Be it for competitive or casual gaming, business, or both, getting one of the best monitors for yourself while on a budget is quite tricky, especially when faced with a multitude of choices.

Luckily for you, my dear reader, our latest market research has yielded great news- not only can you get the best computer monitors at a reasonable price, but you also have a large selection to chose from!

Top-of-the-line LED and LCD monitors, all with a phenomenal refresh rate and response time,  can be bought within a budget of $300. This list compiles the best monitors under 300 on the market!

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    Best Monitors Under 300 Dollars


    QUICK OVERVIEW: Monitors Under 300 Dollars

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    Dell S2721HS
    • Three-sided thin bezels design
    • 75 Hz maximum refresh rate
    81eGtZyyavL. AC SL1500
    ASUS VG278QR
    • 165 Hz refresh rate
    • 0.5 ms response time
    81oORaahKZL. AC SL1500
    AOC CQ27G2
    • 3-sided frameless design
    • FreeSync premium software

    1. Dell S2721HS

    Dell S2721HS

    Dell was always one of the top industrial giants when it comes to manufacturing gaming monitors, bringing the best monitors under 300 to the global market.

    Keeping up with the tradition since 1984 of bringing quality to a wide range of consumers comes the S2721HS, representing both a pinnacle of engineering and quality alike!

    This particular monitor offers fantastic picture quality and vibrant colors that set this monitor apart as an affordable, elegant, and all-around fantastic monitor for the price


    • Three-sided thin bezels design
    • 1920 x 1080 resolution
    •  178°/178° supported viewing angle
    • Dell EasyArrange technology
    • 75 Hz maximum refresh rate
    • 27 inches screen size

    Who is it Best for?

    As the gaming monitor within the highest caliber of the high-end and moderately priced spectrum, these gaming monitors series are a true gem for gaming, building a home cinema, or office work!

    The monitor itself is highly praised for its outstanding refresh rate, response time, and a high contrast ratio that excellently complements the color accuracy that covers the whole screen.

    The monitor itself weighs just under 10 pounds, which makes it a solid choice for a portable pc setup. It is both elegant and stylish, which only adds to the value of this dedicated gaming monitor.

    This monitor under 300 also offers the possibility of using Dell’s custom driver instead of Windows’s analog. The customizability and multiple viewing angles bring triple AAA games to their full glory.

    Make the most out of your gaming pc set with this outstanding monitor under 300 that gives exceptional quality and simplicity that is beyond the value of most other monitors on the market.

    If a balance of elegance, power, and flexibility is your forte, this is the best monitor Dell has to offer for customers who want a high-end monitor under 300 that is both capable and reliable. 

    Key features

    With the variety of features, from a security-lock slot to the Audio line-out port,  the options at your disposal are nearly endless! You can use it for viewing movies in your living room or as a pc monitor.

    The color accuracy is always consistent, and the picture quality is superb. The hardware interface is compatible with both HDMI and VGA while supporting FHD 1080p resolution.

    The monitor offers a high refresh rate and lightning-fast response time, making demanding, fast-paced games a blast to play on it!

     The vibrant colors come to life like nothing you have seen before, and the tech itself is reliable and affordable.  The additional organization-oriented software offers fantastic easy to use tools.


    • Fantastic for competitive gaming
    • Excellent response time and refresh rate
    • Includes additional software and IPS technology
    • Highly customizable and adjustable


    • Lacks dedicated gaming software and additions such as hdr support and G-Sync

    2. ASUS VG278QR

    ASUS VG278QR

    Known worldwide, synonymous with e-sports and the highest of quality standards, this Taiwanese multinational company’s G-Sync compatible monitor under 300 is the real deal for avid gamers!

    This high-end monitor under 300 comes from a highly esteemed company is absolutely invaluable for casual gaming and professional video editing alike!

    With a record-breaking response time, refresh rate, and G-Sync, few gaming monitors under 300 can come close to this champion, making it a great contender as the best monitor for gaming!

