Starting your streaming journey can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t know too much about this industry or the gadgets that are needed for a high-quality stream.

The best thing you can do to upgrade the quality of your streams gets a good Ethernet cable that will provide you with a stable internet connection and help your streams become impeccable.

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    Best Ethernet Cable for Streaming


    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Ethernet Cables

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    UGREEN Cat 7
    • Connector type: RJ-45
    • Weight: 1.41 ounces
    71SooY ppzL. SL1200
    Jadaol Cat 6
    • Dimensions:3.5 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches
    • Weight:10.3
    71r6adm6uAL. SL1500
    Dacrown Cat 8
    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.15 x 0.59 inches

    1. UGREEN Cat 7

    UGREEN Cat 7

    This UGREEN Ethernet cable is one of the oldest cables on the market, and it can support up to 600 MHz of bandwidth without problems.

    It is also a very affordable option, so most beginner streamers decide to buy this one before saving enough money for some of the more flexible Ethernet cables.


    • Connector type: RJ-45
    • Dimensions: ‎1.1 x 8.9 x 7.17 inches
    • Weight: ‎1.41 ounces

    Key features

    This flat Ethernet cable is a great option for playing all sorts of games and streaming without any problems.

    It can transmit data up to 10 Gbps, and it will provide you with an amazing network whether you are streaming, gaming, or just watching Youtube videos.

    One of the best things about this network cable is that it is able to easily connect with basically any device – different types of PCs, laptops, Nintendos, Xbox.

    The product also has a flexible flat design, and it is very easy to install, so you can use it without problems even if you have never installed a cable before.

    Since it is so thin and flat, you can install it under the door or even under the carpet, so it really suits different workspaces.

    This patch cable is made from 4 twisted pairs of copper wires, and it has additional shielding and a wire of better quality that can endure different types of twisting and bending.

    Being made from 100% copper wire, it reduces loss during the data transmission and keeps the network amazing at all times.

    When using this cable, high speed is guaranteed no matter what your internet provider is, so I really recommend it if you are looking for a cheap product that provides you with maximum bandwidth.

    Even though this is not the newest cable on the market, it is still amazing and works great, so if you don’t have too much money to spend on a cable, this is definitely a great investment.


    • Affordable
    • Made from copper wire
    • High speed
    • Compatible with everything


    • Not the newest option

    2. Jadaol Cat 6

    Jadaol Cat 6

    This Cat6 Ethernet cable comes with all the gadgets and equipment you may need for it, so you don’t have to look for specific cable clips elsewhere.

    You can also choose whether you want a 25ft or 50ft one, and be sure that it provides you with universal connectivity.

    This is still a very popular cable even though there are plenty of new, advanced ones, so I really recommend keeping your eye on it.


    • Connector type: Rj45
    • Dimensions:3.5 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches
    • Weight:10.3

    Key features

    This ultra-fast Cat 6 Ethernet cable is one of the most popular cables on the market, especially for people who are interested in playing online games.

    If you are one of them too, you should know that this is an amazing cable that will provide you with maximum speed and allow you to connect with basically any device – Xbox, Nintendo, Smart TV, Apple TV, laptops, computers, Playstation consoles, VOIP phones.

    This single cable can provide you with performance up to 250 MHz, and it works best with 10-Gigabit Ethernet, but it will have great data transfer rates with others too.

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    It is also an unshielded twisted cable that is compatible with all RJ 45 connectors that are gold-plated or made with 100% copper wire.

    You can also easily install it, and it can be put on walls, windows, and even run on the edges, and it will still have great signal quality, so it is a really great option for people who struggle with a small workspace.

    Even though it is extremely thin, it won’t break, and you can be sure that you will be provided with high speeds at all times, even when there is not much reliable connection.

    Users claim that this is an amazing product and that they were able to achieve maximum speeds without problems, which is the reason why many people still stick to it.

    However, newer versions of Cat cables are a lot better and more functional, so the choice is completely up to you.


    • Compatible with all types of devices
    • Easily installed
    • Very thin
    • Up to 250 MHz


    • There are plenty of better, newer versions

    3. Dacrown Cat 8

    Dacrown Cat 8

    This Cat 8 cable is one of the newest and most popular cables among gamers and streamers because it provides them with amazing connection speeds and great cable management.

    It is a great option if you are creating some personalized content and you can’t really allow yourself poor network quality.

