Whether you want to build a long-lasting brand name or create a channel that will resonate with originality and style, getting yourself high-end gaming logos is an outstanding first step!

While it might seem intimidating to get into logo design at first glance, there are thousands of free gaming logo templates and gaming profile picture maker tools to customize your profile within seconds!

Now, let’s see what we can choose for ourselves among the selection of free gaming logo makers and premium services. I’ll cover a couple of them who race for the title of the best free and premium gaming logo maker.

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    1. Placeit


    No review of free gaming logos would be complete without the highly-sough after quality and customization that Placeit offers!

    This service goes far beyond making designing your cool games logo accessible to all types of audiences, but it also offers a wide selection of marking and branding tools all in one place.


    From a youtube gaming logo transparent to a fully customizable cool games logo that can suit the needs of the most demanding streamers, you can receive great deals on both paid and free plans!


    Includes a free trial period during which all the tools are at your disposal. It offers a pre-selected choice of images that can be downloaded free of charge.

    All custom images created during your free trial or paid plans remain yours even if you unsubscribe or the trial period ends.


    The paid option offers both a monthly/yearly subscription plan ($14.95 a month,  $99.95 a year).

    If you only want a single or a few multiple purchases, the services are priced as follows:

    • Design template: $2.95
    • Video mockups and single video: $9.95
    • Logos: $39.95
    • Mockups: $7.95

    How to create a logo

    Choose a template that you like. Use the wide selection of customization tools to personalize your template. Download your customized logo.


    • Ease of use
    • Offers thousands of customization options
    • Offers one of the most varied template options on the market
    • High-quality photos and videos with models


    • Placeit lacks advanced editing features
    • Long-term use can be expensive without a paid subscription

    2. DesignEvo


    Giving the market a massive amount of gaming logo templates and different design palette options to choose from, DesignEvo allows users to taste everything it has to offer before making a payment!

    Aside from being a free gaming logo maker, it is often used by streamers to leave a strong impression with this simple to use and powerful tool that can create entirely free gaming logos from scratch!

    This service is an exemplar in terms of overall accessibility and ease of use; you can enjoy all it has to offer, with the only restriction being low-resolution logos and DesignEvo promotion on every product.


    Here’s the catch upfront. All features DesignEvo offers are completely free of charge, but they will all be low-res.

    If you can make do with your cool games logo being in low resolution, or you want to experiment with its various tools and gaming logo template selections before making a purchase, this won’t be a detriment.


    The one-time “Basic” plan costs $24.99 is most commonly used by streamers who want a customized, high-quality logo that also comes with a transparent PNG.

    The “Plus” option costs $49.99 offers the same package of benefits as the previous plan, yet it allows you unhinged copyright ownership, vector files for download, and different fonts.

     Paying for these services ensures you full access to gaming logo templates and the complete plethora of options that make this service such a fantastic option that it is.


    • Intuitive interface and ease of use
    • Includes templates for every budget
    • Fast and efficient
    • A vast number of categories to choose from


    • Logo customization toolkit could be more detailed

    3. Looka


    Establishing a new up-and-coming brand has never been easier, and this AI-powered free gaming logo maker aims to impress in every aspect of design.

    Instant Twitch Views or Followers. A shortcut to your growth!

    Combining personal preference and advanced AI technology into beautiful and unique logos, Looka has branded templates, marketing tools, website generators, and much more- a true swiss army knife of logo creators!

    The detailed logo creator allows you to pick out your layout, color, add symbols, and thousands of unique features. You can choose logo design based on a particular industry, giving you a categorized variety that few competitors can match.


    Let’s take a look at the pricing models Looka offers.


    The free option is limited; you can catch a glimpse of what this tool is capable of and whether or not the service can suit your needs.

    Reviewing the free gaming logo templates and customizing them is available on the free plan, but downloading them and using all the tools is within the paid plans.


    All the paid plans are charged based on a monthly basis, which is billed annually.

    The basic plan costs $4.99 and allows you to test the waters; lifetime technical support with options for creating custom logos, posters, flyers, which are all high-res. It’s the most commonly picked option as it covers the needs of most basic users.