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    • 27-inch 1920×1080 resolution
    • 165 Hz refresh rate
    • Integrated g- sync technology
    • 0.5 ms response time
    • G-Sync compatible technology
    • A multitude of connectivity options with display port 1.2, dual-link DVI-D, and HDMI 1.4
    • Stereo 2W built in speakers
    • ELMB motion blur technology

    Who is it Best for?

    As everyone experienced gamer knows, having low motion blur, G-Sync, and adequate response time is a must for gaming-grade computer monitors that can offer exceptional performance in every aspect.

    In terms of sheer quality for gaming, this is possibly the best gaming monitor you can find, as it encapsulates the needs of most gamers in the highest possible manner, having little to no cons.

    Upon a couple of glances, most people with the know-how about tech will notice that this monitor features a wide array of customization options that make it stand out among many monitors under 300.

    Where most LCD monitors would lack extremely low input lag and high contrast ratio to bring the most visually demanding elements of fast-paced games to life, this gaming monitor far exceeds expectations!

    The ergonomic design this gaming monitor possesses includes a smart cable management design and an air vent. The exclusive integrated 5-way OSD joystick further allows for screen adjustments on almost any surface.

    The plethora of the features that come along this monitor under 300 includes a ROG bezel-free kit that enables a multiple-monitor setup, with the possibility of adding up to three distinct gaming monitors.

    The great contrast ratio, coupled with the multi-purpose nature of this computer monitor, enables it to support competitive gaming as well as fast-paced gaming in equal measure.

    This is truly the best monitor you can get your hands on within a reasonable price tag, refresh rate, and a guarantee that every experience on it will be a memorable one!

    Key features

    The best gaming monitors have to support a speedy refresh rate, a good aspect ratio, high contrast ratio, and minimal latency. The best gaming monitors sport these features, and this is one of them!

    This computer monitor comes with ASUS GamePlus technology and GameVisual software with pre-set display modes.  The company has invested in creating a promising “Eye Care” protection software, which promises to make marathon-long gaming sessions comfortable and enjoyable.

    Experience lifelike visuals with these freesync monitors with a lightning-fast refresh rate and response time. The premium-quality Ultra-Low Blue Light tech features four different filter settings that are built with the intent to preserve eye health and suit pretty much all visuals.

    The connectivity on this monitor under 300 features a display port 1.2, a DVI-D, an earphone jack, an HDMI port, and an audio-in port. The ROG thin bezel kit accommodates multiple displays nicely.

    This monitor’s inclusion of many gaming features is boosted by the company’s exclusive flicker-free technology that makes long gaming hours pass comfortably with full immersion without eye strain!


    • One of the best gaming monitors under 300
    • Unmatchable response time and refresh rate makes it the best monitor for dedicated gaming
    • Extremely customizable and G-Sync compatible
    • Offers hdr support
    • Features a variety of integrated gaming features
    • Brings a lot more features than most monitors under 300
    • Phenomenal viewing angles, response time, and screen space


    • There were some complaints about the periodically variable refresh rate

    3. AOC CQ27G2

    AOC CQ27G2

    With a brand name that has decades of experience and consistent quality behind its back comes a monitor under 300 with a high contrast ratio and phenomenal screen size for triple AAA games.

    With a high-end VA panel, fantastic refresh rate, and an HD resolution with a phenomenal aspect ratio, this falls into the class of monitors under 300 that possess all the newest technologies within them.

    AOC has invested quite a substantial amount of engineering excellence and time into producing this high-quality budget monitor that changed the standards on the market for the better; continue reading to find out how much!


    • QHD 2K 2560×1440 screen resolution
    • Adjustable and ergonomic monitor stand
    • 120% area coverage for srgb color space
    • 144Hz refresh rate
    • VA panel provides 178/178 degrees viewing angles
    • 3- sided frameless design
    • Graphics card synchronizable
    • Rapid 1ms response time
    • FreeSync premium software
    • Two HDMI ports 2.0 VGA
    • AOC LowBlue Mode and FlickerFree technology
    • 1-year damage coverage insurance

    Who is it Best for?