    This high-speed cable will work with any device you can think of, and you can also use it with several network media players.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: 7.48 x 3.15 x 0.59 inches
    • Weight: 3.53 Ounces

    Key features

    This Dacrown Cat 8 cable is a completely new technology that focuses on providing users with crazy transfer speeds while maintaining a stable connection.

    The cable length can be chosen, and you can get a cable that is anywhere between 1.5 to 150 feet long, and it is also compatible with all types of RJ 45 connectors, even the oldest ones.

    However, it works best with gold plates connectors of the latest technology, so if you are buying everything from the start, this is the thing you should get too.

    It operates on a frequency of 2000 MHz which makes it one of the best data transmission speeds provided by an Ethernet cable these days.

    Its structure is also pretty much upgraded, so now you can create a wired connection with basically every device – whether it be a TV, an Xbox, mobile phone, router, or printer.

    The wire core is of extremely high performance that will provide you with the best Ethernet connection ever because it has an aluminum foil shield and overall braid shield.

    It is also known for being able to establish great internet connections even in public spaces or local area networks, so it is really a great option for people who work remotely or tend to travel a lot.

    Because of its flat shape, it can be installed anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space or creating a mess with other cables.

    However, even though people claim it is a great cable, and it does a good job, they say that it supports bandwidth that is a lot smaller than 2000 MHz.

    The gigabit speeds are also under 20 Gbps, so such speeds that the company claims you will be able to reach while using this Cat 8 cable are complete nonsense.

    For that reason, I would recommend thinking twice before purchasing this cable because it is a lot more expensive than Cat5 or Cat6, and it seems like there are plenty of ad reviews regarding it.


    • Great for remote work
    • Universal connectivity
    • Bandwidth up to 2000 Mhz
    • You can choose the length of the cable


    • Not as fast as the company claims it is

    4. CableCreation 100 Feet

    CableCreation 100 Feet

    Cable Creation is a company known for creating simple and effective Ethernet cables that can be used for multiple devices.

    This is also one of their products that will provide you with high-speed data transfer and be able to work with basically any device you have.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: ‎12.83 x 10.39 x 3.62 inches
    • Weight: ‎2.14 pounds

    Key features

    This Cable Creation Ethernet device is made specifically for gold plated contacts that can resist any oxidation or corrosion and reduce the chances of potential signal loss.

    It is also a CAT5e cable that can actually connect to a lot fewer devices than most new versions of this cable so that you can use it only for your PC, laptop, router, modem, or printer.

    This particular cable is made by pretty outdated technology, but it has a 24 AWG copper conductor, and it has an Ethernet patch that is a lot thicker than on new cables.

    It supports bandwidth up to 150 MHZ which really isn’t a lot, and it definitely won’t provide you with the best internet speed if you are a gamer or streamer.

    However, if you need an Ethernet cable for surfing the internet or watching Youtube, then this is still a good option, and it is a lot cheaper than most other cables you can find.

    It also comes with a 2-year warranty, so if you are looking for something more simple, then I would always recommend getting this amazing cable.


    • 24 AWG copper conductor
    • Made for gold-plated connectors


    • Outdated

    5. Jadaol Cat 6 15 Feet

    Jadaol Cat 6 15 Feet

    This Jadaol Cat 6 cable has become really popular among gamers and streamers because it provides you with amazing internet connections even when the conditions are not really great.

    It is also quite affordable and comes in many different lengths, so you can really customize it according to your wishes and needs.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: ‎‎2 x 2 x 0.5 inches
    • Weight: ‎2.5 pounds

    Key features

    Jadaol patch cables are known for having amazing data transmission performance and almost completely eliminating all potential losses during this process.

    It is also a Cat 6 cable, so it is a lot faster and more advanced than other cables and can provide you with network speeds up to 250 MHz.

    The cable can easily be connected with VOIP phones, routers, smart TVs, computers, laptops, and gaming consoles, so it is really universal.

    It also works best with god-plated connectors, so I recommend keeping the cable connected only to them if you don’t want to harm them in any way.

    This is a really good ethernet cable that is also very thin and flat, which makes it easy for installation and organization.

    Its wires are made from bare copper that will provide you with higher conductivity and are a lot more durable than other wired connections.

    Unfortunately, many people complain that this cable is pretty fragile, so you will really need to be very careful during the installation process and make sure it is located somewhere you won’t be touching it too much.