    The premium plan costs $7.99 that covers additional services such as letterheads, brand guidelines, business cards customization options, and much more + additional logo design options.

    The business kit costs $15.99 and gives you even more services at your disposal, giving you the option of creating AI-generated websites, which is a precious commodity for already established gamers and streamers who want to expand their influence and business.

    Alternatively, you can choose a one-time payment within three options:

    • The basic  $20 option (for a low-res logo that is usually used as an inspiration for a designer)
    •  The premium option for $65 (unlimited customizations, changes, and full ownership of a high-res logo)
    •  The enterprise option $80 (adds a social media kit and additional designs alongside the premium option benefits)

    How to create a logo:

    Enter a name of an established business or selected logo styles. Pick one out of a selection of custom logo mockups.

    Utilize the logo editor to personalize and create your custom design until you are satisfied with the result.


    • AI-supported logo design
    • Offers numerous high-quality services
    • Affordable monthly plans


    • Expensive single-purchase options
    • Logo design options are detailed

    4. TheHOTH Logo Maker

    TheHOTH Logo Maker

    Familiar to anyone who has been in the logo design business long enough, this free gaming logo maker brandishes superb free gaming logo templates that anyone can customize and use effortlessly.

    As an SEO service-providing company, TheHoth is an excellent choice for a free gaming logo maker when you want to save your money and get a nice-looking logo that can represent your brand one day!

    Aside from a satisfying selection of tools you can work with, it also includes an EPS converted logo that is sent to your email address that you can additionally customize yourself or hand it over to a designer.


    From the initial choice of a template to final customizations, this service is entirely free!  Your logo, conversion to PNG, JPG, EPS, and all the tools the service has are at your disposal free of charge!

    How to create a logo

    Pick out a shape, symbol, and add text to create a logo from scratch or combine these elements with an uploaded image of your choice (you can also customize business card templates).

    Customize your desired gaming logos with different colors and shapes to create your logo.


    • The entire toolset and logo are free to keep
    • Intuitive and easy to use
    • All aspects of your logo can be customized


    • The customization tools lacks depth

    5. Wix


    Wix is a popular name that is well-known among online businesses and gamers alike; it offers marketing and branding option for almost any online niche that you can think of, which gives you great quality assurance at the very beginning.

     All of the products, from the video maker to the logo creator, are interconnected yet are also fantastic when used exclusively on their own.

    The design process considers the logo’s purpose and many small details that can give you a good product if you put your time into it.


    Let’s take a peek at what sorts of free and paid plans Wix offers.


    Wix gives every user a taste of the platform’s full potential and unhinged customization options up until the last moment- and it contains a fantastic amount of variation that the user can witness immediately.

     The tool can works wonders as both a youtube gaming logo maker or a gaming profile picture maker, which are both essential aspects to a gamer who wants to build a lasting brand.

    When you finish your logo for gaming, you can download a non-commercial version that is low-res with no strings attached.


    If you want to immediately implement your logo and start your brand within a moment’s notice, a paid plan is mandatory. It gives you full commercial rights to use the logo in high-res.

    The “basic” plan costs $20 and gives you a bundle of PNG’s of your logo in different color schemes:

    • 2 in the original colors of the logo
    • 2 in a black color scheme
    • 2 in a white color scheme
    • 1 in grayscale
    • 1 in monochrome

    It is worth mentioning that Wix gives 5 of these PNG versions of the original logo transparent backgrounds, which makes this service great for creating a youtube gaming logo transparent.

    The “Advanced” plan aims to cater to the needs of social media expansions with resizes available for placing your logo on merchandise intended for users who want to commercialize their brand.

    For $50, you get SVG files that can be used for later editing with vector graphics software. While most gamers will be delighted with the basic plan, the advanced alternative offers layers of additional use.

    How to create a logo

    • Enter your desired company name and a tagline
    • Designate your industry
    • Pick what kind of a first impression should your logo make
    • Pick from several laid out styles which one suits you better
    • Choose the purpose of your logo and add the finishing customization touches

    Alternatively, you can hire a designer from Wix to create a custom logo for you, but as prices can vary and be quite steep, you are better off hiring a designer on Fiverr for as low as $5.