    Getting a gaming monitor that will fit the bill as one of the best monitors you can buy with a limited budget is quite a hassle, as many come with their own assortment of pros and cons.

    With some might be lacking in response time, a quality TN panel, or a solid number of USB ports, most monitors cannot complement all aspects of use. This monitor under 300 is not one of them!

    Its curved design allows for additional monitors to be installed to create setups for casual gaming for hours on end while your graphics card

    With multiple monitors with curved designs, you can get the most of this monitor’s superior viewing angles, giving it a massive advantage as a choice as an affordable ultrawide gaming monitor.

    What’s more, the pre-installed AMD FreeSync technology offers top-of-the-line performance, while AOC LowBlue and FlickerFree modes offer substantial gaming features that follow this great gaming monitor.

    Your computer’s graphics card refresh rate is automatically synchronized with this gaming monitor, making your gaming sessions motion blur-free, your monitor’s refresh rate consistent, and your experience superb.

    What’s more, you can go so far as to build your very own Battle Station! With multiple monitors in place, you can take full advantage of its frameless design and thin bezels to make your own gaming station!

    Key features

    One of the most impressive features which could set this choice as the best gaming monitor under 300 is the excellent value compared to the price- it is a proud carrier of the Amazon’s Choice label.

    The 2K 2560×1440 Quad HD resolution goes along exceptionally well with the 1ms response and 144 Hz refresh rate of this monitor under 300, combining fantastic picture quality with large screen size.

    Screen tearing is pretty much non-existent, while the VA panel display supplements fantastic viewing angles making casual gaming a joy to indulge in any time and with any game.

    The monitor’s features don’t stop there- the finely built 16:9 aspect ratio combines the phenomenal refresh rate, AMD’s top-the-line FreeSync technology, and srgb color space into a widescreen experience that is affordable, customizable, and all-around enjoyable to indulge in!


    • A cheap monitor with premium quality specs
    • High-quality 27” VA panel design
    • Extremely colorful RGB lighting color gamut
    • Synchronises excellently with pretty much every graphics card
    • One of the best gaming monitors under 300
    • Lightning-fast refresh rate and response rate
    • Wall mountable and VESA compatible


    • You will need some settings tweaking to get the most out of this monitor

    4. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC

    ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC

    In the market for something more compact and small that is within the class of professional monitors while also remaining lightweight and ideal for on-the-go use?

    Look no further than this IPS panel, award-winning, ultra-portable monitor that has taken the market by storm and yet again confirmed the company’s position as one of the leaders in the industry!

    Combining innovative display technology with an unprecedented resolution, refresh rate, and response rate, this IPS panel monitor under 300 is a traveling techno nomad’s dream come true!


    • 15.6” 1080P FHD IPS portable monitor
    • USB-C power delivery with USB Type-A and C hybrid signal solution compatibility
    • 1.7 pounds of weight and 0.3 inches slim
    • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free backlighting
    • ASUS DisplayWidget
    • 60 Hz refresh rate

    Who is it Best for?

    This 15.6 inch IPS monitor under 300 is phenomenal for people who want to get their hands on the best computer monitors in terms of portability, excellent refresh rate, and satisfying response time.

    The wide viewing angles make it a great companion for businessmen who need another monitor to look at data and review reports while not sacrificing mobility and picture quality.

    This monitor under 300 features fantastic seamless video connections, being able to get its power and video transmission from your host device with just one USB connection, with multiple drivers supported.

    The DisplayWidget software gives this monitor an automatic orientation feature that switches between landscape and portrait modes swiftly. You can use these modes to view pdf books, websites, excel sheets, and much more.

    The Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution is based on a high-end IPS panel, with great viewing angles supported with ASUS Flicker-free technology that won’t stray your eyes even after long hours of use.

    With so much going for this high-quality IPS panel monitor under 300, you would be hard-pressed to find a better bargain with such a stylish presentation and phenomenal color accuracy for its size.

    Key features

    The overall smart design of this device (which comes with a smartpen) puts these monitors under 300 in the class of work and creativity-oriented products rather than gaming monitors.