    • Great connectivity
    • Compatible with multiple devices
    • Wires from bare copper
    • Flat shape


    • Fragile cable

    6. Jadaol Cat 7

    Jadaol Cat 7

    Here is one more of the Jadaol Ethernet cables, but this time, we have a Cat 7 cable that is even faster and more reliable.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: ‎‎2 x 2 x 0.4 inches
    • Weight: ‎6.1 Ounces

    Key features

    The Jadaol Cat 7 cable is able to provide you with much better performance than Cat 6, and it will boost your gaming experience immensely.

    It supports bandwidth up to 600 MHz and can be connected both to computers and laptops but also to network media players, Playstations, and Nintendos.

    Just like all other Jadaol cables, this one also has wires made from bare copper that are high-performing and very enduring throughout time.

    However, users complain that this cable either isn’t as good as the company claims it is and that they were rarely able to reach up to 600 MHz bandwidth.

    The connection speeds were even lower when in public places, so it seems like this cable can also create a lot of problems for its users.

    On the other hand, it is still a lot better performing than most other cables on the market, so if you don’t have enough money for some of the more expensive Cat 8 cables, you can always give it a try.

    For a price of 20 dollars, it is a pretty cheap Ethernet cable, so I believe it is really worth investing, especially if you don’t use it for streaming.


    • Wires from bare copper
    • Up to 600 Mhz bandwidth
    • Affordable


    • Not as fast as the company claims it is

    7. Cable Matters Snagless Cat6

    Cable Matters Snagless Cat6

    This Cable Matters is a Cat6 Ethernet cable that is 24 feet long and has some better connectivity capabilities than most other cables on the market.

    Even though this is a Cat 6 cable, this company produces ultra clarity cables that have no problems establishing a perfect wired network.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: ‎‎6 x 6 x 2 inches
    • Weight: ‎10.23 Ounces

    Key features

    This Cable Matters Cat 6 cable offers you universal connectivity to laptops, computers, POE devices, VOIP phones.

    Its bandwidth goes up to 550 Mhz and guarantees the best data transfer for different apps and games, but also for programs like video surveillance or smart home.

    It is also a lot more reliable and secure for internet connections than other Ethernet cables, especially those with a woven mesh shield that can’t really have an effect on the speed.

    The amazing performance you will get with this cable is mainly thanks to its flexible PVC jacket and bare copper conductors that work almost perfectly, without any obstacles.

    However, people claim that this is a great choice of cable for anything except video transmission because it is really something you won’t be able to handle with its internet connection.

    The whole process will be very slow, and you will only be able to transmit 3 frames in a second, which is pretty bad, especially for people who need a good internet connection for their work.

    For that reason, I recommend using this high-speed Ethernet cable for anything but this and choosing a Cat7 Ethernet cable for video transmission and similar activities.


    • Cheap
    • Bandwidth up to 550 MHZ
    • Bare copper wires


    • Can’t handle video transmission

    8. Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

    Mediabridge Ethernet Cable

    This MediaBridge Ethernet Cable is a Cat6, and it is a very flexible Ethernet cable that comes with an unshielded twisted pair of wires.

    It also comes in several lengths, and you can choose the one that works best for you and is compatible with your connector.

    Since it costs only 9 dollars, this is a great investment for everyone because you never really know when you may need an Ethernet cable like this.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Weight: ‎‎8 ounces
    • Length: 300 mm

    Key features

    This MediaBridge Ethernet cable supports both Cat6 and Cat5 applications, but it is a completely Cat6 cable that performs up to 550 Mhz without problems.

    It is not only compatible with regular devices like laptops, computers, and routers, but it is also backward compatible with all existing Fast Ethernets and Gigabit Ethernets.

    This Ethernet cable can support up to 10 Gigabits per second which is a lot faster than all Cat 5e cables, no matter how big their electromagnetic interference is.

    It also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that will allow you to position it wherever you want and organize everything easily.

    Everything is also very safe for in-wall installation, but since the cable is pretty thick, you should avoid leaving it on the floor because you will definitely trip over it all the time.

    Unfortunately, many people who have bought this product off of Amazon claim they have gotten completely different cables – all of their products were Cat5e, and they couldn’t support more than 350 Mhz.

    Even though we can’t be 100% sure whether it was a mistake in tracking and shipping, or this product is completely different than the company describes it to be, we recommend being very careful while making a purchase.


    • Up to 550 Mhz bandwidth
    • Up to 10 Gigabits per second
    • Comes with a Velcrop strap


    • Doesn’t come true to the description



    This is a classic Cat 7 Ethernet cable that supports bandwidth up to 600 Mhz, and it offers protection from external interferences.

