADATA SSD is also a SATA SSD that will work with just a small number of computers and laptops available on the market.

    Even though it is enriched with a 3D NAND technology and has a great PCIe interface, this SSD is not nearly as fast as most other SSDs, and it is really a bit more expensive than most of them.

    However, it can be a good fit for SATA devices, and it can still provide you with great gaming performance and give a good boot drive to your device.


    • Dimensions: 3.15 x 0.87 x 0.14 inches
    • Weight: ‎0.282 ounces
    • RAM: 1024 GB
    • Solid-state hard drive

    Key features

    Even though this may not be the best SSD for gaming, it is still one of the best options for all SATA devices that can’t really choose among hundreds of different SSDs.

    Just like all other SATA SSD cards, ADATA also offers you to enter the model and the serial number of your device and check if it is compatible with one of their SSD cards.

    In case your device is the right match for this SSD, then I strongly recommend purchasing it because it has an amazing PCI express interface that will enhance your performance and make the gaming experience almost perfect.

    The PCIe 4.0 technology is a characteristic of most SATA SSD cards, and it can really boost your performance immensely, but it is also the reason why this SSD is a lot more expensive than other SATA cards.

    Its life expectancy is very long, a lot longer than that of flash memory and users claim this SSD is able to work perfectly even ears after they have been purchased.

    The sequential read and write speeds are always somewhere between 3500 and 3000 MB/s, but the performance on your device may depend a lot on the hardware and overall the software functions.

    Even though most people use it for gaming and streaming, this is actually an amazing SSD that will work perfectly for both video filming and rendering, animation, and photo editing, so it is a good choice for many creatives too.

    It also comes with a five-year warranty, but in case a better SSD is released during this time, you can always go to the closest ADATA store, give this on bac and pay a bit more money to get the newest release which is a pretty good deal.

    However, the problem with this SATA SSD is the fact that it also isn’t compatible with all types of motherboards, and it is never compatible with any of the Mac devices.

    It can’t be put into an M.2 slot, and the PCIe interface makes the whole process a lot harder, so you really never know whether it fits or not before you check that in real life.

    This is a pretty bad thing, in my opinion, especially because you will probably need to purchase the SSD first before you see whether it fits or not.

    Not too many gamers and streamers opt for this SSD because SATA drives can really cause them a lot of problems, and even though it is based on the latest PCI Express technology, you can see that it can be very problematic.

    It won’t fit most of the professional gaming PCs, so it is really a product that is aimed mostly at beginners in the streaming industry and those who have slower PCs but still want some extra addition to their devices.

    Unfortunately, it comes at a price of 150 dollars which is way too expensive for a product like this, and I believe that a SATA SSD should never cost this much.

    It can’t work with most of the PCs, and you are really limited when it comes to motherboards, too, so I suggest avoiding this product, even if you have a SATA drive.

    There are a lot better and cheaper options for everyone with a SATA drive, and I really believe this is a waste of money.


    • Great sequential read and write speeds
    • Five-year warranty
    • PCI express technology
    • 3D NAND technology


    • Expensive
    • It can’t work with most PCs and motherboards

    Things to Look for When Searching for Best SSD for Gaming

    Storage space

    You need to get an SSD that will provide you with a lot of storage space; otherwise, it will be a pure waste of money.

    When choosing the right SSD for your needs, you should always take into consideration the games you will be playing and how many of them you plan to download to your PC so you can have enough space for all of them but still have enough RAM memory to play them without problems.

    In my opinion, purchasing the 1 TB SSD is definitely the best option because even though it is expensive at first, it will pay off long term, and you won’t have to switch the hard drive or upgrade it anytime in the future.

    NVMe or PCIe slots

    In case you have a PC that is able to support one of these slots, then you should definitely purchase an SSD that has them included.

    Older SSDs tend to have SATA slots that are good but a lot slower than NVMe or PCIe slots, so I always recommend getting the card that has newer ones.

    In case you have a computer that supports only SATA slots, that is completely fine, and you will definitely be able to find a lot of great SATA SSDs that will boost your performance, but make sure to check out the type of slot that is supported by your device before you make a purchase.

    Motherboard compatibility

    All motherboards have different slots for inserting SSDs, so you have to find a card that will be compatible with your motherboard too.

    New motherboards tend to be compatible only with newer SSDs and those that have NVMe slots, so please don’t risk buying a cheaper one because it probably won’t fit.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is an SSD good for streaming?

    SSD cards are a great option if you are looking for better and faster streaming, and I always recommend getting one to people that are just starting off on Twitch.

    However, if you plan on filming some videos or downloading way too many games to your computer, you should know that an SSD can get harmed and that you need to be very careful not to overload it.

    Is 240 GB SSD enough for streaming?

    Whether 240 GBs is enough for streaming or not is something that has turned into an ongoing debate in the gaming society, and it seems like everyone has different opinions on it.

    240 GBs of memory can be too little first most games, but it can be just enough for many others, so it really depends on your game of choice and overall on the memory of your computer.

    However, if you are debating on how big of an SSD you need to purchase, I would always recommend getting one with more than 500 GBs of memory because it will last you for a very long period of time, and you certainly won’t have any problems with your operating system while using it.

    Is 1TB SSD enough for gaming and streaming?

    Yes, an SSD with 1TB of memory is more than enough for both gaming and streaming, and you definitely won’t experience any problems with your game or operating system while using it.

    It is a bit expensive, but I really recommend buying an over your budget SSD because it will save you a lot of money in the future and it will last for a long period of time.

    What is a good SSD size for gaming?

    While I always recommend getting a 1TB SSD, the truth is that those with 500 and 600 GBs of memory will also work great, and you definitely won’t have a problem using your computer or play games. The bigger, the better is something that goes for SSDs, but everything from 450 GBs and up will be a good choice.

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