     With many monitor features, including the prestigious ASUS Flicker-free technology and compliance with Energy Star energy conservation standards,  this is a great portable companion for video editing, content creation, or business!

    Versatility is its middle name as this monitor sports a slim 8mm profile and 0.78kg lightweight design. It is a fantastic gadget to have with a solid 60 Hz refresh rate that delivers an IPS panel-based  1920 x 1080 resolution.

    The IPS panel technology is durable and reliable whilst remaining lightweight and having solid viewing angles to boot. This monitor under 300 needs 1 USB to get started and put all your work in an HD display!


    • The best monitor in terms of portability and ease of use
    • Durable IPS panel and slim design
    • Satisfying response time and refresh rate
    • The best monitor in terms of flexibility of use
    • Reader supported


    • Some users have complained about poor viewing angles
    • The lower refresh rate and response time makes it unsuitable for gaming

    5. MSI Optix MAG241C

    MSI Optix MAG241C

    MSI has long been credited as one of the manufacturers of one of the best gaming monitors on the market, and this high-end laptop easily takes the cake of one of the best monitors under 300!

    This beautiful, curved gaming monitor features top-of-the-line response time, refresh rate, and low input lag makes it a big shot competitor for one of the best monitors for casual gamers!


    • 1500R curved display
    • 144 Hz refresh rate
    • 1920 x 1080 maximum full hd resolution
    • LED display type
    • 24-inch screen size
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • True color dci-p3 90% and SRGB 115%
    • Freesync tech
    • Built-in headset hanger
    • Gaming OSD included

    Who is it best for?

    Anyone who wants to up their game without breaking the bank will be overjoyed for getting one of the best gaming monitors on the market built with the highest standards of quality only MSI can provide!

    In line with the features of the best computer monitors, this monitor under 300 comes with a custom OSD app and free sync to customize your gaming experience and minimize screen tearing.

    MSI’s superior Anti-Flicker technology is highly sought after by players of fast-paced games. Such monitors offer an increase in your gaming capabilities by immersing you in the game and allowing you perfect insight into the situation within the game at any given time.

    Anyone who wants the best of the best for their pc gaming experience, with standardized high-end quality, will seriously consider getting this phenomenal monitor under 300!

    The display size of many monitors under 300 often leaves a lot to be desired, yet MSI is always ready to take on new challenges and enable quality to reach all classes of gamers without exception, and this monitor, from its construction to overall performance, exemplifies this statement.

    Key features

    The Optix MAG241C is built to last and overcome all limitations that can hinder your gaming experience, which goes to the point of matching the display’s refresh rate with that of your graphics card.

    There is no variable refresh rate- it is always consistent with this class of gaming monitors, and it ensures the aspect ratio remains constant, allowing for unsurpassed pc gaming on an entirely new level.

    MSI has outfitted their best gaming monitors with a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time with a VA LED panel that is the best in the industry for fast-paced games such as FPS and racing genres.

    Befitting its status as the best gaming monitor when on a budget, it comes with additional software for eliminating screen tearing and flickering, combining flawless performance with large screen size.

    Designed to accommodate the latest gaming sets consisted of additional monitors, the extremely narrow bezels allow for complete immersion with a 180-degree setup.


    • Superb refresh rate and response time for fast-paced and competitive gaming
    • Extremely customizable
    • One of MSI’S best monitor products for a budget gamer
    • Sports an elegant curved multi-monitor design
    • One of the best monitors for a limited budget


    • Not one of the brightest monitors you can get for yourself
    • You might need a VESA adapter (100mm to 75mm) to make use of the mount

    6. Acer KG271 Cbmidpx

    Acer KG271 Cbmidpx

    Acer’s newest range of monitors under 300 includes the fantastically optimized KG271! This is one of the leading industry brand names that has been the favorite of gamers for years, and for a good reason!

    Sporting state-of-the-art design, built-in speakers, and meeting the highest gaming monitor standards on the market, this premium class of LCD monitors is a good contender for the best monitors under 300!