    It is now for a unique flat design that will make it a great option for all types of rooms and workspaces, no matter how small it is.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.7 x 1.1 inches
    • Weight: ‎‎0.8 ounces

    Key features

    Just like all Cat 7 cables, this one is also made from a shielded twisted pair of copper wires and can support the bandwidth up to 600 Mhz and 10 Gbps data transmitting.

    This Ethernet cable is known for boosting your gaming experience immensely, and that is the main reason why it got so popular in the first place.

    Users claim that it will drastically improve your experience, no matter what internet provider you are using, and that is definitely the reason it is sold out all the time.

    Since it is very light, it can be installed basically anywhere, including the edges of your walls and windows, so it will work just fine indoors.

    However, users claim it does a great job when placed outdoors too, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it is the only option you have.

    On the other hand, this is one of the most expensive Cat 7 cables on the market, so if you really don’t have the funds, you can choose some of the less expensive Cat 6 cables.


    • 10 Gbps data transmitting
    • 600 Mhz
    • Improves internet quality immensely
    • It can be installed anywhere


    • More expensive than other cables

    10. Smolink CAT 8

    Smolink CAT 8

    This is the Cat 8 cable that is the strongest cable you can find on the market right now, and it is something all professional streamers and gamers should invest in.

    It provides you with universal connectivity and bandwidth up to 2000 Mhz which makes it one of the best Ethernet cables ever made.


    • Connector type: RJ 45
    • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.4 x 0.8 inches
    • Weight: 5.61 Ounces

    Key features

    The Cat 8 Ethernet cable can be put basically anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, and it will always provide you with an amazing internet connection.

    It is water-resistant and can also resist high temperatures and voltages, and it provides you with bandwidth up to 2000 Mhz, which is the reason why it is considered to be one of the best Ethernet cables.

    This product is compatible with different networking sites, video cameras, adapters, routers, TVs, mobile phones, and many different devices.

    Its unique flat cable shape will allow you to install it wherever you want, and since it is shielded with a high-quality PVC jacket, it will not be harder either by too much warmth or even water.

    Enriched with 26 AWG copper twisted wires, it will be able to perform a lot better than other Ethernet devices and cables.

    It works best with gold-plates contacts, so I recommend connecting it only with them if you want to sure it will continue to work without problems.

    What comes as a surprise to most people is the fact that this product comes with a lifetime warranty, and the company claims there is no way you will be able to break this cable unless you really do it on purpose.

    However, it can be too expensive for most people, especially those who are looking just for a regular internet connection and nothing extreme, so unless you are a game or a streamer, you will be just fine using a Cat 5 or Cat 6 one.


    • 26 AWG copper wires
    • Made for gold-plates contacts
    • Bandwidth up to 2000 Mhz


    • Expensive

    What to Look for When Searching for a Cable for Streaming


    Many people forget about the length and find an Ethernet cable that works great but is not practical for their working conditions.

    Most Ethernet cables nowadays come in different lengths and sizes, so you can always choose the one that fits your environment the best.

    Also, if your preferred cable is not available in our desired length, you should always look for a shorter or longer one because no matter how good it may be, you may risk breaking it if it doesn’t fit well into your space.


    There are Ethernet cables of different speeds, and you should always choose the one that fits your needs the best.

    If you are a gamer or streamer, you should definitely invest in a Cat 8 cable because it is the fastest, and it will definitely be a worthy investment.

    In case you need it just for regular purposes, you can always go with cheaper versions like Cat 5 or Cat 6.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What ethernet cable do streamers use?

    Different streamers use different Ethernet cables, but you can be sure that all of their preferred products have a similar performance. However, it seems like most of them enjoy using the CAT 8 Ethernet Cable and that this product enables them with the best Twitch performance.

    Which ethernet cable is best for streaming?

    All of the cables you have had the opportunity to read about on our list are great Ethernet cables for streaming, and they are pretty much similar in their performance and specifications. Whichever one out of those you decide to choose, I am 100% sure you will get amazing results.

    Is streaming better with an ethernet cable?

    Streaming is definitely a lot faster and better when using an Ethernet cable because it is very flexible, and the connection is almost perfect. Ethernet cables give great boosts when it comes to streaming, and that is the reason why it is so often used by Twitch and other streamers.

    Is Cat 7 ethernet cable good?

    CAT 7 is one of the most expensive Ethernet cables on the market because it is very enduring and it will last you for a long period of time. However, all CAT Ethernet cables are of great quality, so if you don’t have enough money for Cat 7, you can always opt for the 6 or 5 because they are great too.

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