    • Friendly user interface
    • Automated, AI-assisted logo building process
    • Competitive and affordable prices
    • Offers varied amount of customization tools
    • Excellent customer support


    • Professional designer costs are often expensive

    How Do I Design a Logo?

    From two-minute customization to full-blown million-dollar projects made by teams of professional designers,  logo design ranges from automated click-based creation to the use of many different kinds of software (and sometimes countless hours of mockups creating potential candidates).

    One good logo can represent a brand in numerous different formats. Just take a look at the image below.

    Logo formats

    Each logo aims to attract a specific crowd and is pretty much the first thing people associate your brand with; it is like a personification of your business or gaming affair in the long term!

    While the creation of a logo from absolute scratch is a complex venture, nowadays, the process has been simplified and brought to the public; anyone can create a simple yet effective logo!

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    These are the necessary preparations and steps to consider:

    1. What kind of audience you wish to attract, and what will the logo be used for?

    Do you want to grow a large community of beginners or a smaller, more professional, and skilled audience that wants to develop their skills? The choice is yours!

    2. What is the brand identity you wish to embed in your logo?

    What makes your brand special?

    What defines your gaming channel?

    What could define your brand with as little as three words?

    Aim to associate your brand with specific qualities and unique qualities that make it stand out and become slowly instantly related to particular attributes or trademarks.

    Are you extraordinarily entertaining and can make the crowd laugh every step of the way?

    Can you make crazy plays that keep your audience on their toes?

    Make it a goal to stick your trademark to your channel and, by extension, your logo!

    3. Find out if your logo matches any of your competition

    If your logo can be unique in the industry, and if there isn’t a chance of mixing it with another streamer’s channel, you are good to go!

    4. Choose a specific type of logo

    Traditionally, there are 7 types of logos that you can use as forms.

    Most gaming logo makers focus on mascot logos or combinations; you can make unlimited variations out of the commonly used form of entering the industry with an emblem logo or pictorial mark to add more spice to your unique mark!

    5. Pay a designer to create a logo based on your idea or use a paid or free service to create one for yourself

    The idea is the crucial aspect of your vision, and from there, you can choose to hire a professional designer from sites such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr or use one of the many high-quality free or paid gaming logo makers to do it yourself!

    The options genuinely are only limited by your imagination and initiative!

     FAQ About Best Free and Premium Gaming Logo Maker

    1. Is Wix logo maker free?

    Wix allows you to create and download a non-commercial low-res logo for free, while high-res variations that can be commercially used require a paid Basic or Advanced plan.

    2. What is a transparent logo?

    The primary purpose of a transparent logo is to stand out on virtually all surfaces. In most cases, a transparent logo only changes the background of a logo, checkering it and allowing it to attract attention in almost any product or marketing setting.

    3. How many colors should a logo have?

    It depends on what effect you want your logo to have. Using  1 color ensures the logo is easily identifiable and can more easily remain in the minds of your audience; it does not always have to be complex to leave a good, lasting impression!

    This does not mean you should shun using your creativity and combining two or three colors! More colorful logos are great if there are many similar logos or if you want to create more complex and visually appealing logos.

    However, different color combinations shouldn’t include more than 3 colors, with only a few world-famous logos from companies such as Google or NBC News utilizing more than 3 colors.

    There are always exceptions to the 3 color rule, but unless you have previous experience and extensive knowledge on what effects your logo can have on your audience, keeping it to 3 colors is recommended.

    4. How do I make a logo transparent?

    Making your logo transparent very quickly with software such as Photoshop  and Photopea by following a simple tutorial that is almost universal with all editing software:

    – Upload your image in the software of your choice that can create transparent backgrounds
    – Use the Magic Wand tool to adjust the Tolerance setting according to the specifications you wish to implement in your logo
    – Click on your logo’s background and utilize the Magic Wand to create a selection on the background, then press “Delete” to make the environment around your logo turn transparent
    – Export the modified logo as a PNG to preserve the modifications and save it on your computer

    Some services offer transparent logo versions in addition to the primary version of the logo, so be sure to take into account if you will need to create it yourself or receive a ready-made transparent gaming logo.

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