    • 27 inches Full HD TN panel display
    • 1 ms response time
    • 144 Hz refresh rate
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Acer VisionCare Technologies
    • 1 HDMI port, DVI, and Display Port
    • 2 speakers

    Who is it best for?

    Following closely the trend towards producing quality gaming monitors under 300, which often include a wide variety of features, this gaming monitor brings a whole bag of neat tricks with it to the table!

    Acer’s newest gaming monitors under 300 adapt AMD FreeSync to reach a variable refresh rate determined by your GPU, enabling you to push the limits in competitive e-sports.

    The 27-inch screen size is the golden standard for the best computer monitors used in competitive games. The KG271 hits the sweet spot with both quality and size into this marvel of technology.

    With high-quality audio equipment built in this monitor, you will always have at your disposal superb sound quality comparable to most external speakers.

    Acer yet again shows that it cares for the environment as much as it does for delivering its best monitor to the market!  This monitor sports an EcoDisplay design meaning it contains no mercury and has ENERGY STAR 6.0 certification for ultra-low energy use, making it friendly to the environment.

    Key features

    With a variable refresh rate consistent with your GPU, coupled with the 1 ms response time, you can expect an enjoyable and lighting-fast experience conclusive with your hardware’s specs.

    The industry-standard 27-inch screen size is perfect for this innovative TN panel-based class of computer monitors, which can support a 1920x 1080 screen resolution at max settings.

    The 144 Hz refresh rate delivers ultra-smooth 2D motion scenes that enable Acer’s computer monitors to outperform the competition every step of the way while giving you an edge in every area.

    Acer’s premium EyeProtect technology covers a ComfyView, Flicker-less, and Blue Light Filter modes, which are supplemented by automated low-dimming technology, minimizing eye strain.

    In line with Acer’s quality standards, you can expect to get one of the best monitors under 300 with lighting, fast response time, refresh rate, and superb screen resolution.


    • The best monitor in terms of additional software and hardware additions
    • Sports a sizeable viewable screen size
    • Extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions
    • Fantastic built-in- speakers


    • One of the more expensive gaming monitors under 300 on this list

    7. Philips 242E1GSJ

    Philips 242E1GSJ

    When talking about the best computer monitors for all areas of use,  it is impossible to leave out the Philips 242E1GSJ, the pride of the company’s engineering branch!

    This gaming monitor under 300 gives special attention to detail to provide a tear-free and smooth gaming experience, with one of the best Ultra Wide-Color RGB lighting technologies on the market.


    • 24-inch screen size
    • 1 ms response time
    • 144 Hz refresh rate
    • 3 sided frameless design
    • 125.9% sRGB color gamut
    • HDMI and DP input
    • SmartContrast technology
    • OSD “SmartImage”
    • Freesync technology

    Who is it best for?

    This monitor is a piece of art from the moment you lay your eyes on it; the three-sided frameless design fantastically complements the entirety of its eye-catching construction.

    Philips has outdone themselves by creating these frameless, color-capable gaming monitors under 300 that can push the limits even further than many competitors in its class, making it ideal for people who desire top-notch visuals.

    It sports a variable refresh rate that is directly connected to the potential of your GPU, so always make sure your card can reach the output potential of the monitor to make the most out of its specs.

    It sports various eye protection and flicker-free technologies that boost your production and make sessions extremely enjoyable. For dedicated gamers, this is an absolute must.

    But, what separates it from the rest of the selection, you might ask? The Ultra Wide-Color Technology makes this already potent tech necessity into potentially the best gaming monitor you can get!

    Players who want to be in awe at the richness of color in their games will consider this the best gaming monitor on the list. It keeps up with the best of the best in terms of response time and refresh rate while offering a superior color richness and contrast ratio.

    This is the best monitor Philips has to offer for the avid gamer. Many consumers have given it 4.5/5 stars, with high praise given to its elegance and quality matched by few monitors on the market.

