ASMR has changed the lives of so many people who either struggle with relaxing or have difficulty falling asleep and so ASMR artists have the task of bringing the best real-time sound quality to their listeners.

That’s why having a good ASMR mic is crucial so that you can achieve that crystal clear sounds and whispers which produce tingles for so many people.

So today we want to talk about the best mics for ASMR which we’ve selected from Amazon all of which have good customer feedback.

Let’s jump straight in!

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    Best ASMR Microphones


    These types of microphones have also been tested extensively in music studios. Check out this study that shows extensive research regarding quality microphones for recording pianos.

    This list of the 15 best ASMR microphones on the market comes in no particular order as all of them have different sound quality, audio interface, and pricing.

    Knowing this, rest assured that there is a mic on this list practically for any ASMR creator and that you’ll be able to find just the right mic for you.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best ASMR Microphone

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    Sennheiser Pro Audio
    • Shotgun Condenser
    • Frequency Response - 40 Hz - 20 kHz
    716oQFqB48L. AC SL1178
    SE Electronics X1S
    • Polar Response - Cardioid
    • SPL - 160dB
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    Rode K2
    • Sensitivity - 16.00mV (-94 dB)
    • SPL - 162 dB

    1. Sennheiser Pro Audio

    Sennheiser Pro Audio