    Key features

    The variety of features and capabilities make this gaming monitor under 300 a force to be reckoned with on all fronts!  From AMD’s Adaptive-Sync to the color gamut, its speed and quality and unmatched!

    This monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, making this gaming monitor under 300 extremely fast while the gameplay itself is always ultra-smooth and tear-free.

    The advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology enables you to reap the benefits of vivid and bright images with its high static contrast ratios.

    With optimized pixel management giving you 178/178 degrees of additional viewing angle, the images are always crisp and

    Where this monitor under 300 really shines is the automatic SmartContrast technology that automatically adjusts colors and backlight intensity depending on the content being displayed.

    The SmartImage OSD is custom-built for the needs of modern games, having the option to switch the monitor’s settings based on your desired need; FPS, racing, RTS- you name it, the monitor optimizes your gameplay to the best optimal settings!

    The LowBlue Mode reduces the amount of ultra-violet rays produced by the monitor. It continuously monitors the amount produced during use, always ensuring that your eyes are protected.

    What’s more, Philips has you covered in case anything goes wrong with a 4-year Advanced Replacement guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, your purchase is ensured and protected.


    • The best monitor in terms of color and picture quality
    • Extremely fast
    • Sports an elegant and frameless design
    • Affordable


    • Slightly smaller screen size than many gaming monitors under 300 on this list

    Things to Consider Before You Buy the Best Gaming Monitor Under 300 USD

    Getting the best monitor for your needs is a hectic endeavor – monitors differ in terms of response time, display size, display panel technology (TN panels and IPS panels, for example), and many more.

    Here are a couple of crucial categories that are crucial for gaming monitors;

    1. Resolution

    A higher resolution means a higher pixel count and thus more visual detail and image clarity, which boils down to the three most common classifications:

    • Full HD (1080p)
    • QHD (1440p)
    • UHD (2160)

    The monitors themselves are usually able to reach QHD without much issue, yet what keeps gamers from reaping the benefits of even the best monitor under 300 is their hardware limitation.

    With a potent GPU, however, you can reach the full potential of your monitor and go beyond 30 FPS, which might require you to invest in an upgraded GPU on top of the initial investment in your monitor.

     2. Adaptive-Sync

    The choice boils down to either G-Sync or FreeSync.

    AMD’s FreeSync comes free with every good gaming monitor, while G-Sync is a proprietary technology exclusive to NVIDIA.  If you opt for G-Sync, you will need to pay extra and is almost exclusively reserved for NVIDIA cards.

    Both get rid of screen tearing. While G-Sync might be superior technology, FreeSync’s price advantage over G-Sync, with a performance difference usually extremely minor.

    3. Response time

    While G-Sync and FreeSync get rid of screen tearing, Response time represents the amount of time a single pixel needs to switch from black to white and between different shades of the color gray.

    The lower the response time is, the more smooth the camera movements are. On the opposite side, however, a high response time will lead to a lot of motion blur.

    For the best experience, choose the one with the least amount of milliseconds needed for adjustment (the standard is 1ms, while 0.5 ms is perfect for highly competitive and triple AAA games).

    4. Refresh rate

    The refresh rate is usually determined by both your GPU and your monitor, so if you are looking to get the best monitor for gaming within a budget of 300, a high refresh rate is often a must.

    As videos are basically static images simulating motion by being switched rapidly, a higher refresh rate will allow you to enjoy smooth and unhindered gameplay, which is essential for fast-paced games.

    5. Panel types

    There are three main panel types:

    • TN panels
    • IPS panels
    • VA panels

    TN panels are the cheapest and offer the lowest response time, but they often have the most advanced picture quality, making them superb in high-intensity FPS games.

    IPS panels offer unparalleled and vivid visuals and color accuracy. The downside is that they are more pricey and have a higher response time (even the best monitor with this panel has a 4ms at best).

    VA panels sport superior viewing angles and overall better picture quality than TN panels. Yet, they can be one of the most pricey options that are sometimes prone to ghosting at higher response times.

    The choice boils down to preference and the type of games you plan to play the most.

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